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  • [In a Moment of Vision...]


  • It's the 1920s.

    在 1920 年代。

  • Flapper fashion prevails.

    輕佻女子的潮流正盛行 (註: flapper:1920 年代的新一代女性,當時女性流行平胸,且通常輕視性別習俗)

  • Women conceal their figures in straight-sided gowns and restrictive bandeaus.


  • A dressmaker named Ida Rosenthal is frustrated by the way falsely flat chests look beneath her structured dresses.

    一位女裝裁縫師 Ida Rosenthal 發現自己的胸部著裝後仍顯平坦,浪費了她完美設計的洋裝。

  • So she, her husband William, and business partner Enid Bisset develop a line of intimate apparel that accentuates the curves.

    因此她、丈夫 William,和生意夥伴 Enid Bisset 發展出一系列可以強調曲線的私密服飾。

  • The design consists of two cups, shoulder straps, and a chest band that clasps in back.


  • At first, the bras are included with the sale of a dress, but the popularity of the undergarment soon outstrips that of the garment itself.


  • The three establish a business selling exclusively bras and call it "Maidenform".


  • William, in a moment of vision, invents a graduated, standardized cup-sizing system that accommodates women of all ages and all shapes.

    William 靈機一動,發明了一個依標準化的罩杯大小分級的系統,可以適用所有年齡層和所有胸部形狀的女性。

  • During the female liberation bra-burning era of the 1960s, Ida Rosenthal is asked to comment on the downfall of the brassiere industry.

    在女性解放期間,對胸罩失去熱情的 1960 年代,Ida Rosenthal 被要求評論胸罩產業的沒落。

  • She answers simply, "After age 35, a woman hasn't got the figure to wear no support. Time is on my side."

    她簡單地回答:「35 歲之後,哪個女人還能堅持不穿胸罩? (暗諷女人年色漸衰,胸部下垂)。時間終將證明我是對的。」

[In a Moment of Vision...]


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B2 中高級 中文 美國腔 TED-Ed 胸罩 內衣 女性 罩杯 洋裝

【TED-Ed】內衣怎麼出現的?讓我們來一探究竟吧! (How the bra was invented | Moments of Vision 1 - Jessica Oreck)

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