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字幕列表 影片播放

  • Here are the basics of how to use Glass

  • This is your touchpad

  • It runs from your temple to your ear

  • Tap the touchpad to wake up Glass

  • You should see the display above your line of sight

  • Adjust it to see everything

  • The Home screen shows a clock

  • This is your timeline. It's a row of cards

  • Things to the left are happening now or coming up,

  • the weather

  • upcoming flight...

  • ...or an event in your calendar

  • You can tap on any card to see more

  • Swipe down anywhere to go back to the timeline

  • Cards to the right of the home screen are from the past

  • For example, messages...

  • ...videos...

  • ...or photos

  • Tap on a photo to share it and choose one of your friends

  • Swipe down to go back to standby

  • And have fun exploring

Here are the basics of how to use Glass


影片操作 你可以在這邊進行「影片」的調整,以及「字幕」的顯示

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Google Glass官方介紹: Glass How-to: Getting Started

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