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  • We all know the feeling of being out all day and watching our smartphone battery steadily

  • sap away. Not that long ago,... there wasn′t much

  • you could do,... but now you can pretty much keep your smart device full of juice

  • all day if you use a portable phone charger. And in a smartphone obsessed country like

  • Korea,... they are all the rage. Won Jihyun reports.

  • If your job requires you to stay connected all the time,... chances are youre glued

  • to your smartphone all day.

  • ″I have just sent you an urgent email. Please check it right away.″

  • For those with constant internet access,... it′s tough to make it an entire day without

  • charging your phone.

  • Since my job requires me to answer my clients right away on my phone,... I tend to use

  • a lot of mobile data. This can sometimes drain about half of my phone′s battery life in

  • just an hour. So I always carry an extra power source with me.″

  • Despite the advancing technology,... smartphone battery life still remains a major problem.

  • This means more people are buying portable chargers and extra batteries.

  • The market value of portable batteries in Korea surpassed 326-million U.S. dollars

  • this year,... more than double from a year ago.

  • Plussome convenience stores have also begun offering charging services.

  • ″A lot of college students and businessmen use our charging services in the evening,...

  • when their phones are about to die.″ As wearable smart devices and electric cars

  • develop,... experts say the market size for portable chargers will soon exceed that

  • of semiconductors and LED displays. Won JihyunArirang News.

We all know the feeling of being out all day and watching our smartphone battery steadily


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智能手機便攜式電池需求激增 전이 필요해...。배터리 시장 급장 성 (Portable batteries for smartphones see spike in demand 충전이 필요해... 배터리 시장 급성장)

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