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  • Look at my face, so sweet and pure They let me sing even though I have a stu-u-uter

  • We're hangin' tough We punch the air Cus like the honeybadger we don't f***ing caaaaaare

  • This song was made by a gay computer We all sing high cus we're neutered

  • Baby we make real bands go home and slit their wrists. We are the seventh sign of the apocalypse

  • We're running now cus we don't know what water is You don't know Oh oh You don't know we're terrible

  • You thought that boy bands were dead, and gone, But just like cancer, and aids we're still going strong

  • 10 million tween girls and old perverts can't be wrong. Let's all point and run

  • Pointing at stuff is such fun Point Point We don't know we're almost done

  • What's going on? I see your thong Girl, did you know that I've got the same one ooon

  • We're on the beach doing a sport We didn't bring any beach stuff not even shorts

  • Here comes a girl who was paid to be here Lets all split one luke warm beer

  • Me and my four friends all want you so desperately Now that I say that out loud it sounds quite creepy

  • Come back here, you're not in danger of pregnancy Cus we don't know oh oh

  • We don't what boners are Now lets do the nana part

  • This is the part where we na nana Every hit song needs a na nana

  • You'll wake up at night screaming na nana My grandmothers nickname is Nana

  • And now I'll point to the place where you make babies I want somebody to grow old and point with me

  • I like the fact that we wear the same size Capri's I don't know oh oh

  • I don't know that I'm gay yet Someday he'll come out of the closet

  • In five years I will O.D. on heroin One of us will be the Justin, I think it's me

  • Oh I don't think so, bro I will be the Justin one You will be the fat Fatone

  • F**k you I will be in Musicals

Look at my face, so sweet and pure They let me sing even though I have a stu-u-uter


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是什麼讓你美麗 - 一個方向的模仿!帥氣的鑰匙 #57 (What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction Parody! Key of Awesome #57)

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    ivy 發佈於 2021 年 01 月 14 日