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  • A U.S. destroyer patrolled the South China Sea... potentially stirring up conflict with

  • China. Connie Kim looks into the trouble brewing

  • on the islands built by China on territory claimed by four other countries.

  • An unnamed U.S. defense official told Reuters on Tuesday... an American destroyer sailed

  • within 12 nautical milesor 20 kilometersof China′s manmade islands

  • in the South China Sea. The Spratleys are a disputed group of more

  • than 750 reefsisletsatollscays and islands claimed by four other countries

  • including Vietnam and the Philippines. The Pentagon has thus far declined to comment

  • but had previously said that the patrols are within its rights of free navigation and are

  • routine,... but Washington′s decision is sure to anger Beijing.

  • Twelve nautical miles around a territory is internationally recognized as sovereign waters

  • but the U.S. does not recognize the manmade islands as China′s sovereign territory.

  • Washington says the construction of artificial islands on submerged reefs does not entitle

  • a country to claim a territorial limit. Even though Washington does not recognize

  • the islands as Chinese territorythis will be the first time the U.S. has breached the

  • 12-mile nautical limit since China began building up the islands in 2013.

  • Before the U.S. sent the destroyerChinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi advised the U.S.

  • tothink againbefore actingurging the countrynot to act blindly or make

  • trouble out of nothing.″ China has long stood firm on its claim to

  • the islands,... saying it wouldnever allow any countryto violate its territorial

  • waters and airspace in the area. U.S. experts in China caution against further

  • escalation,... as Washington could launch another patrol near the artificial islands

  • in the coming weeks. Connie KimArirang News.

A U.S. destroyer patrolled the South China Sea... potentially stirring up conflict with


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美國驅逐艦靠近中國在南海建造的島礁 ″미 구리殨,중국。 (U.S. destroyer nearing China-built islands in South China Sea ″미 구축함, 중국)

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