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  • Hey I'm Julia, and I've been wanting to redo my speech that I "attempted" to do before graduating high school.

  • And I actually have my paper that I had that day, so here it is:

  • Hi. I just wanted to thank you all because

  • I think everyone supported me in some way for me to get to this point.

  • I've had something called Selective Mutism since I was in kindergarten.

  • This prevented me from talking at school, or anywhere in pubic because of anxiety.

  • I used to not be able to ask for help, order my own food, or even wave back to people.

  • I thought that the least I could do was to smile back to your greetings.

  • I got better every year with a lot of help from people around me.

  • I've gotten more and more comfortable at school, and around people, even in public areas.

  • I was able to have a conversation with a stranger in the bullet train,

  • order my own food without any help, and most importantly, talk in front of everyone today.

  • Since I got into college, I've been talking to more people,

  • and I've been talking to my teachers... when I have to,

  • and I think I'm getting even better, and I've been making more friends and talking to them.

  • When I go to public places and when people ask me something,

  • I can reply with my own voice... (Who else's voice could I use?!)

  • or ...

  • I've been also talking to people on the phone, which I never really done before...

  • because it was still hard for me to talk when they're not in front of me.

  • Making eye contact while I'm talking is hard for me still

  • because ANXIETY.

  • This video wasn't anything for you guys to feel pity for

  • I just wanted to do this because this is what I wanted to do for a long time.

  • And I hope you guys liked it and if you have any more questions or anything at all,

  • I can either make a video again or you can message me.

  • Thank you!

Hey I'm Julia, and I've been wanting to redo my speech that I "attempted" to do before graduating high school.


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我可以說話|選擇性緘默症 (I Can Talk | Selective Mutism)

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