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  • I love laying in bed on a Sunday as much as the next guy, unless the next guy has to lay in bed on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

    我跟接下來的傢伙一樣,喜歡在星期天的時候賴在床上,除非他星期一、二、三、四、五、六、日、一、二... 都躺在床上。

  • Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in to DNews today, I am Trace.

    大家好,我是 Trace,謝謝你們收看今天的 DNews。

  • Early to bed, early to rise makes space science move forward.


  • Except the rising part, just stay in the bed.


  • That's the message NASA is putting out there in this new research they're conducting.

    這是 NASA 在最新的研究中發出的資訊。

  • Back in 2014, Drew Iwanicki joined a NASA-funded study excitingly titled Countermeasure and Functional Testing in Head-Down Bed Tilt Rest Study, abbreviated to CFT70.

    在 2014 年,Drew Iwanicki 參加了一個由 NASA 贊助的研究,它有著令人興奮的名稱——「在躺臥式傾斜床休息的對策及功能性測試」,簡稱 CFT70。

  • Science is just the best with headlines.


  • Iwanicki was famously paid 18,000 dollars to lay in bed for 70 days, and he was monitored 24/7, and was only allowed to sit up onto his elbows for 30 minutes while eating.

    Iwanicki 因躺在床上 70 天,以換取 18,000 美金的報酬而出名,他全天候被監控,而且只能在進食時,坐起來一個手肘的高度 30 分鐘。

  • No napping, no sitting up, no getting out of bed for any reason, plus constant monitoring for two and a half monthssounds torturous!

    不能午睡或坐立,無論如何都不能離開床鋪,再加上持續被監控兩個半月... 這聽起來備受折磨!

  • The study simulated long term inactivity in space with these participants.


  • NASA researchers figured if participants laid in bed with their feet slightly elevated their face will get puffy, and their blood will move differently through their body, not unlike in space travel.

    NASA 的研究人員發現如果受測者躺在床上,並把他們的腳放置微微高於臉的高度,他們的臉會脹大,血液循環也會不一樣,與太空旅行時沒有不同。

  • Doing that for 70 days should simulate how the body reacts to long-term spacefaring.

    躺在床上 70 天應該能夠模擬身體對於長時間太空旅行的反應。

  • They have to be careful though because too much bedrest might not be the best rest.


  • Even when binging on DNews, sleeping, or reading a long book, your body is constantly moving itself.

    即便是當你沈迷在 DNews 時、或是睡覺、看本厚厚的書時,你的身體不斷的在移動。

  • You twitch, you change positions, and you shift your weight all in an effort to keep your tissue safe from developing pressure-ulcers.


  • Pressure-ulcers, also known as bedsores, are caused when we don't shift our weight and allow blood to flow through our skin.


  • If the skin is deprived of blood for too long, it suffocates and dies.


  • If the ulcers reach Stage IV the tissue damage can get all the way to the bone.


  • Too much bed rest can damage the human body and in extreme cases can kill; pressure-ulcers kill 60,000 Americans every year.

    過多的臥床休息會嚴重的傷害到人體,在極端的情況下,甚至會致命。壓迫性潰瘍每年奪取了 60,000 條美國人的性命。

  • Nurses are trained to move paralyzed patients every 2 hours to minimize bedsores, but even if you ignore bedsores, bedrest itself may be harmful to some.


  • A 2004 study in the journal, Joint, Bone, Spine, found patients with lower back pain who were prescribed bedrest ended up coming back with chronic pain 17 percent more often.

    一個曾刊登在「關節、骨頭、脊椎」期刊的 2004 年研究報告發現有下背痛困擾的病患,在醫師處方臥床休息後,回診時增加了 17% 發作的頻率

  • And, in a 2008 Journal of Applied Physiology study, rats who were hindlimb-unloaded, which is like bedrest for rats, showed signs of depression after only two weeks.

    而且在 2008 年刊登於「應用生理學」的研究指出,這些老鼠們後肢被懸吊起相當於老鼠的臥床休息,僅在兩週後就表現出了憂鬱的傾向。

  • Eventually, they developed higher cardiovascular stresses on top of their psychological issues.


  • Other studies have found long periods of bedrest can cause forgetfulness, confusion, anxiety, and respiratory problems or blood disorders.


  • Even Hippocrates, considered the Father of Western Medicine, he died in 370 BC, had found that bedridden patients could experience muscle loss, bone loss and tooth loss!

    甚至是死於西元前 370 年,被認為是西方醫學之父的希波克拉底就曾發現臥床的病患可能會有肌肉、骨頭甚至是牙齒流失的困擾!

  • Now, to be clear, science isn't saying bedrest is evil!


  • Hippocrates would recommend it for some minor illnesses, and that practice continues today.


  • A study done at the Boston Children's Hospital found those who were treated for concussions who took time to rest their brains recovered more quickly than those who didn't rest.


  • A little sloth is good once in a while!


  • The concussed kids weren't even allowed to read, text, or play video games for several days!


  • To bring it all back though, NASA is studying bedrest because of deep-space exploration.

    回到正題,NASA 研究臥床休息是為了深度的宇宙探索。

  • The CFT70 study is slated to be completed in December of 2015, but they hope this will "help" understand which mission tasks might be affected by changes in physiology during space flight,

    這項 CFT70 研究預計會在 2015 年 12 月時完成,NASA 希望這項研究能夠幫助瞭解在外太空航行時有哪些任務會被生理上的改變所影響,

  • so they can design countermeasures to prevent or minimize impairment to these physiological systems.


  • For extended space flight like going to Mars or further, this could be super useful.


  • Hopefully, they'll learn just how much "muscle, bone and cardiovascular functions" will be affected thanks to all that bed rest.


  • Hippocrates would be proud.


  • If you really like digging deep into the science of space as I do, check out my new show, TestTube Plus.

    如果你跟我一樣喜歡深入探索宇宙科學,來看看我的新節目吧:TestTube Plus。

  • I recently had astrophysicist Dr. Ian O'Neill on to talk about black holes, white holes, wormholes, and all sorts of other crazy spacey stuff for a whole week of episodes.

    我最近邀請到天體物理學家 Dr. Ian O'Neill 來談論整整一週有關黑洞、白洞、蟲洞以及各式各樣的宇宙瘋狂事物。

  • TestTube Plus is a deep dive way into science.

    TestTube Plus 是個深度探討科學的節目。

  • You can subscribe here or in the link in the description!!


  • Also it's an audio podcast on iTunes, so you can find it there. It has gotten pretty good reviews so far I must say.

    我們還有在 iTunes 上目前相當受到好評的 podcast!

  • Thanks for watching DNews everybody. Make sure you subscribe to this channel as well. And I'll see you tomorrow.

    謝謝大家收看 DNews,記得也要訂閱這個頻道,明天見。

I love laying in bed on a Sunday as much as the next guy, unless the next guy has to lay in bed on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

我跟接下來的傢伙一樣,喜歡在星期天的時候賴在床上,除非他星期一、二、三、四、五、六、日、一、二... 都躺在床上。

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