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  • One person can make the biggest difference.

  • I remember one day I was having a terrible day at school.

  • Nothing could go right.

  • And whether it was about me or my friends,

  • or something at home, it just - I just wasn't happy that day.

  • And someone came up to me, or not even came up to me

  • - just walked by me and said something like I

  • like your hair.

  • Or you look rested today, or whatever it was,

  • seemingly insignificant, but it had the most significance

  • because it completely turned my day around.

  • And that's the kind of thing that I

  • felt and recognized and told myself.

  • I made a mental note.

  • And I was like you know what?

  • I'm gonna do that from now on.

  • Whenever - I'm gonna make it a point at least once a day,

  • if not more, hopefully 10, 20 times a day.

  • To walk up to someone or walk by someone

  • and point out something about them that I like,

  • or say something nice and positive,

  • because it could change their day.

  • It could make them feel good about themselves,

  • and it will actually.

  • Because I know that it felt - made me feel that way.

One person can make the biggest difference.


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旁觀者的革命。Nina Dobrev | Bad Day (Bystander Revolution: Nina Dobrev | Bad Day)

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