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  • Dear Ryan, can you please do a paper plane trickshot video?

    親愛的Ryan,你可以做個紙飛機的trickshot嗎? (註: trickshots是指把某件東西投到籃子或指定的地方)

  • bang


  • bam


  • bong


  • ooh, that's a plane.

    我在高中學到的另類紙飛機 (紙環)

  • look at the back!


  • Damn, what is that Sean?


  • a flying ring that I learned from high school.

    紙飛機 trickshots

  • watch...




  • first boop of the day

  • *The 'Eh' Shrug x1*

  • boop

  • *Shrug of 'Eh x2*

  • weeeee says the airplane

  • boop

  • oh shit

  • badaboom badabang

  • Lazily shrugs shrugs at wasting a perfectly good peice of paper

  • double boop OMG

  • vase torture

  • here come dat boi

  • trash boop

  • Paper can get drunk, y'know

  • bang bang into the room

  • bang bang all over you

  • damn, greg

  • triple the paper wasting!

  • woohoo! the plane says

  • Big ol' boi comes to play

  • And his big brother

  • The return long awaited return of 'Eh'

  • Morning paper coffee

  • not as good as greg tho

  • pointless. basically the exact same as the last one. step up your game

  • Mm, loving that sweet liquidized paper

  • head boop

  • Shrug of nightmares

  • One shot through a hand. Perfect!

  • Not yet perfected shrug

  • my longest yea boy ever

  • Another shrug

  • Skill, that's what white people have!

  • He can do better

  • pretty good boop

  • Paper tribal torch

  • planes are strong enough to do that?!11

  • pool shrug

  • that was loud

  • Bottle flip? The paper bag flip is where it's at!

  • ryan's mouth?

  • Now eating paper, drinking paper is a very old trend


  • Rusty Bird is now fashionable.

  • dog barking in the background, must love the bird's fashion*

  • Why no more boop????

  • Accidental inanimate object death

  • back to booop

  • skill

  • lamps

  • door knobs

  • We ran out of sticks, sorry doggie!

  • dog shrugging like an idiot

  • (dramatic music)

  • the most emotionless boop ever

  • funnel and water? more like funnel and paper airplane

  • #scrumptious

  • thats dirty

  • hey, thats pretty good

  • h e y , t h a t ' s p r e t t y g o o d

  • Personification shrug

  • even more na na na nah nah ne ne ne neh neh na nahh

  • microwave poop i mean boop

  • set microwave on high for 30 seconds, then stir

  • (even more dramatic music)

  • karate kick

  • And into the bin it went( hope fully it's recycling)

  • (GOD damnit even mor dramatic music)

  • yeah boy no.1

  • yea boy no.2

  • yea boy no.3

  • Segway cone paper airplane combo

  • (we are very sorry but the author passed away because of too much dramatic music)

  • blank screen 4 drama

  • ooh that's a nice sunset

  • wtf who are you?

  • ooh look at me im strong

  • jk this airplane weighs .0000001 pounds

  • watcha looking at, punk?

  • Oh, sorry Mr. Buketts! I am mistaken!

  • Let's throw it anyway, fellas It's not going to fail. I'm not sarcastic.

  • looks of satisfaction

  • look at sean's beard! stylish

  • a new kpop band

  • me in geometry


  • disappointment

  • wait

  • wait what

  • me taking exams

  • Secret bucket trickshot

  • Ha ha ha, laughing laughter, tickled pink, guys.

  • woo finally i'm done with this subtitle stuff!

  • idiot dancing


  • Guy: omg that was the hardest one yet! Other Guy: IKR!

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Dear Ryan, can you please do a paper plane trickshot video?

親愛的Ryan,你可以做個紙飛機的trickshot嗎? (註: trickshots是指把某件東西投到籃子或指定的地方)


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B2 中高級 中文 美國腔 飛機 籃子 親愛 高中 學到 地方

終極紙飛機絕招!(親愛的瑞恩(親愛的瑞恩) (Ultimate Paper Airplane Trickshot! (Dear Ryan))

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