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  • Hey there. Welcome to Life Noggin.

    大家好!歡迎收看 Life Noggin。

  • The brain is a pretty cool organ, but sometimes it can fail us.


  • Like when we forget someone's name, or blank on a test.


  • But how can someone just forget something like that?


  • Well, to start off I want you to imagine what a penny looks like.


  • You're probably imagining Abraham Lincoln looking off to the right.


  • And that the coin is copper.


  • But you probably didn't recall the phrase above the Lincoln Memorial on the back of the penny.


  • If you did, congrats!


  • But the reason we may have not remembered every single aspect of the coin is because frankly, it doesn't matter!


  • All we need to know is how to distinguish a penny from any other coin, so we only remember the important parts, and store them in our long-term memory.


  • All of the small details of any experience like you watching this video for example are combined into one event in your brain's hippocampus.


  • You are essentially a network of neurons that records the association linked to the memory.


  • And any of those associations, like hearing the name Blocko, can bring back that memory. But problems arise...

    而任何相關的事,像是聽到 Blocko 這個名字,就能讓你喚回記憶,但是......

  • When there is more than one memory associated with a given cue.


  • If you ever met someone who looks like an old friend, it may be difficult to remember this new person's name because that face already has some other meaning to you.


  • And the memories are interfering with each other.


  • Decay theory states that a memory slowly fades over time if it's not rehearsed often.


  • So if you do not frequently think about something, you'll forget it.


  • It makes sense, but you also have to be paying attention in the first place if you ever want to recall that information.


  • So, what is something that you always forget?


  • Did...did you forget it?


  • I'm terrible with birthdays but luckily Facebook is there to save the day.

    我非常不擅長記人的生日,但還好有 Facebook 幫忙。

  • Speaking of which, if you want to you can follow me on there.

    說到這裡,如果你想要的話可以追蹤我的 Facebook。

  • As usual, I'll be answering a new question every Thursday, so ask anything you want to know in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter.

    一如往常,每個禮拜四我會回答一個新的問題,所以請在 Facebook 或 Twitter 的留言區寫下任何你想問的問題。

  • I'm Blocko. This has been Life Noggin.

    我是 Blocko。這裡是 Life Noggin。

  • Don't forget to keep on thinking!


Hey there. Welcome to Life Noggin.

大家好!歡迎收看 Life Noggin。

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常常忘東忘西嗎?帶你瞭解為什麼!(Why Do We Forget Things?)

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