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  • Hi! Welcome to Lachlan Likes A Thing, a show were I take a thing and see whether or not

  • I like it. Now the thing we're looking at in this video is the Shure SE215 dynamic micro

  • driver in-ear earphones. Now the earphone I'm looking at in this video specifically

  • is the Special Edition of the SE215, and the special edition differs from the standard

  • edition in that it comes in this blue colour instead of the black and clear versions of

  • the standard edition. It has a slightly different design which apparently has slightly more

  • enhanced bass, and it comes with a 1.2m cable instead of the 1.6m cable on the standard

  • edition. Now I haven't actually heard the standard edition in comparison with the special

  • edition but from all the reports I've read from people who own both they apparently sound

  • very similar. The SE215 special edition apparently sounds just a bit bassier and perhaps with

  • a little more edge in the highs, but I would imagine that most of my comments about the

  • special edition would apply to the standard edition. Now the standard edition retails

  • for $99 recommended retail price and the special edition just costs a bit more than that. I

  • don't know if it's a limited edition, I got my pair for $130 but availability seems a

  • bit spotty in some countries. I think it's still very easily available in Asia. Now for

  • that price I have to say I think the SE215 is a demonstration that even a big company

  • like Shure can scale down the features from their more expensive earphones like the SE535

  • and scale them down to a $99 earphone and you still get detachable cables, you still

  • get very strong noise isolation, this negative profile fit, a really high quality thick cable.

  • And so a lot of the times when I criticize more expensive earphones having poor build

  • quality it's because of earphones like the SE215. My one real concern with the SE215's

  • design is that the nozzle of the earphone is relatively thin and it's made out of plastic

  • which could be a potential weak spot for the design. It would be nice to see more companies

  • moving towards making the earphone or at least the nozzle out of metal. So as I mentioned

  • before the SE215 special edition comes with a cable that is precisely 116cm in length

  • and I have to say that's a little bit short. I would have preferred a slightly longer cable,

  • maybe about 1.3, 1.4m. That said the cable is very nice in quality, it's quite thick,

  • it's quite durable, and you know, very reassuring, especially since it's also detachable. However

  • this cable is relatively heavyweight for an earphone cable especially with this very very

  • chunky Y splitter here. And so what you'll find, you won't really notice this when you're,

  • you know, just wearing it normally, but if you were to move around a lot with this cable,

  • especially if you were to go running or go working out with this earphone you'll find

  • that this cable will bounce around quite a lot and the earguides might flop over your

  • ears. So I wouldn't necessarily recommend the SE215 at least with the stock cable as

  • a workout or a gym earphone. Now in terms of comfort I find the SE215 quite comfortable.

  • You get this negative profile fit which means that you can lie down with it, and it won't

  • be uncomfortable - at least not as uncomfortable as it sticking out of your ears. It also means

  • wind noise isn't a huge issue. One thing to note though is that the earpieces are relatively

  • large and they do rest mostly in your outer ears so if you have smaller ears you might

  • find it rubbing up against your ears, so that's one thing to watch out for. In terms of noise

  • isolation the SE215 is very very strong, very very good, especially for a dynamic driver

  • earphone. Because it is a pretty much a completely sealed design it blocks off a lot of external

  • noise and I would especially recommend it to anyone who was after a dynamic driver earphone

  • with all the kind of tactile bass that you get from that if you wanted very strong noise

  • isolation. So this is a top pick in that regard. Now in terms of sound the SE215 is very much

  • a love it or hate it in-ear earphone. The sound is very rich, very smooth, even a bit

  • sleepy. So the highs are quite rolled off on the SE215 but overall it's not a completely

  • muffled sounding eaprhone. There's still quite a lot of richness and detail in the vocals.

  • It's just very much an earphone that's tailored towards a warmer or a darker sound. Now if

  • you've heard the V-Moda M80 which is a portable headphone that I reviewed earlier on my channel

  • the SE215 is basically the earphone equivalent of the V-Moda M80 sound. So very rich, very

  • bassy, maybe a little rolled off in the highs but overall a very technically competent earphone.

  • Now the soundstage on this earphone is quite intimate. Because of the rolled off highs

  • you won't get a sense of spac - sorry spaciousness with the sound of this earphone, but you know,

  • it's not completely claustrophobic. Again I still think this is a really good signature

  • especially if you're going to do a lot of traveling with this earphone because you don't

  • have to turn up the volume as high just to block out external noise, the noise isolation

  • is great, and the richness of the sound is still present on low volumes, so if you want

  • to take care of your hearing on the train or on a plane the SE215 is a really good bet.

  • Now if you have the SE215 or you're interested in the 215 but you wanted something that was

  • a bit more dynamic, a bit more lively sounding, the Yamaha EPH-100 is another earphone that

  • I'm listening to at the moment, I don't have a review up of this on my channel at the moment,

  • but subscribe if you want to see that. The EPH-100 sounds quite similar to the SE215,

  • it's just a bit more lively, it's a bit more dynamic, it's got a bit more attack to it,

  • and overall I think this is a bit more precise sounding than the SE215 for a similar sort

  • of price. But with the EPH-100 you don't get this negative profile fit, you don't get the

  • detachable cables, so overall it's a very nice package. Now if you wanted something

  • a bit more neutral of course you'd look at something like the HiFiMan RE-400 and you

  • can check out my review of that on my channel. Or the Vsonic GR07. But this is a bit like

  • a kind of dark chocolate of IEMs, it's very rich and perhaps not the best for overall

  • all the time critical listening. At the same time this earphone I think is such a nice

  • complete package especially a good backup earphone or especially as an earphone for

  • a gift for anyone. I think most people on the street would be very happy with this earphone,

  • especially with the rich and bassy sound and the really good noise isolation and the detachable

  • cables. So the holidays are coming up so if you wanted a nice gift for someone special

  • for $99 I would really really recommend the SE215, or if they really like the colour blue

  • then I would go for the limited - sorry, the special edition. Anyway thanks for watching

  • this review, click the Like button if you found this review helpful. You can talk to

  • me about gear on Facebook at or on Twitter @lachlikesathing. Thanks to

  • everyone who's liked my other videos and subscribed to my channel and happy listening!

Hi! Welcome to Lachlan Likes A Thing, a show were I take a thing and see whether or not


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