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  • Selective mutism is a rare type of anxiety disorder where the person can not speak in

  • specific social situations where speaking is expected. The person is able to carry conversations

  • away from those situations; they are nottrulymute.

  • Seleective mutism may interfere with school and work achievements because of the inability

  • to speak not the lack of knowledge or skills. The person might be held back a grade or fail

  • because of their disorder. They can’t move up in their job or create strong social relationships

  • with friends or significant other. People with this disorder usually communicate

  • by gestures, monosyllabic, short, or monotone utterances, or in an altered voice.

  • Advice isn’t a set of instructions; it’s more like a paint supply store. You give the

  • seeker the colors and the canvas it’s up to them to make something of it. Or ignore

  • it all together. In order to be diagnosed with selective mutism

  • the symptoms must last for at least one month. It is important to note that this time limit

  • dose not take into the account the first month of school for a child since the first month

  • of school it might be hard to make fiends the shyness might keep them from talking rather

  • than this disorder. Selective Mutism is apparently rare and is

  • found in fewer than 1% of individuals seen in mental health settings. Selective Mutism

  • is slightly more common in females than in males.

  • Although children with this disorder generally have normal language skills, there may occasionally

  • be an associated Communication Disorder (e.g., Phonological Disorder, Expressive Language

  • Disorder, or Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder) or a general medical condition that

  • causes abnormalities of articulation. Some mental disorders like; Anxiety disorders

  • (especially Social Phobia), Mental Retardation, hospitalization, or extreme psychosocial stressors

  • may be associated with the disorder.

  • Symptoms of Selective Mutism includeexcessive shyness

  • fear of social embarrassmentsocial isolation and withdrawal

  • clingingcompulsive traits

  • negativismtemper tantrums

  • controlling or oppositional behavior, particularly at home.

  • severe impairment in social and school functioning

  • Seeking help is not a life sentence; once you can manage your disorder it can no longer

  • rule your life. Please note that any advice I give here should

  • be taken with a grain of salt everyone’s life is a different story and these are merrily

  • generalized tips. Results will very. If you would like to ask me for advice please

  • email or facebook me. My links are in the description.

  • I know you can pick any youtuber to watch so I just want to thank you for picking one

  • of my videos, I hope it helped.

Selective mutism is a rare type of anxiety disorder where the person can not speak in


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選擇性突變症 (Selective Mutism)

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