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  • It’s a common misconception that you can never have too much LEGO. In fact, the cliché

  • too much of a good thingwas first muttered when a man, up to his knees in Duplo and unable

  • to find a single plastic tree, said...

  • You know, I like LEGO. But this might be too much of a good thing.”

  • And after roughly 87 games based on 42 franchises, give or take a few, LEGO video games are starting

  • to wear a little bit thin. It’s not that theyre bad. It’s not that theyve become

  • less fun. It’s just that LEGO Rock Band, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Batman, LEGO Pirates

  • of the Caribbean...LEGO my freaking Eggo.

  • It’s this syrupy sense of déjà vu that kinda holds back LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7.

  • More great co-op, more collecting, more building...and more of the same LEGO.

  • Released in 2011, Years 5-7 is a follow-up to 2010’s Years 1-4. Actually, it feels

  • more like an expansion pack, because it’s virtually identical to its predecessor...which

  • feels virtually identical to prior LEGO games. See a pattern here? Years 5-7 keeps things

  • excessively familiar, which is both its strength and its weakness.

  • You walk through linear environments, collecting LEGO pieces and waging some rudimentary combat

  • on occasion. The game is mostly focused on using the LEGO pieces around you to build

  • new things and manipulate your environment.

  • Years 5-7 features six levels based on locations and scenes from the Harry Potter movies...only

  • done in LEGO. Once youve finished the missions, you get to explore Hogwart’s and other familiar

  • Potter places with a cast of more than 200 unlockable characters...many of whom have

  • unique abilities.

  • For example, Hermione Granger has the power to look adorable , to make watching someone

  • else read utterly captivating and to enchant me simply by tossing her hair. You know, it’s

  • just...Emma, if you were really a LEGO block, I’d build you a LEGO castle...on top of

  • a LEGO mountain. I think I LEGO love you.

  • You know what, let’s get this trending! Emma should date Derek because he has incredible

  • hair, he has a real-life clone, he would wear Burberry for her...and uh, you know, he also

  • plays a character who knows magic.

  • Listen, it’s very familiar...but a LEGO Emma Watson is more than enough to make this

  • thing worth a recommendation. It’s packed with content and it has great co-op, so if

  • you liked prior LEGO titles and youre a Harry Potter fan, Years 5-7 is right up your

  • Diagon Alley.

It’s a common misconception that you can never have too much LEGO. In fact, the cliché


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CGRundertow樂高哈利波特:5-7年任天堂Wii視頻遊戲評測。 (CGRundertow LEGO HARRY POTTER: YEARS 5-7 for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review)

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