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  • Hey it’s Marie Forleo and youre watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business

    嘿,我是瑪莉.芙萊奧(美國跨多行業專家),你正在收看的是Marie TV,這裡能讓你學會創造你所熱愛的事業

  • and a life that you love. And today is Q&A Tuesday and that means today’s question


  • comes from Miss Kristen and she writes:


  • Hi Marie, here’s my Q. What is something you know now that you wish you’d known earlier


  • to help get where you are today? Thanks so much, Kristen.”


  • Kristen, this is a fantastic question. You know, it’s in my DNA not to have regrets,


  • so everything that I experienced kind of on my whole path, for me, it’s been quite perfect.


  • All the missteps, all the mistakes, theyve helped make me stronger and it’s actually


  • made me more equipped to help and support people today. But when I really thought about


  • your question one thing came to mind.


  • You know, I think about all the time that I wasted that I can never get back trying


  • to figure out what to call myself. So youve got to realize, when I first started out as


  • a coach I was also a bartender and I did fitness and I did hip hop through Crunch and with

    我也是個酒保,我也健身,我還在Crunch健身房穿著Nike球鞋跳嘻哈 (譯註: Crunch Fitness是美國連鎖健身俱樂部,在全球有超過140家的據點)

  • Nike. Now, I spent tons of time and I would torture Josh on these beach walks practically

    我花了很多時間在上面,甚至和我老公喬許在沙灘散步的時候,還逼他一起陪我搞定 (譯註: Josh Pais為Marie Forleo的老公)

  • crying trying to nail my elevator speech. I mean, was I a business coach, was I a life

    我的電梯簡報,那時候幾乎就快哭出來。我想說的是,我到底是一位商業教戰導師? (譯註: elevator speech泛指在非常有限的時間的場合,將內心可能醞釀已久的想法濃縮成精華,有效地把重點說出讓對方知道)

  • coach, was I a productivity coach? Do I tell people about Nike and fitness? What about


  • my love for marketing and spirituality? I mean, am I the hip hop life coach?


  • Ok, so I actually didn't do that then but I’m really happy I did it now because it


  • was fun. So here’s the thing, what I didn't realize way back then was the thing that’s


  • so much more important than some canned elevator speech was the depth and the quality of my


  • work. I wish I could tell my younger self, hey, just keep growing, keep focusing on serving


  • more people, improving your skills, and everything will be just fine. Now, I know of course some


  • people can easily describe who they are and what they do in a quick sentence and that


  • can be really, really useful for getting ahead, but for me that’s never been the case and,


  • to be honest, it’s still not the case now. But it has never held me back. So if I could


  • tell myself, my younger self, one thing it would be this: forget about the speech and


  • enjoy the beach.


  • Now, even with all that said I really wouldn't change any of it because, number one, that


  • experience really helps me relate to multi passionate people who struggle to fit themselves


  • into a conventional box, much like me. And, of course, number two, I get to love on Josh


  • even more because he was so patient with me when I ruined so many of our romantic beach


  • walks. So let’s wrap this up with a tweetable.


  • If you could avoid all your mistakes, you’d miss everything you learn from them.


  • That was my A to your Q Kristen, thank you so much for asking it. And now I would love


  • to hear from you. What’s one thing that you know now that you wish you’d known sooner?


  • As always, the most awesome discussions happen after the episode over at,


  • so come on over there and leave a comment now. Don't be shy.


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  • Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special


  • gift that only you have. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you next time on MarieTV.

    你那獨一無二的天賦,非常感謝你的收看,我們下回再於Marie TV上見囉

Hey it’s Marie Forleo and youre watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business

嘿,我是瑪莉.芙萊奧(美國跨多行業專家),你正在收看的是Marie TV,這裡能讓你學會創造你所熱愛的事業

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【MarieTV】凡事如果早知道的話,會變得如何呢? (The One Thing I Wish I’d Known Sooner)

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