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  • South Island NEW ZEALAND

    南島 紐西蘭

  • Wanaka Airport 0700 Hours

    Wanaka 機場 清晨7點

  • MOOG: Were about to be dropped into one of the most remote parts of the planet.

    MOOG: 我們即將抵達地球 最遙遠的角落之一

  • The south island of New Zealand and weve got 24 hours to survive and make our way back to civilization.

    紐西蘭南島。 而且我們將有24個小時在野外求生,並想辦法努力重返文明世界

  • This is the all-new Ford Ranger and weve battled some freaking epic New Zealand landscape so we can review it for you.

    這是全新的 Ford Ranger ,我們將挑戰一些紐西蘭最為經典的景觀,來考驗這輛車的本事

  • Ours is the Wildtrak but the Ranger comes in a variety of different models so let’s cover the basics.


  • The Ranger is a proper Ute and it makes a mad tow vehicle for your racecar or your boat...

    Ranger的本領高強 不論是拖曳你的賽車或小船

  • ...with a 3.5 tonne towing capacity. Under the bonnet, there’s a 3.2L turbo diesel engine...

    3.5噸的拖曳能力都綽綽有餘 引擎蓋下是一具3.2升渦輪增壓柴油引擎...

  • ...pushing out around 147 kilowatts and 470 newton meters of torque.

    動力輸出約為147千瓦 (200ps馬力),扭力則達到470牛頓米 (47.9公斤米)

  • Inside the cabin, youve got all sorts of clever technology including the Sync 2 system...

    座艙當中你可以看到各種最新的智慧科技,包括SYNC 2 系統

  • ...which gives you voice control for hands-free phone, music and even your climate control.


  • Plus, you can listen to your text messages and do your navigation.


  • It’s got a locking rear diff, hill descent control and you can shift on the fly between 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive.


  • So, that’s the basics, and now it’s time to hit the road.


  • MOOG: So, my feeling is Marty if that way is north and that way is west then we probably head that way.

    MOOG: 所以我的感覺是,如果那邊 是北方,那邊是西方的話,那我們應該要往這個方向走

  • Marty: That makes no sense!


  • MOOG: Because see

    MOOG: 因為你看…

  • Marty: That makes no sense because were going up the hill. Dude, marlins swim downstream.

    Marty: 這不合理,因為我們這樣是往山上走。拜託,槍魚是順流往下游的

  • MOOG: No, upstream.

    MOOG: 不,是逆流而上

  • Marty: Yeah, but to beMOOG: Upstream.

    Marty: 好吧,但是… MOOG: 逆流而上

  • Marty: Yeah, but for survival you walk upstreamMOOG: Have you not seen any of these documentaries?

    Marty: 對,但是如果想要存活的話,真的是往上游嗎… MOOG: 你是沒看過那些紀錄片嗎?

  • They go upstream. They jump into the mouths of the bears. Youve never seen the marlin do that?


  • Marty: The marlin do that?

    Marty: 槍魚會這麼做?

  • MOOG: Youve never seen that on National Geographic!

    MOOG: 你沒在國家地理雜誌頻道看過?!

  • MOOG: Anyway, so the point is we are somewhere here.

    MOOG: 隨便啦,重點是我們大概是在這裡

  • Marty: Were not on a... MOOG: Maybe were on this side.

    Marty: 我們沒有在... MOOG: 或許我們是在這邊

  • Marty: You don’t even knowWhat are you looking...What are you doing?

    Marty: 你根本不知道… 你在找什麼...你在幹嘛?

  • MOOG: Maybe were near Bob’s reach around Marty: Were definitely not near Bob’s reach around. That’s later.

    MOOG: 或許我們就在 Bobs 峽角附近 Marty: 我們絕對還沒有到,我們距離那還有一段路呢

  • MOOG: Look down here, there’s catfish. That’s what you want.

    MOOG: 你看,那是鯰魚。那就是你要的吧

  • (MOOG and Marty tearing up the map together)

    (MOOG 和Marty 一起把地圖撕爛)

  • MOOG: Let’s just go. No maps required.

    MOOG: 我們上路吧,不需要地圖

  • MOOG: Alright, sowere going then.

    MOOG: 好吧,那麼…我們就出發了

  • MOOG: So, we are here, in the brand new Ford Ranger. Um…I don’t know why to be honest...

    MOOG: 好,我們現在坐在全新的Ford Ranger裡。嗯…我不知道為什麼,因為老實說

  • ...because weve never reviewed a new car before. And, I’ve never gone 4 wheel driving. Have you?


  • Marty: No, never.

    Marty: 從來沒有

  • MOOG: So, were the right people for the job then!

    MOOG: 所以我們正是這次試車的 最佳人選啊!

  • Marty: Yeah man. MOOG: Look what weve got man!

    Marty: 說得對 MOOG: 你看這是什麼!

  • Marty: Our little adventure magazine. MOOG: Yeah, I got a 4 wheel drive magazine...

    Marty: 我們的冒險雜誌 MOOG: 沒錯,我有一本四輪驅動雜誌

  • and weve got the Ford Ranger Owner’s Manual.

    還有Ford Ranger 的車主手冊

  • Marty: And I’ve got an atlas.

    Marty: 然後我還有一本地圖集

  • MOOG: Yeah, oh!

    MOOG: 沒錯,噢!

  • MOOG: So, for starters

    MOOG: 好,對入門者來說…

  • Marty: Hey, look Dongara

    Marty: 嘿,你看是 Dongara

  • MOOG: Ok, that’s the wrong country my friend.

    MOOG: 好,不過你看錯國家了好嗎?

  • MOOG: Of course, were not really littering in the beautiful New Zealand.

    MOOG: 當然,我們不會在美麗的紐西蘭亂丟垃圾的

  • MOOG: Ok, so I’m into neutral. I’m going into 4 low.

    MOOG: 好,所以我先打入空檔,然後切入低速四驅模式

  • I’m going into drive and were driving through a river my friend.


  • Marty: Yes, I think that’s known as a creek in 4 wheel drive land.

    Marty: 是的,我想在四輪驅動的世界裡,這只稱得上是一條小溪而已吧

  • MOOG: Dude, it isit is like the Amazon. Look at this!

    MOOG: 天啊,這看起來像是亞馬遜河吧,你看這個!

  • MOOG: YES Marty: Did that feel good?

    MOOG: 太棒了 Marty: 這種感覺很棒吧?

  • MOOG: Yeah, well…I’veIt didn’t feel bad.

    MOOG: 是啊…感覺不錯

  • Presenter: Okay, let’s be honest for a second. We don’t actually know anything about this car at all but luckily, weve got the Owner’s Manual.

    Presenter: 好,老實說。我們對這輛車一無所知,但是幸好我們手邊有車主手冊

  • MOOG: Can I stop halfway up a hill? Marty: If you want to, yeah.

    MOOG: 我可以在上坡中途停下來嗎? Marty: 如果你想要的話,可以啊

  • MOOG: Will I…Will we roll backwards? Marty: You might roll back

    MOOG: 那我…我們會往後滑嗎? Marty: 你可能會往後滑…

  • Marty: It’s like a hill holder. Marty: And youre supposed to gouhm

    Marty: 這像是上坡輔助裝置 Marty: 你應該要…呃…

  • slownoas slow as possible but fast enough. Is that a term that they use?


  • MOOG: As fast as necessary, as slow as possible? Marty: In 4 wheel drive low, itll still shift gears.

    MOOG: 維持必要的速度,盡可能地慢嗎? Marty: 在低速四驅的模式下,還是會換檔。

  • MOOG: Okay.

    MOOG: 好

  • Marty: You can do it manually as well. You can flick it across in the manual. It’s pretty cool.

    Marty: 你也可以自行手動換檔 這滿酷的

  • MOOG: Martin, were 4 wheel driving my friend.

    MOOG: 哇,我們已經體驗過四輪傳動了

  • Presenter: We have 24 hours to find our way out of here and meet a barge, which only comes once a week. If we miss it, we really will be stuck in the wild.

    Presenter: 我們有24小時的時間可以離開這裡,搭上一星期只有一班的駁船。如果我們錯過的話,就真的會被留在荒郊野外了

  • MOOG: Tell us a little bit about this beautiful place that were in! We have no idea where we are.

    MOOG: 跟我們介紹一下這個美麗的地方吧!我們不知道這是哪裡

  • Marty: This is a station

    Marty: 這是一個大牧場…

  • MOOG: Okay. Marty: …which kind of means is a massive...

    MOOG: 好 Marty: 也就是一塊漫無邊際的平地

  • ...enormous block of land, which is 27 kilometers by 27 kilometers. It’s one of the most remote places in the world.


  • It’s in the south islandbeautiful landscape. So, it’s a station so it is a working farm. There are 35,000 units of animals here.


  • Presenter: This really is one of the most incredible landscapes on the planet and now, weve just reached a hill.

    Presenter: 這真的是全世界最令人感到讚嘆的風景之一了。我們剛爬上一個山丘

  • MOOG: Weve got to our first hill. Were going down and then were gonna cross a waterfall. And so, there’s a button here, which is a car going down a hill. So

    MOOG: 我們爬上了第一個山丘,接下來要下山,然後穿越瀑布。這邊有一個按鈕,上面的圖案是車子下坡的樣子,所以…

  • Marty: It looks like a little cruise control icon

    Marty: 這看起來像是一個定速巡航的標誌…

  • MOOG: I’m gonna press that.

    MOOG: 我要按下去了

  • MOOG: Okay, Hill Descent Control ready. What do we do then?

    MOOG: 好。陡坡緩降輔助系統啟動。接下來該怎麼做?

  • Marty: Uhm, soitll work at speeds less than 35 K’s. MOOG: That’s good.

    Marty: 好…在時速低於35公里它會作動 MOOG: 很好

  • Marty: And you activate it above 40. And turns off at 60. It doesn’t work on the diff’s lock just so it has full control. And it’s gonna control the diff by

    Marty: 在時速40公里以上時你啟動它,60公里時關閉。它不只能對差速器鎖定裝置作用,所以具備全面掌控的能力。它控制差速器的方式為…

  • MOOG: It’s gonna take us down and brake the wheel individually.

    MOOG: 它能夠帶我們順利下坡 並為四個輪子個別提供制動力

  • Marty: You don’t need your feet on. MOOG: Okay.

    Marty: 你不需要踩剎車 MOOG: 好

  • Marty: The car is doing all that. MOOG: Okay. It’s doingNow…I…

    Marty: 車子自己會處理 MOOG: 好,它開始作用了… 現在我…

  • Marty: Can you hear it braking individual wheels?

    Marty: 你可以聽到它為每個輪子提供煞車力道嗎?

  • MOOG: Yes and now I do the speed with these buttons here.

    MOOG: 有的,現在我可以透過這些按鈕來控制速度

  • Marty: You can turn it up or down with thisMOOG: Oh, just like cruise control.

    Marty: 你可以調高或調低速度… MOOG: 噢,就跟定速巡航一樣

  • Marty: Exactly. MOOG: Are we going down a hill? Okay, this is cool.

    Marty: 沒錯 MOOG: 我們正在下坡嗎? 好,這太酷了

  • Marty: And you can’t take it front on, you gotta get a bit of an angle on this last

    Marty: 你不能夠直接挑戰,你得調整一個角度…

  • MOOG: I’m really worried that I’m gonna like knock our lowered front lip off but were not lowered.

    MOOG: 我真的很擔心會撞到車頭和底盤,但是我們的車身沒有降低。

  • MOOG: So, but, it’s a similar tactic to getting out of a car park when youve got a lowered car. It’s the same kind of process.

    MOOG: 所以這和要把低底盤的車開出停車場的作法是一樣的

  • And now, this is goodthis is good. On the juice. Up we go. Oh yes. No, your Sylvia can’t do that.


  • Presenter: For a couple of guys used to drag racing and drifting, were feeling pretty good about conquering our first hill but now, this is a car review so here’s some more car review-y stuff from the experts.

    Presenter: 對於習慣直線賽車和甩尾的車手來說,我們對於克服第一個陡坡感到相當有成就感。不過既然這是一趟試車之旅,接下來就讓專家們提供更多對這輛車的評論吧

  • MOOG: So we know nothing about 4 wheel drives or 4 wheel driving but this is what we know so far about this car.

    MOOG: 我們對四輪傳動科技或操控所知不多,但是我們目前對這輛車的了解是這樣子的

  • Marty: It’s an actual proper trucklike a Utelike on chasey rails it’s not just like a…like a…same build as a hatchbacklike it’s a proper truck.

    Marty: 這是一輛非常稱職的貨卡,在直線道路上的表現當然和掀背車不同,它是一輛很棒的卡車

  • MOOG: It’s a got a reverse camera Martin.

    MOOG: Martin 它有後照攝影機

  • Marty: Fancy pancy screens. Twin screens. MOOG: Uphill assist

    Marty: 很炫的螢幕 雙螢幕 MOOG: 斜坡起步輔助系統

  • Marty: There’s the lane keeping thing. MOOG: Yep, safety stuff to make sure you stay in your lanes, which weve turned off on ours.

    Marty: 還有車道偏離警示功能 MOOG: 沒錯,這是確保你能夠維持在同一車道的安全功能,不過我們在越野時把它先關閉了

  • Marty: Yeah. MOOG: You can change from 2 high to 4 high on the fly.

    Marty: 沒錯 MOOG: 你可以很快地從高速二輪驅動模式轉為高速四輪驅動模式

  • When you go down a hill, you can press a button and it will automatically brake...


  • ...different wheels for you and then you use the speed controls for the cruise control...


  • ...on your steering wheel to control your ascent. Marty: It’s got like a blind spot identification thing...

    然後你可以用方向盤上定速巡航系統的按鍵來控制你的上坡速度 Marty: 它有盲點偵測功能

  • you can tell when stuffs in your blind spot. There’s a collision thing, like a radar shooting up prompts so if you come close to like another person it will...


  • it will help you brake. The thing about that is you can get a lot of this stuff in like high-end luxury cars but this is a Ute.


  • MOOG: Yeah.

    MOOG: 沒錯

  • Marty: Like a legitimate, you take out to the country do what we are doing kind of thing.

    Marty: 而你可以把它開去郊外做我們剛剛做的那種事情

  • MOOG: Which is what, I mean it’s a working Ute. In New Zealand, this is the biggest selling car.

    MOOG: 它確實是一輛稱職的貨卡。它在紐西蘭是最暢銷的車款之一

  • Marty: Yeah.

    Marty: 是啊

  • MOOG: They have. They are crazy for them over here.

    MOOG: 紐西蘭人非常熱愛這款貨卡

  • Marty: It kind of makes sense why like this is what you do but this is also a factory car.

    Marty: 它雖然擁有如此強大的性能

  • It’s worth mentioning that it’s a factory car here.


  • MOOG: Factory car. Exactly as it left the factory and now were trying to defeat these mountains with it so were doing pretty well Martin.

    MOOG: 沒錯,它是一輛不折不扣的原廠車。而我們要用這款原廠車來征服這些高山。

  • The other reason that you and I have to be proud Martin is this car was designed by Aussies mate.


  • It’s exported to like hundreds of countries all over the world. Almost 200 countries.


  • Marty: Made by Aussies and it’s the most popular car in New Zealand.

    Marty: 澳洲設計,而且是紐西蘭最受歡迎的車款

  • MOOG: That’s right. Marty: You know the woman today when I was getting breakfast...

    MOOG: 沒錯 Marty: 你知道今天早上我去買早餐的時候...

  • ...she didn’t wanna give me Vegemite. She looked at me funny like she didn't knew what Vegemite was!


  • MOOG: That wasn’t because of the Vegemite, cause you weren’t wearing any pants.

    MOOG: 那不是酵母醬的問題,是因為你沒穿褲子吧

  • Marty: You gotta do a bit of a KFC drive through driveway kind of feel. MOOG: Oh, do you?

    Marty: 你要感覺像是開進肯德基得來速的樣子 MOOG: 噢,是嘛?

  • Okay. Do you have a veggie burger?


  • Marty: Who said a veggie burger? MOOG: I though you said were doing a KFC drive through?

    Marty: 誰說有素食漢堡了? MOOG: 我以為你說要去肯德基得來速啊?

  • MOOG: Oh you mean getting into the carpark like a KFC drive through, like this.

    MOOG: 噢,你是說進停車場的時候像是開進肯德基得來速一樣嗎?

  • MOOG: I thought you meant we had to like order KFC drive through and then flick it the other way.

    MOOG: 我以為你是說我們要先去肯德基得來速點餐,然後再調頭

  • Marty: Youre a legit 4 wheel driver now. MOOG: Oh, am I?

    Marty: 你現在是個真正的四輪驅動車手了 MOOG: 噢,我是嗎?

  • Marty: Yeah. MOOG: Alright, let’s go.

    Marty: 是啊 MOOG: 好啊,走吧

  • Marty: Up the hill. MOOG: Up the hill.

    Marty: 爬上這個山坡 MOOG: 爬上這個山坡

  • Marty: Second gear. Third gear. MOOG: Oh, humpaty hump.

    Marty: 二檔,三檔 MOOG: 噢,這裡有塊隆起的地方

  • Marty: Another one. MOOG: Here we go. KFC drive through?

    Marty: 還有一個 MOOG: 成功了,肯德基得來速是吧?

  • Marty: Yeah, yeah KFC drive through. MOOG: OHHHH!

    Marty: 沒錯,肯德基得來速 MOOG: 噢噢!

  • Presenter: As we cross another little creek, it’s worth mentioning that New Zealand has...

    Presenter: 在我們跨越另一條小溪之際,值得一提的是

  • ...some of the cleanest water in the known universe. Fresh snow from the icy peaks that we conquered...


  • ...this morning melt and runs down the mountainside creating crystal clear fresh water and my friend here is pretty excited about it.


  • Marty: You know what’s in fresh water?

    Marty: 你知道河水裡有什麼嗎?

  • MOOG: Ummmm Marty: Marlin

    MOOG: 嗯 Marty: 槍魚

  • MOOG: Really? Marty: Dude, I’m gonna catch me a fresh water marlin.

    MOOG: 真的嗎? Marty: 兄弟,我一定要釣到一尾淡水槍魚

  • MOOG: Really?

    MOOG: 真的?

  • Marty: Yep. The biggest marlin ever caught in New Zealand is like in a hundreds of kilos

    Marty: 沒錯,紐西蘭捕獲的最大槍魚紀錄是幾百公斤…

  • ...2 or 3 hundred kilos, something like that. I’m gonna catch a fresh water blue fin white belly marlin.


  • MOOG: You don’t even own a fishing rod.

    MOOG: 你連釣魚竿都沒有

  • Marty: Dude, there’s fishing rod in the back, the whole way since we got here. I’ve got a fishing rod.

    Marty: 拜託,我們從一開始就帶了釣魚竿。我有釣竿好嗎

  • MOOG: Youve never been fishing in your life man.

    MOOG: 你這輩子根本沒釣過魚吧

  • MOOG: Dude, c’mon man, I’ve known you for a long time. I’ve never seen you fish in my life and now youre Mr. Fishing Rod marlin man.

    MOOG: 拜託,好嗎?我認識你這麼久,從來沒看過你釣魚,現在你忽然成了釣槍魚專家了

  • MOOG: What was the last fish you caught and when was it?

    MOOG: 你上次釣到的是什麼魚? 那是多久以前的事了?

  • Marty: It was a swordfish.

    Marty: 那是一尾箭魚

  • MOOG: Do you even know how to catch a marlin? Marty: I’ve been catching marlins since you were a kid.

    MOOG: 你知道要怎麼釣槍魚嗎? Marty: 你還在包尿布的時候我就釣過槍魚了

  • Marty: You think someone who hasn’t been fishing for a long time would ever wear this shirt?

    Marty: 你覺得沒有豐富釣魚經驗的人會穿這件衣服嗎?

  • Marty: Point is, I’m gonna catch myself a mad blue fin white belly marlin…a big one...

    Marty: 重點是,我要釣一尾藍鰭槍魚,而且是大尾的…

  • …I’m gonna impress fishing people everywhere cause you know how fishing people are all likecheck out me big fish”, that’s what I’m gonna do.


  • MOOG: I’m building us an epic camp by the way. You may have noticed that we have no tentno tent required because I’m building us a camp out...

    MOOG: 我要幫我們搭一個最棒的營地。你可能注意到了我們沒有帳篷,但沒有帳篷也沒關係,因為我的營地要用…

  • Marty: Youre gonna make it? Your track record of survival

    Marty: 你真的要紮營? 你之前的野外求生紀錄很糟吧…

  • Presenter: He can laugh all he likes but I am well versed in survival technique.

    Presenter: 他想笑我就給他笑吧,我的野外求生技能熟得很

  • MOOG: SAS Survival Handbook. Marty: Oh mad!

    MOOG: SAS 求生手冊 Marty: 噢,太棒了!

  • MOOG: Everyone needs it. MOOG: Bush CraftYour Guide To Pubic Origami.

    MOOG: 每個人都需要它 MOOG: 野外求生…摺紙指南

  • MOOG: T-Bone’s Guide to Raising Sheep including breeding, care, facilities and dating. Updated edition with legal information.

    MOOG: 綿羊畜養指南,包括育種、照料與設施。還是含法律資訊的最新版呢

  • Marty: Look at that!

    Marty: 你看看!

  • MOOG: Rural Delivery poems and images from New Zealand.

    MOOG: 紐西蘭鄉村詩集與攝影集

  • MOOG: You can probably see what that one says. MOOG: Home Collection Vegetables full of vegetarian recipes.

    MOOG: 你或許可以看看那本寫些甚麼 MOOG: 家常蔬菜選集,裡面都是素食食譜

  • MOOG: A staple for any survivalist.

    MOOG: 真是任何野外求生者的必備書籍

  • MOOG: You supply the food, I’ll supply the accommodation. I think that’s a pretty fair deal.

    MOOG: 你負責食物,我負責住宿。我想這樣滿公平的吧

  • Marty: I have a question, survival man!

    Marty: 我有個問題,野外求生專家!

  • MOOG: Yes Marty: Defiance in the face of adversity.

    MOOG: 請說 Marty: 克服逆境的挑戰

  • 136 easy to remember techniques of being the sole survivor by Krom Thursbund.

    136個簡單易記的求生技巧。作者是。Krom Thursbund

  • Marty: When to take presumptive treatment?

    Marty: 什麼時候要採取推斷性療法呢? 瘧疾比較像是發燒加上任何這些其它的症狀…

  • MOOG: What does presumptive mean? Marty: Malaria is more likely if you have a fever plus any of the other symptoms present...

    MOOG: 推斷性是甚麼意思? Marty: 瘧疾比較像是發燒加上任何這些其它的症狀…

  • Have we got anything to guard us against malaria? MOOG: I can’t speak for malaria but what...

    Have 我們有做任何事情來預防瘧疾嗎? MOOG: 瘧疾我不敢說...

  • ...I can say is because we are in New Zealand there’s no snakes and no spiders. It’s not like Australia.


  • Nothing here kills youMarty: What?

    這裡沒有甚麼危險的東西… Marty: 什麼?

  • MOOG: …except rabid sheep. Marty: No there’s a….therethere must be spiders but spiders but they don’t kill you.

    MOOG: …除了得狂犬病的綿羊以外 Marty: 不,這裡一定有蜘蛛,只是不會致人於死地而已

  • MOOG: No bad ones. MOOG: They don’t even have Spider-Man, the movie, here. It was never released.

    MOOG: 沒有壞蜘蛛 MOOG: 他們連蜘蛛人的電影都沒有,根本沒上映過吧

  • Marty: Really? MOOG: Yeah, becauseMarty: They would have scared people

    Marty: 真的嗎? MOOG: 是的,因為… Marty: 那會嚇死紐西蘭人吧…

  • MOOG: They are like no one knew what they were. Spider? What’s that?

    MOOG: 因為他們對蜘蛛一無所知。蜘蛛? 那是什麼?

  • MOOG: Oh, what’s this? Never heard of a spider aye.

    MOOG: 噢,這是什麼? 從來沒聽過蜘蛛這種東西耶

  • MOOG: Oh wow, this is intense. This is it. My feet are off, it’s so weird. It’s just driving itself.

    MOOG: 哇,這太厲害了。真的。我的腳已經離開了,它竟然會自己作動呢

  • Marty: Great!

    Marty: 太棒了!

  • MOOG: This is pretty cooMarty: I love. I love that!

    MOOG: 這真的很酷… Marty: 我真的很喜歡這種感覺!

  • MOOG: That’s pretty awesome. That’s technology actually doing something.

    MOOG: 這真的很棒。科技真的有發揮作用

  • Marty: I’m aware that you could be an expert 4 wheel driver and use a 50 year old 4 wheel drive and be a boss at it...

    Marty: 我知道對四輪傳動車的專業車手而言,開一台四輪驅動的古董車也能夠辦得到

  • ...but for some peoplelike people like uspeople who have not reviewed a 4 wheel drive before, that’s pretty cool. Isn’t it?


  • MOOG: Yeah, that is pretty cool. MOOG: Some technology is completely useless like who needs a Bluetooth dildo?

    MOOG: 是啊,這真的很酷 MOOG: 有些科技真的完全沒有用處,譬如說誰會需要藍芽按摩棒呢?

  • Waste of time, you know. Whereas this, it actually does something for youit works.


  • Presenter: As we continue down the mountain, we found some mud.

    Presenter: 在我們下山的途中,我們發現了一些泥濘

  • Weve conquered some mud and weve conquered some cows. Now, let’s talk engine.


  • MOOG: Any car review worth its weightworth its salt, is that the term?

    MOOG: 任何汽車評論都有它的價值,是這麼說的嗎?

  • Marty: Worth its salt

    Marty: 都有它的價值…

  • MOOG: …Worth its salt. I should talk about the power plant of a car. This is a 3.2L?

    MOOG: ……都有它的價值。我應該來談談車子的引擎 這是一具3.2升引擎嗎?

  • Marty: 3.2L dieselturbocharged dieselCommonrail injection

    Marty: 3.2升柴油…渦輪增壓柴油…高壓共軌直噴…

  • MOOG: 5-Cylinder? Marty: 5-Cylinder.

    MOOG: 5汽缸? Marty: 5汽缸沒錯。

  • MOOG: That’s freaky, isn’t it? Marty: Yeah man. You know, like those XR5 turbos...and

    MOOG: 這很特別對吧? Marty: 沒錯,像是那些 XR5 渦輪引擎

  • ...and Volvos and stuff that have 5-Cylinder engines. This is a 5-Cylinder engine!

    ...還有Volvo和其他廠牌 也有5汽缸引擎。這是一具5汽缸引擎!

  • MOOG: Okay. Marty: But, it’s a diesel. It’s like about a 150 kW, roughly.

    MOOG: 好的 Marty: 不過這是一具柴油引擎。動力輸出大概150kW千瓦 (200ps馬力)

  • MOOG: Far out, man!

    MOOG: 太厲害了!

  • Marty: Get in there, dude. Marty: Slow.

    Marty: 給他開進去吧 Marty: 慢一點

  • MOOG: I’m just worried we won’t actually get out again.

    MOOG: 我只是擔心我們等下無法脫身

  • Marty: Nah, you'll be alright. Marty: We got this.

    Marty: 安啦! 沒事的啦 Marty: 我們辦得到的

  • Marty: Well, wheel spin, Diff Lock dude. MOOG: Yeah, can you Diff Lock me?

    Marty: 輪胎空轉。啟動後軸差速器鎖定啊 MOOG: 好,你可以幫我啟動差速鎖定嗎?

  • Marty: Is it on?

    Marty: 啟動了嗎?

  • Marty: Hey, how cool is that? MOOG: Mad, brother.

    Marty: 嘿,這是不是很酷啊? MOOG: 太讚了,兄弟

  • Presenter: Here’s some more review-y stuff for you. The Ranger has storage compartments...

    Presenter: 接下來是更多的試車評論內容。Ranger車上到處都是儲物空間

  • ...everywhere including a laptop sized glove box and an integrated light that’s in the cargo tray.


  • There’s rain sensing wipers, automatic headlights, electric power-assisted steering, a lane keeping system..


  • adaptive cruise control available, which adjust your speed based on the traffic around you.


  • MOOG: Dude, there’s 2 screens in here that you can totally customize. Different guages, dials and stuff like that.

    MOOG: 這裡頭有兩個螢幕,而且可以自由選擇顯示項目,例如時速、轉速、油耗等

  • This is all touch screen but what’s really awesome is the powerno, not the enginewe got like multiple USB powers and Martin, my favorite


  • Marty: There’s a built-in inverter.

    Marty: 內建交直流轉換器

  • MOOG: That’s right. Marty: Yeah, that’s pretty cool.

    MOOG: 沒錯 Marty: 是啊,這真的很酷

  • So, weve got back behind here, youve got a 240-volt plug that you can plug charges and all sorts of stuff into which is pretty handy.


  • And you know what? With some of this technology if you can have it, why wouldn’t you?

    你知道嗎? 它還有很多非常便利的科技

  • For example, like it’s…it tells you when your tire pressure is low, which if you are doing 4 wheel driving, you drop your tire pressures generally.


  • Marty: And that reminds you that it’s down so when you get back on the bitchumen it reminds you on filling up, you get out and you get your inflator

    Marty: 這會提醒你胎壓處於較低的狀態,如果你回到一般道路上,它則會提醒你要拿打氣筒把胎壓調高…

  • MOOG: Well, weve got whole episodes on that like installing them, putting them in. It already has it which I think is pretty cool.

    MOOG: 這裡會教你怎麼樣安裝和使用。這是原本就有的配備和功能,我覺得非常棒。

  • Marty: Just factory….so cool.

    Marty: 原廠車就有這些,真的很酷

  • MOOG: What I like about this is that you can customize this so you can have your RPM

    MOOG: 我喜歡的是你可以量身訂做儀表版的內容

  • can have all sorts of different stuff there and set it up, which is actually really cool.


  • Presenter/MOOG: So there’s your nerdy facts but now it’s time for food.

    Presenter/MOOG: 好,介紹完這些高科技配備,該是吃飯的時候了

  • MOOG: Are you hungry yet? Marty: What are we eating?

    MOOG: 你餓了嗎? Marty: 我們要吃什麼?

  • MOOG: Now, unlike some of the shrooms that you might find in Nimbin or up in Byron Bay...

    MOOG: 這和你會在Nimbin或Bryon Bay看到的蘑菇不一樣...

  • ...most of the ones around here are fairly safe to eat. They are also particularly delicious if they are brightly colored and spotted so these ones here...


  • ….I’ll just pick one of those….you could literally just pick those and get straight into them.