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  • Elsewhere around the world, panic ensued in Dallas, Texas, where eleven police officers were shot during a protest


  • against the recent police shootings of two African Americans in the last three days


  • The police are closing in on the snipers, but many of the details are still unknown


  • Oh Soo-Young reports. Five policemen have been shot dead, and

    Oh Soo-Young 報導:本週在達拉斯的這場抗議警方射殺 2 名非裔美國人的集會中

  • six other officers wounded during a mass rally in Dallas, Texas over the fatal police shootings of two African American men this week

    5 位員警被射殺身亡,其餘 6 名員警受傷

  • Around 9 p.m. local time, a group of snipers opened fire from elevated positions, hitting 11 officers

    一群狙擊手於當地晚間 9 點左右,於高處向警方射擊,擊中 11 名員警

  • "I was walking and the snipers just started shooting, man. Like, all of the cops were


  • getting shot, man. I just saw cops bending over, man. There had to be like five or six


  • cops. They were all getting shot down, man"

    大概有 5 到 6 位警察被擊中」

  • According to Dallas Police Chief David Brown, it's unclear how many gunmen there were but

    達拉斯警察局長 David Brown 表示,還不清楚有多少槍手

  • three suspects are currently in custody, and the fourth was cornered by officers at a

    但現已有 3 位嫌犯遭到收押,第 4 位嫌犯在下城區某處車庫被警方包圍

  • downtown garage. One suspect was arrested after a shootout

    1 位嫌犯在與警方交火後遭到逮捕

  • with authorities, and a suspicious package discovered nearby was secured and inspected


  • by a bomb squad, according to the police. Another suspect turned himself in after his

    另一位嫌犯在警方於 Twitter 上公布照片後向警方投案

  • picture was posted on Twitter by the police, calling the man a "person of interest"


  • He was later released after questioning. The police also said, an individual spotted


  • with a camouflage bag had thrown it into a vehicle before driving off at high speed


  • Both occupants of the car were detained


  • The incident comes amid mounting public outrage over Wednesday's shooting of Philando Castile

    這場事件起因於大眾對於 Philando Castile 在星期三遭警方槍殺的怒火

  • the second black American to be shot and killed by police this week.

    他是本週第 2 位遭到警方槍殺的黑人

  • Castile's fiancee, who was with him in the car at the time, said he'd been shot four

    當時在車內的 Castile 的未婚妻表示,當 Castile 準備出示行照和駕照時

  • or five times "for no reason," as he moved to take out his license and registration

    無端地被警方開 4 到 5 槍射殺

  • She streamed his final moments on Facebook as he slumped, bleeding, against the driver's

    她透過臉書直播 Castile 死前的時刻,Castile 在駕駛座上大量失血

  • seat. As the video circulated, thousands took to


  • the streets in protest across the country, in Washington, D.C., New York, Philadelphia


  • and Minnesota. According to data from the Washington Post


  • more than 500 people have been shot to death by police this year

    今年已有超過 500 位民眾遭到警方射殺身亡

  • Castile is believed to be the 123rd African American among them to have met this fate

    而 Castile 被認定為今年第 123 位遭到警方射殺的非裔美國人

  • Oh Soo-Young, Arirang News.

    阿里郎新聞 Oh Soo-young 報導

Elsewhere around the world, panic ensued in Dallas, Texas, where eleven police officers were shot during a protest


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達拉斯殺警新聞報導 (Five policemen killed, 6 wounded at Texas rally against police shootings)

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