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  • Whoever brought in the most money after six months was usually hired.


  • Yes, hello, Chris Gardner calling for Mr. Walter Ha

    嗨, 我是克里斯 賈納, 我找沃爾特. 荷布先生

  • We were all working our way up call sheets to sign clients.


  • from the bottom to the top, from the doorman

    從名單最後一個打到第一個, 從管理員

  • to the CEO. They'd stay till seven.

    打到到總裁. 他們會待到七點

  • But I had Christopher. I had to do in six hours what they do in nine.

    但我有克里斯多佛. 所以我必須在六小時內完成他們九小時的工作

  • Good afternoon, my name is Chris Gardner. I'm calling from Dean Witter

    午安, 我是克里斯 賈納, 迪安. 維特公司的

  • In order not to waste any time, I wasn't hanging up the phone in between calls

    為了不浪費時間, 我在每通電話間都不掛上電話

  • Okay. Thank you very much!

    好, 非常謝謝你

  • I realized that by not hanging up the phone


  • I gained another eight minutes a day


  • Why good morning to you. My name is Chris Gardner, and I'm calling from Dean Witter

    早安. 我是克里斯 賈納, 迪安. 維特公司的

  • I also wasn't drinking water so I didn't waste any time

    我也不喝水, 這樣就不會浪費時間

  • in the bathroom


  • Ah, yes, I'd love to have the opportunity to...okay. No problem at all, sir. Thank you very much

    對, 我希望有這個機會...好,完全沒問題. 非常謝謝您

  • but even doing all this


  • After two months I still didn't have time to work my way up a sheet


  • (secretary) Walter Ribbon's office. Yes hello my name is Chris Gardner

    (秘書) 沃爾特. 瑞本的辦公室. 哈囉 我的名字是克里斯 賈納

  • and I'm calling for Mr Walter Ribbon. (secretary) concerning? (Chris) yes ma'am, I'm calling from Dean Witter.

    我找沃爾特. 瑞本先生 (秘書)什麼事呢? (克里斯) 是的女士, 這裡是迪安. 維特公司

  • (secretary) Just a moment

    (秘書) 請稍等

  • (Walter Ribbon) Hello? (Chris) Mr. Ribbon, hello sir

    (沃爾特) 哈囉 (克里斯) 瑞本先生, 哈囉

  • My name is Chris Gardner, I'm calling from Dean Witter (Walter Ribbon) Yeah, Chris? (Chris) Uh, yes Mr. Ribbon, I would love to have the

    我是克里斯 賈納, 迪安. 維特公司的 (沃爾特) 什麼事, 克里斯 (克里斯) 你好, 瑞本先生,

  • opportunity to sit with you to discuss some of our products, and I'm certain that I could be of

    我希望我有這個機會當面向您介紹我們的產品, 我肯定能為您做點事

  • some assistance to you. (Walter Ribbon) Can you be here in twenty minutes? (Chris) Uh, twenty minutes? Absolutely!

    (沃爾特) 你可以在20分鐘內趕過來嗎? (克里斯)喔, 20分鐘? 沒問題!

  • (Walter Ribbon) I just had someone cancel. Come now! I'll give you a few minutes before the 49ers.

    (沃爾特) 我剛好有一個約取消了, 快來吧! 我會在49人隊比賽前給你一點時間

  • Monday night football, buddy. (Chris) Yes sir. Thank you very much (Walter Ribbon) See you soon. (Chris) Bye bye

    星期一晚上可是橄欖球比賽的時間阿, 兄弟 (克里斯) 是的 先生, 非常感謝你 (Walter Ribbon) 待會見 (克里斯) 掰掰

Whoever brought in the most money after six months was usually hired.



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