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  • I want to get into a field that will be growing for the rest of my career.

    我想要在接下來的職涯中 投入一個會快速發展的領域

  • Should I go into computer science?


  • Are you comfortable learning a lot of languages?


  • I already know Spanish and American Sign Language.


  • You have to learn Java, Unix, JavaScript, C, C++


  • That sounds like youre talking about your grade in Geography.


  • You need to become comfortable with lifelong learning, because youll have to keep up

    你必須樂於終身學習 因為你必須跟上

  • with changes to the software languages you know and the new languages youll have to learn.

    原本會的程式語言的變遷 以及學習新的語言

  • Based on the movies, hacking looks like a pretty cool use of my talent.

    就我看過不少電影而言 當駭客感覺很酷

  • The biggest growth in IT is in IT security, though criminals do manage to make money via hacking and malware.

    在資訊業裡 成長最快速的是資訊安全 而犯罪者的確會駭進電腦和使用惡意軟體來賺錢

  • You have to be able to protect it from threats with tools like the firewall, manage buffer overflows and train users on recognizing social engineering.

    你必須利用像是防火牆、控制緩衝溢出 和訓練使用者認識「社會工程學」作為保護措施

  • My father says I shouldn’t become a code monkey, because the work is getting replaced by software libraries and coders in India.

    我爸爸說我不應該變成菜鳥工程師 因為這類的工作正在被印度的工程師取代

  • Software libraries are just modules of code.


  • It still takes a talented person to connect them, and more importantly, debug them.

    這還是需要一個有天分的人來連結他們 更重要的是要會偵錯

  • Learning a few software languages isn’t hard.


  • Computer science majors should understand computer architecture from the hard drive to the network.

    主修計算機科學的人 從硬體到網路都應有所了解 要對電腦的架構相當熟悉

  • And you have to set up cryptography to encrypt data sent by your computer, manage keys,

    另外 還需要設立密碼來對電腦所傳送的資料進行加密、管理密鑰

  • maintain password files and set up authentication methods.


  • Why bother with encryption anymore? Then NSA has all the keys.


  • You also need to build up a portfolio of your work.


  • I am going into computer science, not computer graphics.

    我要做的是計算機科學 又不是電腦繪圖

  • A computer science degree says you took classes. Computer science graduates need software portfolios

    計算機科學的學歷只能說你有修過課 而計算機科學系的畢業生需要有軟體的作品集

  • like projects, code portfolios and websites to show to prospective employers.

    像是專題 程式作品集和網站來 給未來的老闆看

  • It sounds like computer science is becoming as regimented and complicated as every other engineering degree.

    這樣聽起來 計算機科學已經和其他工科一樣嚴謹和複雜了

  • That’s why computer science is often part of the engineering department.


I want to get into a field that will be growing for the rest of my career.

我想要在接下來的職涯中 投入一個會快速發展的領域


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B1 中級 中文 美國腔 計算機 科學 語言 電腦 程式 學習

我應該進入計算機科學嗎? (Should I Go Into Computer Science?)

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