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  • Sometimes when it's hot, I stick my leg out from under the covers and it's like instant cooling effect.


  • But when it's cold, I want socks to keep my footsies warm!


  • Why do feet have so much thermal power!?


  • Howdy everybody! Thanks for watching D-News today. I'm Trace.

    大家好!謝謝收看今天的 D-News,我是崔斯。

  • If you are watching this, you are warm-blooded.


  • Unless of course you are an alien, or a reptile that has learned to understand human speechand, If sothen... hello.

    除非你是外星人,或是聽得懂人類演說的爬蟲類… 如果是這樣的話… 那麼,嗯,嗨。

  • Warm-blooded animals have thermoregulationwe're constantly burning energy to keep our internal organs at optimal body temperature.


  • Temperature is maintained by the burning of energy, but also sweating, shivering, and overall skin blood flow, and our feet and hands are major weapons in maintaining temperature.


  • Normally, blood runs from the heart, through arteries, vessels, capillaries and so on to cells and then back through veins to the heart again.


  • When it's hot, things open up and blood flows more freely; and the opposite happens when it's cold.


  • The thing is, not all parts of the body are treated equally by the brain.


  • In the 1930s, the cortical homunculus was created to describe how brains see our bodies.

    1930 年時,皮質小矮人被創造出來讓我們可以更清楚地看到身體內部的運作。

  • Limbs aren't that important, and neither is the torso.


  • So the input is largely ignored by the conscious mind; but, hands, lips, genitals and so on are very important!


  • This model vogues with thermoregulation in some aspects as well.


  • Our feet, for example, are often ignored by our brain, but are really important for thermoregulation!

    腳通常會被忽略… 但是腳對於體溫調節是很重要的!

  • When you feel uncomfortably cold, the somatosensory cortex of your brain triggers to start thermoregulation.


  • It ups your body temperature by shivering, or opening blood vessels.


  • Inside the feet are arteriovenous anastomoses, which connect arteries directly to veins, bypassing all that capillary problem.


  • When you're warm, these vessels in your feet dilate which lets blood get all the way to your skin which regulates your temperature and cools you down.


  • This is why you put one foot out from under the covers.


  • According to a spokesperson from the National Sleep Foundation, when you stick your foot out, those arteriovenous anastomoses allow the foot to cool you off, regulating your body temperature without disrupting your overall comfort.


  • Biology aside, thermoregulation also has to do with comfort.


  • Mom used to say most of your body heat was lost through your head and your feet.


  • But that's actually a myth, sorry Mom.


  • The myth probably originated from the 1970s U.S. Army Survival Manual, where they said "40 to 45 percent of body heat" is lost through the head.

    這可能源自 1970 年的美國。美國陸軍生存手冊上寫道,人體百分之 40 至 50 的熱是透過頭部散失的

  • Because the brain focuses on the head and chest for thermal comfort rather than the appendages and your feet.


  • Chances are these regs were more concerned with keeping the soldiers happy; than their actual core body temperatures.


  • In reality, a 2008 study in the British Medical Journal found heat loss is spread pretty evenly across the body, with only about seven to ten percent being lost through the head.

    事實上,2008 年英國醫學雜誌研究發現,熱能散失是很平均地分佈在身體各部位,只有百分之 7 至 9 是由頭部散失。

  • But according to a 2009 paper from the University of Wollongong, most of that discomfort centers around the heat levels in our head, hands and face.

    根據 2009 年臥龍崗大學的研究,大部份的熱的不舒適感集中在我們的頭部、手部以及臉部。

  • Perhaps because of that brain perception problem.


  • Our poor downtrodden feet just get left in the dust.


  • Our feet can get colder than our hands, our head or our chest, all without affecting our conscious discomfort levels.


  • Thus, it is the perfect candidate to thermoregulate while asleep.


  • Long story short, feet can be a bit cold and you will still be snug as a bug in a rug.


  • What kind of crazy things do you do to get to sleep?


  • Maybe we'll do a video about how that works if you tell us them down in the comments.


  • Make sure you keep coming back to DNews every single day; subscribe so you get all our videos and we'll see you next time, sleep well.

    請持續每天回來收看 DNews,並訂閱觀看所有我們影片。我們下次見,祝你好夢!

Sometimes when it's hot, I stick my leg out from under the covers and it's like instant cooling effect.


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