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  • You look amazing. (Hello, Graham) Hello. (Hello, I'm Jenny) nice to meet you, Jenny

    - 妳看起來超棒的!(哈囉,Graham) 哈囉 (哈囉,我是Jenny) 真高興見到妳,珍妮

  • That's so good


  • You look so not like yourself


  • I had to put gloves on to cover my tattoos


  • If someone else were sitting here it's like a really awkward blind date. “would I recognize her when she walks out?”... They made your eyes look a little different.

    我剛剛坐在這邊的時候,我覺得這看起來像是超尷尬的相親。像是在想「當她走過來的時候,我會認出她嗎?」... 他們是不是對你的眼睛動了手腳?

  • Just make my eyes more catty, and then I've gotten a fake chin and fake nose, and she's drawn my lips more light.


  • Oh, so the chin is fake, as well? I got bum chin, they'll know, right?


  • Are you not gonna to speak like this... I'm going to do Jenny. Stay calm, slow because I talk really slow, really harsh.

    所以你等一下也會這樣講話嗎?... 我要模仿Jenny,要輕輕地、慢慢地講,因為我本來講話有點快,聲音也有點粗

  • a voice of my age, cause I'm a nanny. So nannies talk really slow, really calm. Try to make my role make sense.


  • I guess you should go back stage and get ready for this.


  • I will walk like this as well... or I could go like that

    我還會要這樣走路... 或是這樣也行

  • Alright, we're about to kick off. The first Adele is taking to the stage.


  • Here we go


  • -I am Capriana. -Jenny.

    -我是 Capriana。 -我是 Jenny

  • - Do you guys just do Adele? Everybody just do Adele? - Yeah, I've just sort it out.

    - 你們都只模仿 Adele 嗎?大家都是嗎?- 沒錯,我有辦法模仿他。

  • - I can't wait for her new album, new music - Oh yeah

    - 我超期待她的新專輯和新的歌!- 對呀

  • She's taking her time


  • - Try saying that to her face! - I'd like to see the reaction. - I would.

    - 妳應該當面跟她說 - 我蠻想看她的反應的 - 我會的

  • She's chatting. She's chatting.

    她 (Adele) 在跟其他參賽者聊天了!

  • She's got her hands.

    她手勢真多呢 (這樣跟那樣)

  • - I've been doing this for about six months. - So what about you? - Five years. - You? - Four. Mine has been a little slow recently, not that many. Yeah, not much of demand.

    - 我已經練習這個半年了 - 妳呢?- 五年 - 妳呢?- 四年。最近進度蠻慢的,沒有很多演出,因為沒有任雇用我

  • I'll think she'd like him. She would like him. Yeah, she would really like him.

    - 我覺得她會很欣賞他!她會喜歡他的。- 是呀 我也這樣覺得

  • So when she's in Royal Albert Hall, she decides she wants to take her shoes off cause they hurt. So if my feet hurt, I might take them off. Is that fair girls? That's fair! Make it like Adele.


  • - I'm actually feeling quiet sick. I am feeling a bit dizzy, too. - Do you want to go and get some fresh air? I'm not feeling great.

    - 我覺得有點不舒服,頭也暈暈的。- 妳要不要出去呼吸一點新鮮空氣? - 我有點不舒服

  • Jenny standing by, Jenny walk out. My key, 3 2 1 action.

    Jenny 準備好了,等我的訊號。三、二、一開始。

  • Sorry, I'm just a bit nervous. I'll do it one more time. One more.


  • She was really nervous apparently. Wasn't she? Yeah, she had to sit down

    她看起來真的很緊張耶,對不對? 對啊,她剛剛還需要坐下來休息一下

  • You are joking me


  • - It's Adele. - It's not. - It is! Honestly!

    - 是Adele... - 才不是! - 真的是她!

  • Jenny is on the stage now, singing. And I think the other Adeles are finally twigged.

    Jenny 正在台上唱歌,而我想其他 Adele 們應該突然恍然大悟

  • She's wearing a fake nose. She wears a plastic nose.


  • Now I'm getting teary. It is so lovely!


  • Adeles, meet your Adele!


  • Oh my god!


  • It's Adele?


  • I can't believe it.


  • I'm gobsmacked.


  • I think I was maybe the last person to click


  • As soon as she opened her mouth, you can just can't mimic like that.

    她一開口唱歌,你可以輕易辨識出這個聲音.... 不可能會有人學這麼像

  • It's just beautiful.Thank you.


You look amazing. (Hello, Graham) Hello. (Hello, I'm Jenny) nice to meet you, Jenny

- 妳看起來超棒的!(哈囉,Graham) 哈囉 (哈囉,我是Jenny) 真高興見到妳,珍妮

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【爆紅影片】愛黛兒模仿大賽中出現激似愛黛兒的選手?本尊就在你身邊! (Adele at the BBC: When Adele wasn't Adele... but was Jenny!)

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