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  • A rich man lives in a big city near the sea. He has got three daughters and three sons.


  • One daughter is called 'Beauty' because she is very beautiful.


  • The other two daughters are called Rosalind and Hortensia.


  • They are lazy and unfriendly. They like going out and having fun.


  • They both want to find a rich husband. They do not like Beauty because she is beautiful.


  • Beauty has got long red hair. She is kind and friendly.


  • She likes staying at home and reading books. She also likes playing the piano.


  • Beauty's father is a merchant. One day he loses all his money because his


  • ship is lost at sea. 'My dear children,' he says sadly, 'I haven't


  • got much money. We're poor. We must leave this big house and


  • go and live in the country.' 'Oh, dear!' say the two sisters. 'We're poor


  • - this is terrible!' 'What bad luck!' say the three brothers.

    - 這太可怕了!''真倒黴!'三兄弟說。

  • 'We have to work now,' says Beauty's father. 'Work?' say the two sisters. 'No, we don't

    我們現在必須工作,'說美麗'的父親。 '工作?'說,兩個姐妹。

  • want to work! And we don't want to live in the country.' They start to cry.


  • Beauty is sad but she says, 'Let's not cry! We can work and be happy without money.'


  • The family goes to the country and lives in a small house.


  • Beauty gets up at four o'clock every morning to clean the house and cook.


  • Then she washes the family's clothes in the river.


  • The three brothers work in the country. Rosalind and Hortensia do not work.


  • They do nothing all day. They sleep all morning and walk in the woods


  • in the afternoon. 'I'm unhappy,' says Rosalind. 'I don't like


  • the country because there's nothing to do.' 'We can't go to the theatre and wear nice


  • clothes,' says Hortensia. 'And we haven't got any friends.'


  • 'Look at Beauty,' says Rosalind angrily. 'She works and she's happy in this terrible place.'

    '看看美女,'羅莎琳德憤怒地說。 '她的工作,她'在這個可怕的地方很快樂.&#39。

  • Beauty's father says, 'Dear Beauty, you work a lot and you're always happy. You're a wonderful


  • daughter.' A year later Beauty's father gets an important


  • letter. He calls his six children and says, 'Listen


  • to this letter:' You ship is here.


  • It is not lost at sea! Please come to the port.


  • Everyone is happy. 'This is wonderful news!' say the three sons.


  • 'Yes,' says their father, 'the ship with my goods is in the port.'


  • 'We're rich again!' says Rosalind. 'We can buy beautiful clothes.'

    '我們又有錢了!'羅莎琳德說。 '我們可以買漂亮的衣服了。

  • 'We can go back to our big house in the city,' says Hortensia.


  • 'I must go to the port today,' says her father happily.


  • 'Oh, father,' says Hortensia, 'bring me some new clothes and new hats.'


  • 'Yes,' says Rosalind, 'and some new shoes and jewels.'


  • Beauty's father looks at her and says, 'What do you want, Beauty?'


  • 'Please don't spend your money, father,' says Beauty. 'Just bring me a rose.'

    '請不要'花你的錢,父親,'美麗說。 '只要給我帶一朵玫瑰花就可以了。

  • Beauty's father gets to the port and finds his ship.


  • But there are no goods on it - it is empty! 'What bad luck!' he says angrily. 'I must


  • go home and tell the children the bad news.' On the way home he crosses a big forest. It

    回家,告訴孩子們一個壞消息.'在回家的路上,他穿過一個大森林。#39; 在回家的路上,他穿過一個大森林。

  • is snowing and windy. He is lost. 'Where am I?' he thinks. 'Where can I go?

    是下雪和大風。他迷路了。 '我在哪裡?'他想。 '我可以去哪裡?

  • I'm very cold and tired.' He hears some wolves and he is afraid.


  • Suddenly he sees a big castle in the forest. And there are lights in the windows.


  • 'Oh, good!' he thinks. 'Perhaps the people in the castle can help me.'

    '哦,好!'他想。 '也許城堡裡的人可以幫助我。

  • He takes his horse to the stable near the castle.


  • He knocks on the big door of the castle but no one answers.


  • He waits outside the door. Then he opens the door and goes inside.


  • He sees a big hall with a fireplace. There is a long table with a lot of food on it.


  • He is cold and sits near the fireplace. 'How strange,' he thinks, 'there's no one

    他很冷,坐在壁爐附近。 '真奇怪,'他想,'沒有人。

  • here.' He is hungry and sits down at the table and


  • starts to eat. Then he is sleepy. He finds a warm, comfortable


  • bed and falls asleep. The next morning he finds some new clothes


  • near his bed. 'How nice! New clothes!' he thinks. 'A kind

    在他的床邊。 '多好!新衣服!'他想。 '一種。

  • person lives in this castle.' He looks out of the window and is surprised.


  • 'It's not snowing and it's a beautiful day!' he thinks. 'And there are flowers in the garden.'

    '它'不下雪,它'是一個美麗的日子!'他想。 '花園裡有花。

  • He gets dressed and goes to the hall. There are biscuits, chocolate and milk on the long


  • table. He sits down and says, 'Thank you for this


  • lovely breakfast.' He looks round but sees no one.


  • He eats and decides to go home. He goes to the stable and gets his horse. In the garden


  • he sees some roses. 'Beauty wants a rose,' he thinks. He takes

    他看到了一些玫瑰花。 ##39;美女想要一朵玫瑰,#39;他想。他把

  • a lovely one. Suddenly he hears a terrible noise. He turns


  • round and sees an ugly monster. CHAPTER THREE - The Beast

    轉過身來,看到一個醜陋的怪物。第三章 野獸

  • 'You're a bad man!' cries the Beast angrily. 'You come to my castle and I save your life.

    '你'是個壞人!'野獸憤怒地喊道。 '你來我的城堡,我救你的命。

  • You eat here and you sleep here. And then you take one of my beautiful roses.


  • For this you must die!' Beauty's father starts to cry. Oh, sir, I'm


  • sorry! You're very kind. Please don't be angry with me. This rose is


  • for one of my daughters.' 'My name is not "sir'' - it is Beast. Please


  • call me by my name. You talk about your daughters. Then one of


  • your daughters must die in your place.' 'Oh, no!' says Beauty's father. 'They're young


  • and they don't want to die.' 'Then you must come back here and die,' says

    和他們不'想死。 ' '然後你必須回到這裡,死了,說

  • the Beast. 'I can wait three months. Do you agree to come back?'

    獸。 '我可以等三個月。你同意回來嗎?&#39。

  • Beauty's father agrees to come back. 'My daughters must not die,' he thinks. 'I

    美麗'的父親同意回來。 '我的女兒不能死,'他認為。 '我。

  • want to go home and see my children for the last time.'

    想回家看我的孩子們最後一眼。 &#39。

  • Before Beauty's father leaves the castle the Beast talks to him.


  • 'I'm not had,' says the Beast. 'Go back to your bedroom. There is a big chest there.

    '我'沒有了,'野獸說。 '回到你的臥室。那裡有一個大箱子。

  • Fill it with everything you want and it is yours.'


  • Beauty's father fills the chest with a lot of gold.


  • Then he gets on his horse and goes home. When he is at home he gives the rose to Beauty.


  • 'Take this rose, Beauty,' he says sadly. 'Let me tell you about my terrible adventure.'

    '拿著這朵玫瑰,美人,'他悲傷地說。 '讓我告訴你我可怕的冒險.&#39。

  • He tells his children about the empty ship in the port, the castle in the forest and


  • the Beast. Rosalind and Hortensia are angry with Beauty.


  • They say, 'Father must die because you like roses, Beauty!'


  • 'No,' says Beauty, 'father is not going to die. I'm going to the Beast's castle!'


  • 'No, dear sister,' say her three brothers. 'We're going to his castle and we're going

    不,親愛的妹妹,她的三個兄弟說。 我們要去他的城堡,我們要去

  • to kill him!' 'No, that's not possible,' says their father.


  • 'The Beast is very big and strong. I'm old - I must go and die.


  • But Beauty does not agree. She decides to go to the Beast's castle.


  • 'No, father,' she says, 'you must not go. I want to go!'


  • 'Never, my dear Beauty!' says her father. 'I'm not afraid,' says Beauty. 'You must live

    '決不,我親愛的美人!'她的父親說。 '我'不怕,'美人說。 '你必須活下去

  • and look after my brothers and sisters. They need you.'

    照顧我的兄弟姐妹。他們需要你。 &#39。

  • Beauty's father thinks for a moment. Then he says sadly, 'Alright, Beauty. You can go.'


  • Beauty's brothers are very sad, but Hortensia and Rosalind are not.


  • The next morning Beauty and her father go to the Beast's castle.


  • Inside the castle they see a long table with a lot of good food on it.


  • Beauty and her father are not hungry, but they sit down and eat. Suddenly they hear


  • a loud noise. 'What's that terrible noise?' asks Beauty.

    一聲巨響。 '那可怕的聲音是什麼''問美女。

  • 'The Beast is coming,' says her father. Beauty sees the Beast's ugly face and she


  • is terrified 'Oh, this Beast is really terrible!' she thinks.


  • The Beast looks at her and says, 'You're a brave girl.'


  • 'I'm very sorry about the rose from your garden...,' says Beauty quietly.


  • The Beast looks at Beauty's father and says, 'You must go away tomorrow. And don't come


  • back! Do you understand?' Beauty's father looks at the Beast and then


  • at his daughter. 'Oh, Beauty,' he says, 'please go home! Let

    在他的女兒。 '哦,美女,'他說,'請回家吧!讓

  • me stay here!' 'No, father,' says Beauty. 'We must be brave.


  • We're both tired - let's go and sleep now. Tomorrow morning you can go home to my brothers


  • and sisters.' That night Beauty has a dream. In her dream


  • a good fairy says, 'You're a good girl, Beauty. And you've got


  • a kind heart. You want to save your father's life. You're


  • going to be very happy one day.' CHAPTER FOUR - Life at the Castle


  • The next morning Beauty's father leaves the castle. He is crying.


  • 'Don't cry, father,' says Beauty. 'Remember, I love you.'

    '別哭,爸爸,'說,美麗。 '記住,我愛你。&#39。

  • 'Goodbye, dear Beauty,' says her father. Beauty is terrified. 'The Beast is going to

    '再見,親愛的美女,'她父親說。美人被嚇壞了 野獸要來了

  • eat me tonight,' she thinks. 'I want to enjoy my last day. I'm going to


  • visit the garden of the castle.' She goes to see the big garden and she is


  • surprised. It is a beautiful garden with a lot of lovely flowers.


  • Then she goes to see the big castle. She looks in all the rooms.


  • On one door she sees this sign: BEAUTY'S ROOM She opens the door and sees a lovely room.

    在一扇門上,她看到了這個標誌。BEAUTY'S ROOM 她打開門,看到一個可愛的房間。

  • There is a nice bed and a mirror on the wall. Beauty looks round and thinks, 'There's a


  • piano and a lot of books for me. How strange! Perhaps the Beast doesn't want


  • to eat me tonight.' She takes a book and starts to read it. Suddenly


  • she sees these words on the pages: Welcome, Beauty! You're the queen here. Tell


  • me everything you want. 'I only want to see my poor father,' says


  • Beauty. Suddenly she sees her father in the mirror


  • on the wall. He is very sad. She also sees her home and


  • Hortensia and Rosalind. They are happy without Beauty.


  • 'The Beast is kind to me,' she thinks. 'Why am I afraid of him?'

    '野獸對我很好,'她想。 '為什麼我害怕他?&#39。

  • At 12 o'clock she has lunch. After lunch she goes to her room.


  • 'What a beautiful piano!' thinks Beauty. 'I want to play it.'

    '好漂亮的鋼琴!'美美地想。 '我想彈它。

  • She plays some wonderful music on the piano. Then she looks at all the books in her room.


  • Some of them have got pictures and others have not.


  • She takes a book about flowers and looks at the pictures of different flowers.


  • Then she sees pictures of roses of all colours.


  • 'Now I want to go to the garden and look at the lovely roses,' she thinks.


  • She goes to the garden and stays there all afternoon. She looks at the flowers and feels


  • happy. At dinner time she sits down at the long table


  • and then she hears the Beast coming. She is terrified.


  • 'Beauty, can I sit here with you?' asks the Beast.


  • 'You're the lord of the castle,' says Beauty. 'And you're the queen,' says the Beast. 'Can

    美女說:"你是城堡的主人" 野獸說:"你是王后

  • I ask you a question?' 'Yes, of course,' says Beauty quietly.


  • 'Am I very ugly?' asks the Beast. Beauty does not know what to say. She looks


  • at him and thinks for a moment. 'Well, yes you are!' says Beauty. 'But you're

    看著他,想了一會兒。 '嗯,是的,你是的!'美麗說。 '但你'。

  • kind and polite.' The Beast looks at Beauty and smiles. 'You're


  • right, I'm terribly ugly but I'm kind. This is your home now, Beauty. Please don't


  • be sad!' 'Some men are handsome but they're not kind,'


  • says Beauty. 'I prefer you because you've got a good heart.

    美麗說。 '我更喜歡你,因為你有一顆善良的心。

  • 'Thank you, Beauty,' says the Beast. Now Beauty is not afraid of the Beast and


  • she eats a big dinner. The Beast looks at her and asks a question.


  • Do you want to marry me, Beauty?' What a question! Beauty is terrified.


  • 'What can I say?' thinks Beauty. She is silent for a moment and then she says,


  • 'No, I'm sorry I don't want to marry you.' The Beast is angry and Beauty is afraid.


  • Then he goes out of the room and says, 'Goodbye, Beauty.'


  • CHAPTER FIVE - The Magic Ring Beauty spends three months at the beautiful


  • castle. Every day she reads books and plays the piano.


  • She walks everywhere in the big garden. She likes the tall trees and the flowers of different


  • colours. She puts beautiful flowers in the rooms of


  • the castle. Sometimes she makes perfume from the flowers.


  • But the days are long and she is often lonely. Beauty often thinks about her father, her


  • sisters and her brothers. 'I want to see my father again,' she thinks

    姐姐們和她的兄弟們。 ##39;我想再看看我的父親,'她認為。

  • sadly. 'And I want to see my home again too.' The Beast goes to see her every evening at

    傷心地。 '我也想再看看我的家.'野獸每天晚上都會去看她,在。

  • dinner time, at nine o'clock. They talk about interesting things and are


  • happy together. Beauty is not afraid of his ugly face now.


  • Every evening the Beast asks Beauty the same question:


  • 'Beauty, do you want to marry me?' And every evening Beauty answers, 'No.'


  • One day Beauty says, 'Why do you ask me the same question every evening?'


  • 'Because I hope to hear a different answer,' says the Beast.


  • 'I'm sorry, I don't want to marry you,' says Beauty.


  • The Beast is very sad. 'But I'm always going to be your friend,'

    野獸很傷心。 '但我'永遠是你的朋友,&#39。

  • she says. 'You're a wonderful friend,' says the Beast.

    她說。 '你'是個很棒的朋友,'野獸說。

  • 'And you are too,' says Beauty smiling. 'I know I'm terribly ugly,' says the Beast.

    '你也是,'美女笑著說。 '我知道我'很醜,'野獸說。

  • 'But I love you a lot. I'm very happy with you. Please, don't leave me!'


  • Beauty's face becomes red and she is quiet for a moment.


  • 'In the mirror of my room,' says Beauty, 'I see my poor father.


  • He's sad and lonely. He thinks I'm dead. My sisters are married and my brothers are away.


  • I want to see my father for the last time. Can I go and see him, please?'

    我想見我父親最後一面。我可以去看他嗎? '

  • 'Yes, you can go and see your father,' says the Beast. 'But I'm going to be very sad without

    是的,你可以去看你的父親,'野獸說。 '但我'將是非常悲傷沒有

  • you.' 'Oh, thank you!' says Beauty happily. 'Please


  • don't be sad, Beast. I'm going to come back in a week.'


  • 'Alright,' says the Beast. 'You can visit your father tomorrow morning. But remember,

    '好吧,'野獸說。 '你明天早上可以去看望你的父親。但記住。

  • you must come back in a week. Before you come back put this ring on a table


  • near your bed. It's a magic ring. Goodbye, Beauty.'

    靠近你的床。這是一個神奇的戒指。再見了,美女。 &#39。

  • CHAPTER SIX - The Sisters' Plan The next morning Beauty wakes up in her bedroom

    第六章--姐妹倆'計劃 第二天早上,美女在臥室裡醒了過來

  • in her father's house. She gets up and goes downstairs.


  • When her father sees her he cries, 'Beauty, is that you? How wonderful! My daughter is


  • well and she's here!' Beauty is very happy and hugs her father.


  • 'Get dressed quickly and then tell me about the Beast!' says her father happily.


  • She goes to her room and finds a chest full of beautiful clothes. 'This is a present from

    她去她的房間,發現一個滿是漂亮衣服的箱子。 '這是一個禮物從

  • the Beast!' says Beauty to her father. He's very nice and gives me presents every


  • day.' She chooses some lovely clothes. 'I want to give these lovely clothes to Rosalind

    她選擇了一些可愛的衣服。 我想把這些可愛的衣服送給羅莎琳德。

  • and Hortensia,' she says. When she says this the chest disappears!


  • 'The Beast is watching you,' says Beauty's father. 'These beautiful clothes are for you


  • and not for your sisters.' Suddenly the chest comes back again.


  • That morning Rosalind and Hortensia come to visit their sister. They are both very unhappy.


  • 'Oh, Beauty,' says Rosalind, 'I'm unhappy.' 'Why are you unhappy, Rosalind?' asks Beauty.


  • 'Oh, it's a long story,' says Rosalind. 'Please tell me,' says Beauty.

    '哦,這是一個很長的故事,'羅莎琳德說。 '請告訴我,'美麗說。

  • 'My husband is handsome and he spends all day in front of a mirror. He never looks at


  • me or talks to me.' 'Oh, dear, that's a big problem,' says Beauty.


  • Hortensia says, 'My husband is very clever, but he doesn't like anyone, and no one likes


  • him.' 'I can never invite my friends to lunch or


  • dinner because he doesn't like them.' 'We've got a lot of problems with our husbands,'


  • they say. 'My poor sisters!' says Beauty. 'I'm very

    他們說。 '我可憐的姐妹們!'美麗說。 '我'很。

  • sorry.' 'Tell us about the Beast,' says Hortensia.


  • Oh, the Beast is not a bad man,' says Beauty. 'He's very kind. I live in his beautiful castle

    哦,野獸不是個壞人,'美女說。 '他很善良。我住在他美麗的城堡裡

  • and I'm the queen. I don't work. I read, play the piano and walk


  • in the garden. Every evening the Beast comes to see me at


  • dinner and we talk about a lot of things. It's wonderful.'


  • The two sisters are very angry and they go to the garden.


  • 'Beauty wears lovely clothes and shoes,' says Rosalind. 'She's like a queen.

    '美女穿著可愛的衣服和鞋子,'羅莎琳德說。 '她就像一個女王。

  • She's very happy. Why is she lucky? And why are we unlucky?'


  • 'You're right, Rosalind,' says Hortensia. 'We're not very lucky.

    '你'是對的,羅莎琳德,'說,霍滕西亞。 '我們'不是很幸運。

  • But maybe we can be lucky! Beauty has to return to the Beast in a week, or he's going to get


  • angry and eat her!' 'Then we must keep her here,' says Rosalind.


  • 'Then the Beast is going to get angry.' During the week the two sisters are kind to


  • Beauty. They