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  • She's only a few feet away.


  • The closer he gets, the more nervous he becomes,

    他越走愈近, 也越來越緊張,

  • the budding zit on his nose growing bigger and bigger until it practically eclipses his face.

    鼻子上才剛長出來的青春痘 慢慢變大、大到幾乎要遮住整個臉。

  • She looks at him hovering nearby, sees the massive zit, and giggles.

    女孩看到在徘徊的男孩, 然後看到臉上的大痘痘,就笑了。

  • He slumps away, feeling sick.


  • Stress can sure make a mess, and it happens to both teens and adults.

    壓力的確能讓 青少年和成人變得一團糟。

  • But how does it happen?


  • Let's rewind to before the zit, to before Justin even sees his crush.

    我們倒帶一下, 回到賈斯汀看見夢中情人前。

  • Already late for school, Justin got to class just in time to hear the teacher say "pop quiz."

    上學已經遲到了, 賈斯汀剛進教室就聽到要小考。

  • He hadn't done his homework the night before, and felt more unprepared

    因為昨天沒做作業, 讓賈斯汀比他作業要寫的

  • than the ambushed World War II soldiers he was supposed to write about.


  • A sudden rush of panic swept over his body, leaving him with sweaty palms,

    一股惶恐襲來, 讓他手冒冷汗,

  • a foggy mind and a racing heart.


  • He stumbled out of class in a daze, and ran straight into his all-time crush, spiking up his stress.

    他倉皇離開教室,撞到他的夢中情人, 這讓他感覺到更加緊張。

  • Stress is a general biological response to a potential danger.


  • In primitive caveman terms, stress can make you fight for your life,

    以原始人為例, 壓力讓你殺出生路,

  • or run for your life, if, for example, you're confronted by a hungry saber-tooth tiger.

    或逃命 —— 像是遇到飢餓的劍齒虎。

  • Special chemicals called stress hormones run through your body,

    被稱作壓力賀爾蒙的 特殊化學物質流竄全身,

  • giving you more oxygen and power to run away from danger


  • or to face it and fight for your life,


  • hence the term "fight or flight."


  • But when you don't fight, or take flight, you face the plight.

    如果你不逃也不戰, 你就會大難臨頭。

  • When we're taking final exams, sitting in traffic or pondering pollution,

    在期末考時、卡在車陣中、 或思考環境污染時,

  • we internalize stress.


  • It all begins in the brain.


  • The hypothalamus, the master controller of your hormones,


  • releases something called corticotropin-releasing hormone.

    它會釋放一種叫 「促腎上腺皮質釋放素」的物質。

  • This triggers the pituitary gland,


  • a pea-sized gland found at the base of the brain,

    這個豌豆般大 在你腦部深處的腺體,

  • to release adrenocorticotropic hormone


  • which then stimulates the adrenal gland sitting on top of the kidneys


  • to release cortisol, the major stress hormone.


  • These natural chemicals are a great help when you need to run away quickly,

    這種天然的化合物 可以讓你跑得更快,

  • or do superhuman feats of courage,


  • but when you're simply sitting, these stress hormones collect in the body and affect your overall health.

    但你若不為所動, 賀爾蒙累積的結果會影響健康。

  • Stress hormones increase inflammation in the body,


  • suppress the immune system,


  • which makes you more susceptible to infection by acne-causing bacteria,

    這讓你更容易受到 造成粉刺的細菌的感染,

  • and can even increase oil production in the skin.


  • And this is the perfect storm for forming a pimple.


  • Cortisol is a major stress hormone involved in making skin cells


  • churn out oily lipids from special glands called sebaceous glands.


  • But when there's too much of these oily lipids,


  • called sebum, they can plug up the swollen, inflamed pores


  • and trap the pesky, acne-causing bacteria inside,

    並將討厭的、會造成粉刺的細菌 包在裡面,

  • where they set up house and thrive.


  • Add a dash of inflammatory neuropeptides released by the nervous system when you're --

    再加上你緊張時, 神經系統釋放和發炎相關的

  • well, nervous -- and angry zits follow.

    神經胜肽, 就會造成青春痘。

  • To make matters worse, Justin is a boy, meaning he's got more testosterone than girls.

    雪上加霜的是身為男性, 賈斯丁的睪固酮比女生多。

  • Testosterone is another hormone that increases oil production in the skin.

    睪固酮是另一種 促進皮膚油脂分泌的賀爾蒙。

  • So, his already oily skin, together with a boost in oil and inflammation from stress,

    所以他的皮膚本來就很油, 再加上壓力促進發炎反應和出油,

  • is the perfect environment for bacteria


  • to swell, swell, swell up into a major zit.


  • So what could've Justin done to avoid the big pimple?


  • Stressful situations are unavoidable.


  • But we can try to change our responses so that we're not so stressed in the end.

    但是我們可以改變心境, 讓自己減少感受到的壓力。

  • And had he been confident in approaching her,


  • she might not have noticed the pimple, or he might not have had one.

    她可能就不會注意到她臉上的痘痘, 或者臉上根本不會有痘子。

She's only a few feet away.


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B2 中高級 中文 TED-Ed 壓力 賀爾蒙 發炎 痘痘 細菌

【TED-Ed】壓力會造成青春痘嗎?Does stress cause pimples? - Claudia Aguirre

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