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  • And for the top international news headlineswe now turn to Lee Sunho at the news center.

  • Today′s focusAfter shaking up the financial realmChina is rockedthis time by 2

  • major explosions, 3 cases are dropped against Julian Assangeand Jimmy Carter′s shocking

  • confession. Well Sunhocould you give us the updates

  • on this tragedy in China and how extensive the damage is

  • Yesas of nowat least 50 are reported to have diedincluding 12 firefighters

  • and more than 700 have been injured by blasts... at a warehouse in Tianjin.

  • Hospitals are already overwhelmed with people seeking treatment... after being wounded by

  • the explosions. Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced

  • a thorough and transparent investigation... into what happened.

  • For the detailswe turn to Kim Jiyeon. Videos show fireballs shooting into the sky

  • from the two blasts in Tianjin late Wednesday. The explosions were so large they could be

  • seen from the city of 15 million by satellites in space.

  • Authorities have yet to identify the cause of the blasts.

  • Many believe the first explosion was at a warehouse of the company,… Tianjin Dongjiang

  • Port Rui Hai International Logistics. The shock waves were felt kilometers away...

  • and sent broken glass flying from shattered windows and fish tanks.

  • We were sleeping at that moment when we suddenly heard a massive explosion. After

  • the second blast we were called to go outside and run. Then we rushed out together and found

  • out everything had already been torn down by shock waves from the blasts.″

  • China Earthquake Networks Center said the magnitude of the shockwaves measured between

  • 2 and 3 pointsthe force of small earthquakes. Smoke still billowed Thursday.

  • Many are concerned about exposure to toxic smoke,… not knowing exactly what was stored

  • in the warehouses. The second explosion had already killed several

  • firefighters first called to the scene.

  • Very worriedvery worried. At this moment we don′t know what chemical is in the air

  • we are worried it may be toxic and harmful in the future.″

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping has called forallout effortsto minimize casualties.

  • He also promised a thorough investigation. Kim JiyeonArirang News.

And for the top international news headlineswe now turn to Lee Sunho at the news center.


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中國天津週三發生巨大爆炸,至少50人死亡 중국 톈진 폭발 사고 (At least 50 killed in huge explosion in Tianjin, China Wednesday 중국 톈진 폭발 사고)

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