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  • >> Experts say innovate or die. Three things your business needs

    專家說不發明毋寧死 你的事業現在需要做三件事

  • to do now to ensure future success. Next on "Modern Workplace."

    好確保未來的成功 就在今天的《現代職場》

  • >> Welcome to the live world premier of "Modern Workplace," the

    歡迎收看全球現場首播的 《現代職場》

  • show tailored for you, the business leader. Every month we take

    為企業領袖量身打造的節目 我們每個月帶您瞭解

  • you inside the minds of today's business and technology innovators.


  • We are your online source for ideas on the new ways to work.

    我們就是您的線上資源 認識新的工作方法

  • I'm your host, Alex Bradley. And today's show is all about innovation.

    我是主持人艾力克斯布萊德利 今天節目就是要講創新

  • Coming up, we will tell you about a new technology that is breaking


  • down language barriers, allowing you to conduct international

    打破語言隔閡 讓你用自己的母語

  • business in realtime in your own native language. And we reveal

    即時處理國際業務 我們還要介紹

  • a game changing technology that brings the power of predictive

    改變遊戲規則的科技 把預測分析的威力

  • analytics to enterprise business. Also, you will meet one of

    帶到企業裡面 另外要帶你認識

  • the world's most prolific inventors of our time.


  • >> If the physics doesn't prohibit us from doing this really cool

    如果物理沒有禁止我們 去做這件很酷的事

  • thing, let's do it, even though there's no engineering roadmap.

    那我們就來做吧 就算沒有工程路線圖也無妨

  • Nobody ever used these physical principles to do it this way before.

    以前從來沒有人 用這些物理原理這樣做過

  • That doesn't mean it can't be done.


  • >> Dean Kamen is known for his most famous invention the Segway.

    狄恩卡門最著名的發明 就是賽格威

  • And with 440 patents, you'll learn how he's turned his big ideas

    他擁有440項專利 你會瞭解他如何把他的大思維

  • into big business. And to kick off the show, today's hot topic

    變成大事業 節目一開始先來討論今日熱門話題

  • is innovation and business. We'll share three key strategies

    就是創新與事業 我們會分享三個關鍵策略

  • every company needs to do now to guarantee future success.

    每家公司都要現在就去做 才能保證未來的成功

  • For those of you who have already registered for this series,


  • please join the conversation. Send in your questions via the

    歡迎加入討論 在節目中都可以

  • chat window throughout the show. We are excited to welcome our

    透過聊天視窗提出你的問題 讓我們熱情歡迎

  • very first guest. She is the author of the "Wall Street Journal"

    第一位嘉賓 她是《華爾街日報》暢銷書

  • best seller "Think Like Zuck." She's a contributor to leading

    《像祖克一樣思考》的作者 她是撰稿人

  • edge print and online publications such as Forbes and Fast Company

    為頂尖印刷與線上刊物寫稿 如《富比士》、《快速企業》

  • and Ink and has led marketing innovation for Fortune 500 brands

    及《Ink》 她也帶領過《財富》五百大企業的

  • Intel and Accenture. We're honored to welcome Ekaterina Walter

    英特爾及埃森哲的行銷創意 我們很榮幸請到伊卡特莉娜華特

  • to "Modern Workplace." Welcome.


  • >> Thank you, Alex. Glad to be here.


  • >> You shared with me with a staggering statistic about the lifespan

    妳跟我分享了有關 《財富》五百大企業壽命的

  • of Fortune 500 company. What was that?


  • >> Yeah. So the average live span of Fortune 500 company used

    對,《財富》五百大企業 以前的平均壽命

  • to be about 70 years. Now it is about 15, and it is declining.

    是七十年左右 現在是十五年,而且還在減少中

  • >> 70 to 15.


  • >> Oh, it is really amazing. Think about it, right? So we have

    真的很驚人 你想想看,我們以前有

  • companies like Blockbuster, used to rent movies there all the time.

    像百視達這種公司 以前大家都去那裡租電影

  • Now it is non existent. Companies like Palm. That used to be

    現在已經不存在了 還有像Palm這家公司

  • the coolest device. Even that disappeared. But even RIM, Research

    那以前是最酷的裝置,也消失了 就連RIM也是

  • in Motion, Blackberry, right? Everybody was walking around, remember,

    行動研究公司,黑莓機 還記得以前大家走在路上都會問

  • "Oh, what do you have on your Blackberry." It was equivalent

    〝你的黑莓機裡有什麼?〞 相當於現在的iPhone

  • of iPhone. And because they failed to adapt, nobody is talking

    但因為他們無法適應 現在已經沒有人

  • about Blackberries anymore.


  • >> Now, speaking about failure to adapt and, you know, disruption,


  • one of the biggest trends that we see is company bringing innovation

    我們看到的一大潮流是 公司引進創新實驗室

  • labs or founding innovation labs. Why do you think we're seeing this?

    或是成立創新實驗室 妳覺得原因是什麼呢?

  • >> Two reasons. I think it's just the sense of urgency, right?

    兩個理由 我想一個是急迫感,對吧?

  • The market is moving so fast. Innovation is moving fast.

    市場的腳步很快 創新的腳步很快

  • People, especially millennials now, so younger generations, GenX

    人們,尤其是現在的千禧世代 比較年輕的X世代

  • and Y and Z, they all demand speed so the amount of speed in

    Y世代和Z世代 他們都要求速度

  • which you need to respond, no matter what function within your

    所以各行各業的公司 你必須回應的速度

  • business is critical. The other thing is who better knows your

    都是關鍵 而另一個理由就是

  • business than you, so...


  • >> So having that little pool of talent that enables you to do that.

    所以乾脆找一小群天才 讓你可以那樣做

  • >> Absolutely. And where you can take your current business strategy


  • and extend from there.


  • >> Great. We'll we've got a quote here from the "Entrepreneur,"

    很好,這裡我們要引用 《創業家》的一段話

  • and it says, "Given the pace of change that threatens established

    它說〝基於步調的改變 威脅老牌企業〞

  • businesses, having an internal incubator is like an insurance policy.

    〝擁有一個內部育成中心 就像買了一張保單〞

  • If the market moves, the companies are ready to change directions

    〝一旦市場起變化 公司就能迅速改變方向〞

  • or grow new business quickly." What's your reaction to that quote?

    〝或是開發新事業〞 妳對這段話有什麼看法?

  • >> Cannot agree more. Though, I will say there is one caveat,

    再同意不過了 但我要提出一個警告

  • is and that's independence. So for the incubator to really truly

    那就是要獨立 為了讓育成中心真的可以

  • drive change internally, you have to give it independence and

    做內部的徹底改變 你就必須給它獨立性

  • you have to empower the decision making. So it


  • shouldn't be real easy for your executives to say, "Oh, you know what?

    主管應該很難不開口說 〝你知道嗎?〞

  • That's not working out. It is not in line with our business strategy,

    〝那樣行不通 不符合我們的事業策略〞

  • let's scrap that."


  • >> Totally. Now, you mentioned speed. And that's really interesting

    瞭解,妳剛提到速度 這真的很有趣

  • because we are seeing companies put products and features out

    因為我們看到許多公司 推出產品和功能

  • there much more rapidly maybe or arguably before they would be

    速度快到不行 有可能或者可以說是

  • viewed as finished. What are your thoughts on that?

    還沒有完成的產品 對此妳有什麼想法?

  • >> Well, you know, in the "now" economy that we live in, in sort


  • of the digital age, there is nothing as far from the truth as "finished."

    在這個數位時代 沒有什麼東西可以說是〝完成的〞

  • So I love Facebook mantras. They have two. One is: Stay calm

    我喜歡臉書的格言,有兩句 一句是保持冷靜

  • and keep shipping. And the other one is: Done is better than perfect.

    繼續推出產品 另一句是完成比完美更重要

  • And they ship code every single Tuesday. So that sort of productivity,

    他們每週二做更新 所以像這樣的生產力

  • it is like being in state of constant beta. You are never really

    彷彿一直處在測試狀態 你永遠不會是真的

  • done or perfect. You need to continue to reiterate and ask for feedback.

    完成或完美了 你必須一再重做,尋求回饋

  • >> Taking that feedback and iterating really quickly.


  • >> Absolutely, absolutely.


  • >> Now, in order to be successful, you have written about breaking

    為了成功 妳曾經寫到要打散部門

  • down silos and created a connected company. What do you mean


  • by that?


  • >> It is understanding that innovation doesn't just happen in

    就是要瞭解到 創新不會憑空發生在

  • an incubator or in, you know, marketing or in product development.

    育成中心 或是在行銷或產品開發

  • It happens across the company. So it's critical to break the

    它會發生在公司各部門 所以關鍵就在於

  • silos and work together. One fantastic example of that is Dyson.

    打散部門,通力合作 有一個絕佳的案例就是戴森(Dyson)

  • The amount of information that comes out of it is staggering.


  • And why? It is because Dyson created those open spaces where

    為什麼呢? 因為戴森創造了開放空間

  • engineers can collaborate with marketers, marketers can collaborate

    讓工程師可以和行銷人員合作 行銷人員可以

  • with legal teams, and everybody in the company is sort of invested

    和法務團隊合作 公司裡每一個人在過程中

  • in the process.


  • >> I love that Dyson example. That's a good example of how physical

    我喜歡戴森這個例子 它充分說明了

  • space can make that change. How else would you advise companies

    實體空間可以做出那種改變 妳還會給公司什麼建議

  • to create that connected company?


  • >> Empower. So so empower your people. You need to understand

    把權力下放給你的員工 你必須瞭解

  • that people equals culture equals successful company, right,

    人就等於文化 也等於成功的公司

  • including successful leadership. So empowering your people to

    也包括成功的領導能力 所以給你的員工權力

  • not be afraid to fail, to try things out, to take risks, and

    不要害怕失敗 做各種嘗試、去冒險

  • not to punish them if they do fail. That's the type of mentality

    真的在失敗時也不要懲罰他們 我們要促進的

  • that we need to promote.


  • >> Give them that right to fail.


  • >> Yes. Absolutely, love that.


  • >> We have another quote here from Forbes this time. And it says:

    這次我們要引用 《富比士》的另一段話,它說

  • "During a brainstorming session, explain to your team that you

    〝在腦力激盪的時候 要向你的團隊解釋〞

  • want them to go all the way to the edge. Any idea may be brought

    〝你要他們發揮到極致 什麼點子都可以提出來〞

  • forth but only if it's the most extreme version of its spectrum."


  • "Extreme," that sounds a little bit scary. What's your reaction?

    〝極端〞聽起來有點可怕 妳有什麼反應?

  • >> Well, you know what they say about invasion, Alex. If you

    你知道人家對侵略的說法 艾力克斯

  • are not pissing somebody off, you are not doing it right.

    如果你沒有惹毛別人 你就沒有做對

  • >> Absolutely. I love it. Well, we've got a question that's come

    說得對,我喜歡 聊天視窗出現了一個提問

  • into the chat window. And the question is asking you to give

    這個問題是 要請妳給我們

  • us an example of innovation strategy from a real live company.

    從現實生活裡的公司 舉個創新策略的例子

  • >> Oh. Okay. So my gosh, there's a couple of companies that do

    好,天哪 有幾家公司

  • real well innovation space. One of my favorite examples, though,

    在創新領域都做得很好 但我最愛的案例之一

  • I will use is 3M. They have and they've established it a long

    我會說是3M 他們很早以前就建立了一套

  • time ago, a program called 15%, which basically empowers their

    叫做15%的計畫 基本上就是讓他們的員工

  • employees 15% of the time to work on passion projects. So projects

    有權力用15%的時間 去做熱情計畫

  • and the biggest revenue driving products for them, like, for


  • example, Post It Notes, was created by an engineer at home just

    比方說便利貼 就是一位工程師在家創造出來的

  • because he was passionate about bringing it to life. So they

    就因為他有熱情 渴望把這東西做出來

  • allow people to collaborate outside of their current projects

    所以他們允許員工 在目前計畫之外進行合作

  • to sort of help drive innovation, passion internally, and then

    有助於激發出 內在的創新與熱情

  • that eventually contributes to the bottom line.


  • >> So it is not just employee morale. It can also help with the

    所以不只能提升員工士氣 也有助於提升

  • bottom line.


  • >> Absolutely, absolutely.


  • >> Fantastic. Well, when we come back, Ekaterina shares how to

    太棒了,待會回來 伊卡特莉娜要跟我們分享

  • drive this culture change and sense of urgency without creating panic.

    如何促進這種文化改變與急迫感 同時不造成恐慌

  • Plus we will also be joined by the vice president of innovation

    另外我們還請到 全球鞋款與服飾的領先者

  • of Deckers brands, a global leader in footwear and apparel.


  • Why he says companies need to reset their expectation around risk.

    瞭解為什麼他說 公司必須重設對風險的期望

  • >> If this new approach can be brought to scale, it could be a

    如果這個新方法 可以把規模做大

  • better way for the world to move forward.

    它就會是讓世界前進的 更好的方法

  • >> A skier's jacket is very complex. There are a lot of different

    製造滑雪夾克是很複雜的 中間必須完成

  • steps that need to be done. The challenge we're facing is about

    許多不同的步驟 我們面臨的挑戰

  • the communication. So as a team, as I said, we're quite big and

    就是溝通 我們的團隊規模很大

  • located everywhere.


  • >> What Lync does for us is allows us to get together virtually.


  • >> We have had conference calls where we go through the samples

    我們會開電話會議 透過Lync討論樣品

  • over Lync. Have the sample here in Hong Kong.


  • I go through step by step with the team in Norway, and we can

    我會和挪威的團隊 一步一步討論

  • improve the sample on a conference call instead of traveling

    透過電話會議改善樣品 就不用出國…

  • back and forth to Norway. Without Lync, this wouldn't have been possible.

    跑一趟挪威了 沒有Lync,這是不可能辦到的事

  • >> We don't have any office phones anymore. All the communication

    我們已經不用辦公室電話了 所有的溝通連繫

  • is via Lync.


  • >> And we do the meetings and the calls also not only with heli

    我們不但用它 做內部的開會與電話

  • (phonetic) people but also with external supplies. And actually


  • we are using the new Lync Scott collaboration feature now as well.

    現在我們也有使用 新的Lync Scott合作功能

  • >> I was sitting in a hotel room in Vancouver and doing a presentation


  • for our retail sales team. And they were sitting at our headquarter

    給我們的零售團隊看 他們則是坐在奧斯陸的…

  • office in Oslo.


  • >> None of us has English as the mother tongue. So it can be


  • quite important to show what you are meaning on a garment.

    所以表現出你對衣服的看法 是很重要的

  • Instead of trying to explain I want the zipper to be 45 degrees

    我不用嘗試解釋 我要拉鏈做45度

  • cross over the collar, what do you mean by that, I can actually

    越過領口 我可以不用文字解釋

  • just have the video conversation and showing "like this."

    直接用視訊對話 做給對方看〝就像這樣〞

  • >> What we really need to do is deliver the best possible jacket

    我們真正要做的 就是交出最棒的夾克

  • to the skier that's up on the mountain. There is thousands and

    給在山上的滑雪客穿 中間要經過

  • thousands of steps that have to happen all over the world.

    成千上萬個步驟 遍及世界各地

  • And anything that we can do to make that process more efficient,


  • more fun and end up with a better product, that's going to make


  • our brand stronger, that's going to make our business stronger,

    就能讓我們的品牌更強大 讓我們的事業更壯大

  • and it's going to make the skier up on the hill a whole lot happier.


>> Experts say innovate or die. Three things your business needs

專家說不發明毋寧死 你的事業現在需要做三件事


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