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  • With climate change, we face a choice: action or inaction.


  • If we don’t act, the global average temperature will continue its rapid climb,


  • and the temperature changes in the United States will mean serious impacts across all sectors of the U.S. economy.


  • Today, we are already seeing more extreme weather: rising seas, changing rain and snow patterns and more drought.


  • These impacts, and others, are expected to worsen with climate change.


  • But what if we come together, as a global community, to address climate change?


  • EPA’s newly released "Benefits of Global Action Report" looks at the consequences if we don’t act, and the pay-off for the U.S. of global action.

    EPA 最新發表的報告「全球氣候行動的益處」探討不採取行動的後果,以及全球氣候行動對美國的報酬。

  • If we act on climate, all Americans, especially our children and grandchildren, will see the benefits in our health and our environment.


  • We can prevent tens of thousands of premature deaths annually in the United States by the end of the century, through air quality improvements and less extreme temperatures.


  • By the year 2100, we can cut the increase of severe drought by half,

    在 2100 年之前,我們可以將嚴重乾旱的發生率減半,

  • and avoid more than 10 billion dollars in agriculture losses per year, helping keep food prices affordable.


  • We can prevent billions of dollars in infrastructure costs by the end of the century,


  • cutting the number of vulnerable bridges in half, and saving Americans approximately three billion dollars in annual costs to coastal property, and up to seven billion dollars in road repairs.


  • We can prevent the most severe climate impacts, if we act now.


  • The choices that we, and the global community, make today are the legacy we will leave to our children and grandchildren.


  • U.S. leadership is crucial to global climate action.


  • The Clean Air Act, established by Congress, obligates us to protect the health and welfare of Americans, today and tomorrow.


  • That’s why EPA is taking action to address the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

    這就是為什麼 EPA 正準備宣布美國溫室氣體釋放最大的來源。

  • EPA’s Clean Power Plan will cut hundreds of millions of tons of heat-trapping carbon pollution from power plants while cutting harmful smog and soot-forming emissions, too.

    EPA 的綠能計畫會減少發電廠數百萬的吸熱的碳污染,同時減少有害的煙霧和黑煤的釋放。

  • Our fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks will cut over 6 billion tons of carbon pollution and save Americans 1.7 trillion dollars at the pump.


  • We're acting to make a difference on climate change.


With climate change, we face a choice: action or inaction.



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B1 中級 中文 美國腔 氣候 行動 變遷 減少 全球 美國

美國崛起!保護環境的先鋒 (Climate Change in the United States: Benefits of Global Action)

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