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  • A few days ago, Paul Ryan speaker of the house, the guy that's going to be speaker of the

  • house when the new Republican-controlled Congress convenes in January, told Fox News Bret Baier

  • a few days ago that his first order of business is going to be dismantling Obamacare, specifically.

  • Paul Ryan wants to dismantle not only Obamacare but medicare.

  • During the interview, Paul Ryan told Baier that Obamacare has actually drained the finances

  • of medicare, the whole system is going broke, it's a failure, everything needs to be redone

  • from the bottom up.

  • Now, first of all, that's not true.

  • In fact medicare has more money today because of Obamacare.

  • Experts agree that Obamacare has increased the solvency of medicare by at least a decade.

  • Paul Ryan's first point about Obamacare weakening medicare's finances, absolutely false.

  • Here is Ryan's plan.

  • According to him, those people who are already enrolled in medicare, don't worry, you get

  • to keep your coverage at first.

  • After that, we're going to let the private insurance companies come in, kind of take

  • over, they're going to offer you different plans that cover different things, it's basically

  • going to be a cash for play thing, which is what regular health insurance is, and the

  • private industry is going to handle it just so much better than the Federal government

  • ever could.

  • Furthermore, those people who are not yet on medicare but will be some day, don't worry

  • because you'll be able to just buy health insurance, and the government is going to

  • give you some kind of subsidy to help cover it, which really doesn't do very much considering

  • the fact that the subsidies come in the form of tax rebate, so you've got to wait a full

  • year before you ever get that money back, and you are always going to be one year behind.

  • Doesn't work that way Paul Ryan.

  • We have a system in place, is it perfect?

  • Hell no.

  • Does it work?

  • Hell yes.

  • There is no reason to dismantle medicare.

  • It's not going to save you any money, all it's going to do is put more money in the

  • pockets of the private health insurance industry that's already raping consumers left and right

  • all over this country.

  • Those are the same people who fill your campaign coffers Paul Ryan, the same people who fund

  • your campaigns, the same people who help make you speaker of the house.

  • That's why you're doing this.

  • Don't try to sell this to American citizens as part of your, "a better way," plan that

  • you've been rolling out for the last six months.

  • That's total nonsense.

  • You are doing this to repay the people that put you in the office, that allowed you to

  • keep your seat, that made you speaker of the house.

  • This is ridiculous, you're going to screw over and potentially kill American citizens

  • who will not be able to afford that private health insurance.

  • Or they're going to be rejected because of some kind of preexisting condition.

  • Considering the fact that all of them are going to be aged 65 and older, it will be

  • damn near impossible for them to enter the private market and buy health insurance.

  • But hey, that's okay with you Paul Ryan, right, because you're still going to get that campaign

  • money whether or not people live or die.

  • It all works out for you in the end.

A few days ago, Paul Ryan speaker of the house, the guy that's going to be speaker of the


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