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  • In January 2015, ISIS issued a fatwa outlining how Islamic State fighters should treat female

  • sex slaves. The terrorist organization has released fatwas regulating everything from

  • ransoming prisoners to playing foosball. But ISIS isn’t the only group making such declarations.

  • In Malaysia, the National Fatwa Council recently issued a fatwa banning vaping and e-cigarettes

  • among the country’s Muslims. So what exactly is a fatwa? And how does it work?

  • Well, a fatwa is a clerical interpretation of religious scripture, and can be anything

  • from private advice-giving to global calls-to-action. Those qualified to interpret Islamic law are

  • calledmoof-tees”, and can issue their interpretation of how the Quran applies to

  • modern life. The qualifications for Muftis vary among different Muslim nations. However,

  • the title can require years of formal education in Islamic teachings.

  • In some countries, a Fatwa’s religious edict is not all that different from a legal opinion

  • coming from a US court. It usually comes in response to a particular situation and draws

  • from a set of rules based on moral teachings. However, fatwas are not necessarily legally

  • binding. For instance, in 2014, the Supreme Court of India ruled that none of its citizens

  • are legally bound to accept a fatwa.

  • In 1989, the late supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini (EYE-ah-toe-la hoh-may-NEE)

  • infamously issued a fatwa ordering the death of British writer Salman Rushdie (sal-MAN

  • Rush-dee) for supposedly mocking the Quran. Numerous killings, book burnings and rioting

  • resulted from the fatwa, however Rushdie was never injured. Khomeini died in 1998, which

  • means that technically the fatwa died with him, although many continue to acknowledge

  • it

  • What are not sacred to many Muslims are fatwas coming from Islamic extremists. In February

  • 2015, an Islamic State resident posted 32 of ISISfatwas on Twitter. Each was in

  • question-and-answer format and addressed ISIS fighters on faith-related questions, like

  • how to dress, how women should behave and what games are acceptable to play.

  • But fatwas aren’t always globally accepted. In September 2014, more than 120 Muslim scholars

  • around the world backed an open letter criticizing ISIS’s fatwas. The letter accused them of

  • cherry-picking verses from the Quran.

  • More broadly, fatwas are usually nonviolent and very informal. Islamic radio shows and

  • TV programs offer call-in fatwas. It’s reported that Muslims can evenshoparound online

  • to get advice fromcybermuftis”, view live fatwa sessions, and listen to Fatwa podcasts.

  • Muslims use fatwas every day for advice about their social life, politics and appearance.

  • A fatwa at its core is an answer, And whether an individual chooses to adhere to it really

  • depends on how devout they are in their faith.

  • Critics of Islam often say that it is a religion that preaches violence. Just how true is this?

  • Watch our video to find out

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In January 2015, ISIS issued a fatwa outlining how Islamic State fighters should treat female


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什麼是法特瓦? (What Is A Fatwa?)

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