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  • Ads tell us milk does a body good. But are we talking whole milk or 2%? It’s not what you think.

    廣告總是說鮮奶對身體很好,但到底是全脂還是 2% 脫脂鮮奶比較好呢?沒那麼簡單。

  • Hi guys, Lissette here for DNews.

    嗨,各位,我是 DNews 的 Lissette。

  • If you were a child of the eighties or nineties your parents likely poured you some low fat milk, it was all the rave.

    如果你是 1980,1990 後出生的,你的父母可能會順應潮流,叫你喝低脂鮮奶。

  • In fact in 1985, the United States Department of Agriculture officially recommended a switch to skim milk, three glasses of it a day.

    事實上在西元 1985 年,美國農業部推薦大家改喝脫脂鮮奶,並建議每天至少喝三杯。

  • But, more recently, weve begun collecting evidence that says the USDA might be missing an important piece of the story.


  • In a recent study published in the journal Circulation, researchers looked at data that spanned about 15 years.

    醫學期刊 Circulation 發表了一篇研究,研究者深入分析了長達 15 年的資料。

  • They were specifically interested in how dairy fat biomarkers in the blood are related to diabetes.


  • What they found might surprise the USDA.


  • Higher concentrations of dairy fat biomarkers were associated with lowered risk of diabetes.


  • And whole milk has been tied to more than just a decrease in diabetes.


  • Another study published in the Journal of American Nutrition looked at its relation to obesity in more than 18,000 women over the course of about 11 years.

    另一則在美國營養期刊發布的研究則深入探討全指鮮奶與肥胖的關聯性,他們追蹤了 18,000 名女性長達 11 年。

  • They found that high dairy fat intake was associated with less weight gain and lowered risk of obesity.


  • In fact, a meta-review of 25 different studies published in the European Journal of Nutrition, supports these findings.

    事實上,歐洲營養期刊統合了 25 份不同的研究,而他們的研究也與上述的結論相符。

  • Researchers found that there are no benefits linked to low fat dairy compared to whole fat.


  • When it comes to type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, people who consume either products come out about the same.


  • What’s more, their data indeed indicated that full-fat dairy is associated with lower obesity rates.


  • Eighteen of the 25 studies showed that participants were either at lower risk for obesity, experienced less weight gain, or weighed less overall than those who consumed low fat dairy.

    25 份研究裡有 18 份喝全脂鮮乳的測試者比喝低脂鮮乳的測試者的肥胖風險還要低,體重增加速率較低,有些甚至體重還減少了。

  • The results for the other seven were inconclusive; but altogether these studies suggest that at the very least, full fat milk is on par with skim milk.

    而另外 7 份研究雖然沒有得到確切結論,但至少都指出全脂鮮奶與脫脂鮮奶是同等重要的。

  • But this isn’t really a story about milk.


  • Were not suggesting you go chug down a glass.


  • In fact, if youre like two thirds of the population, the lactose in it will cause some nasty side-effects.


  • And it’s not really a story about fat, either.


  • Rather, it’s more about what we do when we cut the fat.


  • See, what some scientists think ends up happening when we drink low fat milk, is that our bodies try to make up for the lost calories.


  • Simply put we stay hungrier than if we were to drink whole milk.


  • And rather than reaching for, say a zucchini or cooking up a chicken breast, we tend to load up on carbs.


  • Our body then turns excess carbohydrates into sugar, which then gets stored in our bodies as fat, yes, those fluffy love handles.


  • It’s sort of ironic that cutting fat in our diets leads to more fat on our bodies, but this is exactly what’s happening.


  • In short, all these associations between milk fat and its benefits may be due to our behavior, not what milk fat does to our bodies specifically.


  • So before you go inhale a glass of whole milk hoping to be healthier, you might instead want to pay attention to the variety of foods youre eating and drinking.


  • And if you're not into cals in milk at all, because who's a fan of gas or bloating anyway?


  • You might want to go for some soy, coconut, or almond milk instead.


  • But which one of these is better? Julia has a scoop here.

    但到底哪一種較好呢?讓 Julia 為你帶來最新的資訊。

  • But soymilk is pretty good for you!


  • It has just as much protein as regular milk, more fiber, and soy has been shown to lower bad cholesterol and raise the good kind, according to a study published in The American Journal of Cardiology.


  • Other studies like one published in Circulation showed that soy products can reduce blood pressure.

    另外醫學期刊 Circulation 指出,黃豆製品可以有效降低血壓。

  • What do you pour into your cereal? Personally, I love almond milk.


  • Share your thoughts in the comments, and remember to subscribe, so you'll never miss an episode of Dnews.

    在討論區裡分享你的想法吧,別忘了訂閱我們,這樣才不會漏了任何一集 Dnews 影片。

  • Thanks for watching guys!


Ads tell us milk does a body good. But are we talking whole milk or 2%? It’s not what you think.

廣告總是說鮮奶對身體很好,但到底是全脂還是 2% 脫脂鮮奶比較好呢?沒那麼簡單。

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超級比一比:全脂和脫脂鮮奶哪種比較好?(Whole vs. Skim: Which Milk Is Better For You?)

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