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  • When you're a kid, you get asked this one particular question a lot. It really gets kind of annoying.

    當你還小的時候 你應該常常被問到這個問題 被問的都煩了

  • What do you want to be when you grow up? Now, adults are hoping for answers like "I want to be an Astronaut" or


  • "I want to be a Neurosurgeon". You adults and your imaginations. Kids, they are most likely to answer with


  • Pro Skateboarder,Surfer or Minecraft player. I asked my little brother and he said, "Seriously dude, I'm ten, I have no idea

    溜冰選手 衝浪者 遊戲玩家 我問過我弟弟相同的問題 他說:「老兄,我才十歲,能有什麼想法」

  • , probably a Pro Skier, let's go get some ice cream." See, us kids are going to answer with something

    「也許滑冰選手吧,去吃冰淇淋吧」看吧 我們小孩子這時候會回答一些

  • we're stoked on, what we think is cool, what we have experience with and thats typically the opposite of what

    我們喜歡的事物 我們覺得很酷的東西 我們體驗過的 而這種回答通常來說都和大人想的不一樣

  • adults want to hear.But if you ask a little kid, sometimes you'll get the best answer. Something so simple,

    都不是大人想聽的 不過如果你問小孩 有時候可能會聽到一個你認為最完美的答案 是一個很簡單的回答

  • so obvious and really profound. When I grow up, I want to be happy. For me, when I grow up, I want to continue

    很清楚又很有深度的答案 「我長大以後,我要快樂」 對我來說 長大之後 我想要繼續的

  • to be happy like I am now. I'm stoked to be here at TED, I mean I've been watching TED videos for as long

    得到快樂 就像現在的我一樣 我很嚮往來到TED演講 我意思是說 從我有記憶以來

  • as I can remember. But I never thought I'd make it on stage here so soon. I mean I just became a teenager and like

    就開始收看TED 但我從沒想過自己能在這個年紀就站上這個舞台 我不過是一個青少年

  • most teenage boys, I spend most of my time wondering how did my room get so messy all on its own?

    就像一般的青少年 常常都浪費時間在思考 為什麼我的房間可以這麼亂

  • Did I take a shower today? And the most perplexing of all, how do I get girls to like me? Neuroscientists say that

    我今天洗過澡了嗎?比較複雜的問題頂多就是 我要怎麼讓女生喜歡我? 神經學家說過

  • the teenage brain is pretty weird. Our prefrontal cortex is underdeveloped but we actually have more neurons than

    青少年的腦袋非常奇怪 我們前額葉還沒有發育完全但我們的神經元其實比大人還多

  • adults which is why we can be so creative and impulsive and moody and get bummed out. But what bums me

    這就是為什麼我們比較有創造力 又容易衝動 情緒化 常悶悶不樂 但一直讓我苦惱的是

  • out is to know that a lot of kids today are just wishing to be happy, to be healthy, to be safe, not bullied and be loved

    為什麼現在這麼多孩子只期望快樂 平安健康 不要被霸凌

  • for who they are. So it seems to me when adults say, what do you want to be when you grow up, they just

    然後受到大家寵愛 所以常常大人問說 長大之後想變成怎樣的人

  • assume that you'll be automatically be happy and healthy. But maybe thats not the case. Go to school, go to college,

    大人們會以為孩子們就該回答健康和快樂 去上學 去讀大學

  • get a job, get married, boom then you'll be happy. Right? We don't seem to make learning how to be happy

    找一份工作 結婚 碰! 然後就可以快樂了 對吧? 我們似乎沒有在學校學過如何變得快樂

  • and healthy a priority in our schools. Its separate from schools and for some kids it doesn't exist at all. But what

    以及健康至上的道理 這些東西跟學校教育有些脫節 甚至對有些小孩來說 快樂根本不存在

  • if we didn't make it separate? What if we based education on the study and practice of being happy and healthy?

    那如果我們不要把快樂和健康與學校分離 如果我們讓大家學習並且練習怎麼變快樂 變健康呢?

  • Because thats what it is, a practice, and a simple practice at that. Education is important but why is being

    因為這不過是個簡單的練習 教育雖然很重要

  • happy and healthy not considered education. I just don't get it. So I've been studying the science of being happy and healthy.

    但健康和快樂卻沒有被視為教育的一環 我不明白 所以我讀過關於快樂和健康的科學

  • It really comes down to practicing these eight things. Exercise, Diet and Nutrition, Time in Nature, Contribution

    要實踐起來需要有八件課題 運動 飲食和營養 與自然共處的時間 服務他人並為貢獻社會

  • and Service to Others, Relationships, Recreation, Relaxation and Stress Management, and Religious

    人際關係 娛樂 休息和壓力管理 最後是宗教

  • or Spiritual Involvement. Yes, got that one. So these eight things come from Dr. Roger Walsh. He calls them

    呼..太好了沒忘詞 這八個課題是由Dr.Roger Walsh所提出來的

  • therapeutic lifestyle changes or TLCs for short. He's a scientist that studies how to be happy and healthy. In

    生活型態治癒療法 或簡稱TLCs 他是一位研究如何變得健康快樂的科學家

  • researching this talk, I got a chance to ask him a few questions like do you think better schools today are making

    為了這次的演說 我得到一個機會能夠問他一些問題 像是那些比較好的學校有沒有比較重視TLCs

  • these eight TLCs a priority? His response was no surprise. It was essentially no. But he did say that many people

    有沒有把TLCs當成優先的學習 而他回答沒有 但他也提到說

  • do try to get this kind of education outside of the traditional arena through reading or practices such as

    有很多人在傳統學校教育環境以外的地方 學習並練習一些

  • meditation or yoga. But what I thought was his best response was that much of education is oriented, for better

    像是冥想打坐或瑜珈這種東西 不過他的回答之中 最讓我認同的是 他說教育的導向先不論好壞

  • or worse, towards making a living rather than making a life. In 2006, Sir Kenneth Robinson gave the most popular

    目的一直當在教我們如何度日子 而不是如何活出生命 在2006年 Kenneth Robinson先生在TED做了一個

  • TED talk of all time, Schools Kill Creativity. His message is that creativity is just as important as literacy and we should

    有史以來最受歡迎的演講 學校殺死了創意 他想表達的是 創意就跟讀書寫字都很重要

  • treat it with the same status. A lot of parents watch those videos and some of those parents like mine counted

    許多父母看了這些影片之後 有一部分的家長相當認同

  • it as one of the reasons they felt confident to pull their kids from traditional schools, to try something different.

    這個演講使他們更有信心讓小孩遠離學校死板板的教育 教他們一些別的東西

  • I realize that I am part of this small but growing revolution of kids who are going about their education differently.


  • And you know what? It freaks a lot of people out. Even though I was only nine when my parents pulled me out

    而且你知道嗎? 這演講讓很多人感到驚恐 當我才九歲 我的爸媽

  • of the school system, I can still remember my mom being in tears when some of her friends told her she was

    就讓我離開了學校的教育體制 我到現在還記得當時她還因為一些流言蜚語流淚

  • crazy and it was a stupid idea. Looking back, I'm thankful she didn't cave to peer pressure and I think she is too.

    她的朋友都說她瘋了 同時告訴她脫離學校教育是愚蠢的想法 但現在回頭看 我真的很感謝她沒有因為同儕壓力就退縮

  • So out of the 200,000,000 people that have watched Sir Ken Robinson's talk, why aren't there more kids like

    在看過Ken Robinson先生的演講的兩億人之中 怎麼沒有父母用其他方式教育小孩

  • me out there? Shane McConkey is my hero, I loved him because he was the worlds best skier but then one day

    一個像我這樣的小孩? Shane McConkey是我的英雄 我非常欣賞他是因為 他是世界上最棒的滑冰好手 不過就在某一天

  • I realized what I really loved about Shane. He was a hacker, not a computer hacker, he hacked skiing. His creativity

    我發現我真正欣賞他的原因 他是一個Hacker 不是電腦駭客那種駭客 而是他破解(hack)了滑雪 他用他的創意

  • and inventions made skiing what it is today and why I love to ski. A lot of people think of hackers as geeky

    造就了現在的滑雪活動 這也是我為什麼我熱愛滑雪 很多人都認為駭客就是阿宅

  • computer nerds who live in their parent's basement and spread computer viruses. But I don't see it that way.

    使用電腦成癡 成天躲在父母家的地下室散播電腦病毒 但我不這麼看待他們

  • Hackers are innovators. Hackers are people who challenge and change the systems to make them work differently,

    駭客是創新家 他們不斷嘗試突破 改變制度 讓程式用不同的方式運作

  • to make them work better. Its just how they think, its a mindset. I'm growing up in a world that needs more people

    運作得更好 這就是他們所想的 這是一種思維 我們現今世界上 需要更多有創意想法的人

  • with the hacker mindset and not just for technology. Everything is being up for being hacked, even skiing, even

    而不是純粹只有在科技上 每件事情都有可以創新之處 滑雪也好 教育也好

  • education. So whether its Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Shane McConkey, having the hacker mindset can change

    就像是 Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Shane McConkey 他們都秉直著這種駭客精神 足以改變

  • the world. Healthy, happy, creativity and the hacker mindset are all a large part of my education. I call it

    改變這個世界 健康、快樂、創意以及駭客精神 占了我受教育的一大部分 我把這種學習方式稱為

  • hackschooling. I don't use any one particular curriculum and I'm not dedicated to any one particular approach.

    駭客教育 我並沒有一個很固定的課表 我也不會只鑽研特定一種方法

  • I hack my education. I take advantage of opportunities in my community and through a network of my friends

    我破解了我的教育 我從周遭找到學習的機會 從社區裡 從朋友那

  • and family. I take advantage of opportunities to experience what I'm learning. And I'm not afraid to look for shortcuts

    從家人 我會找機會實驗看看我所學到的東西 我不會害怕去抄捷徑

  • or hacks to get a better, faster result. Its like a remix or a mashup of learning. Its flexible, opportunistic and it never

    或創新的方式來得到很快的結果 就像是混合或混搭式的學習 這種學習是很有彈性的 讓你看到更多機會

  • loses sight of making happy, healthy, and creativity a priority. And it's the cool part because its a mindset

    同時又不失快樂、健康、創意 最酷的是這是一種思維

  • not a system. Hackschooling can be used by anyone even traditional schools. So, what does my school look like?

    而不是死板的體制 駭客學習可以應用在每一個人身上 甚至傳統學校中 那麼 我的學校到底長什麼樣子?

  • Well it looks like Starbucks a lot of the time. But like most kids, I study a lot of math, science, history and writing.

    大部分的時間其實就長得像星巴克 而且和大多數的小孩一樣 我也讀數學 自然科學 歷史 寫作

  • I didn't used to like to write because my teachers made me write about butterflies and rainbows and I wanted to write

    我還不喜歡寫作是因為我的老師要求我寫一些像是蝴蝶 彩虹 但我真正想寫的不是這些

  • about skiing. It was a relief when my good friend's mom started The Squaw Valley Kids Institute where I got

    而是滑雪 讓我感到欣慰的是 我好朋友的媽媽推動了The Squaw Valley Kids Institute這個機構

  • to write through my experiences and my interests while connecting with great speakers from around the nation

    在這裡我可以跟全國傑出的演講者產生交集 寫出任何我的體驗以及我有興趣的

  • and that sparked my love of writing. I realize that once you're motivated to learn something, you can get a lot done

    這讓我燃起了寫作的興趣 我了解到當你想去學某些事情 你可以在短時間之內

  • in a short amount of time and on your own. Starbucks is pretty great for that. Hacking physics was fun. We learned

    就完成很多事情 而且是靠你自己的力量 星巴克就是好在這裡 破解物理很有趣 從中我們可以學到

  • all about Newton and Galileo and we experienced some basic physics concepts like kinetic energy through

    關於牛頓和伽利略 而且可以真正學到很多基本的物理概念 像是透過實驗 犯錯 我們可以學到動能

  • experimenting and making mistakes. My favorite was the giant Newton's cradle that we made out of bowling balls.


  • No bacci balls. We experimented with a lot of other things like bacci balls and even giant jawbreakers.

    說錯了 是八奇球 我們可以體驗到很多很多的事物 像是八奇球 甚至可以學會很難唸的字

  • Project Discovery's ropes course is awesome and slightly stressful. When you're sixty feet off the ground,

    Discovery專題中的繩結課非常的棒又讓人有些微緊張 當你離地面六呎高的時候

  • you have to learn how to handle your fears, communicate clearly and most importantly trust each other.

    你得學會怎麼控制你的恐懼 清楚的和別人溝通 最重要的是要學會信任

  • Community organizations play a big part in my education. A High Fives Foundations Basics Program: Being Aware and

    社區的組織扮演了我學習中很重要的角色 其中A High Fives Foundations的基礎課程:提高警覺

  • Safe in Critical Situations, we spent a day with the Squaw Valley ski patrol to learn more about mountain

    並在險惡情況中保平安 我們花了整天的時間和Squaw Valley的滑雪巡邏員學習在山中的安全

  • safety. Then the next day we switched to the science of snow, weather, and avalanches. But most importantly, we

    接著隔天我們學習自然科學 雪 天氣 雪崩 但最重要的還是

  • learned that making bad decisions puts you and your friends at risk. Young should talk about what brings

    這時候做出錯誤的決定會讓你跟你的朋友都陷入危機 年輕人應該要學習怎麼樣

  • history to life. You study a famous character in history, so you can stand on stage and perform as that character.

    去把歷史變得栩栩如生 像是你在歷史中讀到了一個很有名的人物 你可以站到台上精確的詮釋那個角色

  • and answer any question about their lifetime. In this photo, you see Al Capone and Bob Marley getting grilled with

    然後就可以回答一些關於他那個年代的問題 在這張圖片中 你可以看到 Al Capone和Bob Marley在維吉尼亞市的Piper's Opera House

  • questions at the historical Piper's Opera House in Virginia City, the same stage where Harry Houdini got his

    在台上接受觀眾的拷問 同時正是胡迪尼發跡的地方

  • start. Time in nature is really important to me. Its calm, quiet and I get to just log out of reality. I spend one day a week

    花時間接觸自然對我來說很重要 它非常的寧靜 安靜 而且讓我能與現實抽離 每一週我都會選一天

  • outside all day. At my Foxwalker classes, our goal is to be able to survive in the wilderness with just a knife.

    整天在外面 在我的Foxwalker教室中 我們的目標就是要能憑著一把刀在野外求生

  • We learn to listen to nature, we learn to sense our surroundings and I've gained a spiritual connection to nature

    我們學習去傾聽自然的聲音 我們學習去感受周遭 我們的精神就能與自然結合

  • that I never knew existed. But the best part is that we get to make spears, bows and arrows, fires with just a bow

    與常常被我所遺忘的大自然結合 最酷的部分就是我們得自己做長茅 弓箭 生火

  • drill and survival shelters for the snowy nights when we camp out. Hanging out at The Moment Factory where they

    然後在遮蔽中求生存 而在The Moment Factory 這裡就是他們製作一些

  • hand make skis and design clothes has really inspired me to one day have my own business. The guys at the factory

    雪橇 設計衣服 激發了我想要擁有自己事業的憧憬 在這間工廠的人

  • have showed me why I need to be good at math, be creative and get good at sewing. So I got an internship at

    告訴了我為什麼我要學數學 為什麼要有創意 為什麼要學習縫紉 於是我跑到Big Short Brand實習

  • Big Short Brand to get better at design and sewing. Between fetching lunch, scrubbing toilets and breaking

    在Big Short Brand中學習怎麼去設計 縫紉 就在幫忙打雜之際 打菜 掃廁所

  • their vacuum cleaner, I'm getting to contribute to clothing design, customizing hacks and selling them. The people

    有時還弄壞他們的吸塵器 我漸漸能夠在服裝設計 客製化 行銷等方面帶來一點貢獻

  • who work there are happy, healthy, creative and stoked to be doing what they're doing. This is by far my favorite class.

    在那裏工作的人都很快樂 健康 有創意 而且熱愛他們正在做的工作 這是在目前為止我上過最棒的課

  • So, this is where I'm really happy. Powder days. And its a good metaphor for my life, my education, my

    這就是讓我真正能夠快樂的地方 雪花遍野 也就很像是我的人生 我受的教育

  • hackschooling. If everyone skied this mountain like most people think of education, everyone would be skiing

    我的駭客教育 如果每個人在山上滑雪都照著學校的教的來滑 大家確實都會滑雪

  • the same line probably the safest and most of the powder would go untouched. I look at this and see a thousand

    每個人都會溜同一條線路 然後大部分的地方都沒有人去嘗試 但對我而言 在滑雪中我可以看到千千萬萬個可以走的路線

  • possibilites. Dropping the cornice , shredding the spine, looking for a tranny from cliff to cliff. Skiing to me is freedom

    飛簷走壁 擊碎雪堆 可以在崖與崖之間尋找出路 對我來說 滑雪就是一種自由

  • and so is my education. Its about being creative, doing things differently, its about community and helping each

    這就是我受的教育 富有創造力 用不同方式做事情 是一個有社區概念互助合作的

  • other, its about being happy and healthy among my very best friends. So I'm starting to think I know what I want

    是和大家的快樂與健康息息相關的 於是乎 我開始思索我到底想要些什麼

  • to do when I grow up. But if you ask me what do I want to be when I grow up, I'll always know that I want to be happy.

    長大後想做的事 如果你問我說我長大想要做什麼 我一定會很清楚的知道 我要的就是快樂

  • Thank you.


When you're a kid, you get asked this one particular question a lot. It really gets kind of annoying.

當你還小的時候 你應該常常被問到這個問題 被問的都煩了

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