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  • I've been issued an invitation to the ball.

  • See how they look at you?

  • Give me a kiss instantly or I shall take grave offence!

  • I am no-one, what could the interest be?

  • You are no-one while everybody is someone.

  • Louis XIV demands a heaven on Earth, but just who is going to provide it?

  • Hey presto! Up sprouts landscaper Matthias Schoenaerts and his headstrong assistant

  • Kate Winslet. She's stardust, she's golden and she's got to get herself back to the garden.

  • You're inviting new ideas into the gardens? Why?

  • Welcome to Versailles.

  • Patience, and a little warmth from the Sun are our best hope.

  • Henry, you confounded me with Child 44 so I'm now guessing that this one was right up your herbaceous border.

  • I quite like... no, it's poppycock. There's so much in this film about the vision of Louis XIV and "will

  • it come in on time, this project? Will there be enough money? Will there be enough time

  • for everything?" and I kind of think "Alan Rickman, take a look at yourself mate". This

  • is talking about the film in so many different ways. It just feels silly and histrionic and

  • campy without being particularly funny, and cheap in a strange way. There's this amazing

  • shot of Versailles at the end which is done with computer generated imaging. It's CGI

  • Versailles which really just looks flat and dull and cheap and particularly what that

  • garden wasn't. Also, paradoxically, very tidy and well ordered for a film called A Little

  • Bit of Chaos. Exactly, what chaos? There's no chaos. Short of calling it, I don't know,

  • Cop Warriors from Mars I can't think of a more misleading title. I think the idea is

  • that Kate Winslet's character, she's supposed to the free-spirit and he's supposed to be...

  • that is to say Matthias Schoenaerts, another terrible role for him, I'm sorry to say. Yeah,

  • he looks like a kind of droopy cocker spaniel. He just looks terrible, especially when he

  • has to sing like an eight year old in that kind of high-pitched voice, I didn't

  • know where to look, certainly not at the screen. She's supposed to be providing this wonderful

  • free-thinking, life-affirming chaos. No she doesn't! She's just as stilted and orderly

  • and ideologically reactionary as everybody else! It's just ridiculous. I found myself

  • thinking about Sense and Sensibility, almost 20 years old now, she had so much life and

  • vivacity and interest and humour and fun. Crucially, she was very well directed by Ang

  • Lee and it makes you appreciate what a shrewd and interesting man he is. This seemed to

  • be absolutely dead weight. When Alan Rickman came on in cameo, there was a little touch

  • of humour, I thought. It almost, but, I'm sorry to say, not quite, brought the film

  • to life. If only it was somehow about him, and his eccentricities. Stanley Tucci came

  • on and he got a few laughs. He's quite funny and sent the whole thing up a little bit,

  • but then you're just plunged right back into this bafflingly dull, boring, boring world.

  • I just couldn't see what was supposed to be so interesting about it. And that thing where

  • she moves his potted plant at the beginning... When a film just pivots on the drama of the

  • moving of a potted plant, you've got a problem. You moved one of my pots. I did. I mean, who

  • is the audience for this film? Who is the audience? I guess it's someone who likes a

  • period drama or perhaps someone who's into Julian Fellows-esque stuff but badly written

  • rather than well done. We're kind of three for three on actors having a director's vision

  • that just seems massively ego clouded. We were talking about Goswell, we were talking

  • about The Water Diviner the week before that, and now this. I sort of disagree about Alan

  • Rickman coming on and bringing it to life, I feel like he'd almost deliberately kept

  • the ground barren until he could then plant his little ego seed and let the Louis XIV

  • character flourish halfway through and suddenly, thank God, we got something to enjoy and something

  • that is going to be a bit more baroque and interesting. Without that, it just feels bare.

  • If you wish to be alone, I could come back. No no no. I find that you're the very company

  • I need today. Nothing would suit me better than for me, the King's gardener, to take

  • some advice on perennials.

I've been issued an invitation to the ball.


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