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  • Hi, this is Kei from Asian Boss.

  • A cultural phenomenon called,

  • "Kabe-Don" exploded in popularity in Japan.

  • So we thought

  • it'd be interesting to see how "Kabe-Don"

  • would be received in Western culture.

  • Like, how would non-Japanese women react

  • to Kabe-Don being tried on them?

  • So what is a Kabe-Don?

  • I'm introducing like a cultural trend which is happening in Japan right now.

  • OK

  • It's called a Kabe-Don.

  • Have you guys ever heard of a Kabe-Don before?

  • No, what is it?

  • Do you know what a Kabe-Don is?

  • Have you ever heard of Kabe-Don?

  • No, I have no idea, what is it?

  • A "Kabe" is a wall,

  • and "Don" is like a sound effect of when the guy kind of hits the wall.

  • Lets say that Sean was an attractive female,

  • and Sean liked me.

  • You're so hot, Sean.

  • Let's say that I'm hot, too.

  • Sean has to be attracted to me. OK?

  • In the midst of the conversation.

  • I put my hand on the wall,

  • and then I speak into his ears.

  • It's usually like a cheesy, dominant type line.

  • Like um... "You're going to be my girl",

  • or something like that in Japanese.

  • Today I want to demonstrate this,

  • and then see what kind of reactions you would have.

  • OK, you have to look into my eyes,

  • and another thing is you're attracted to me.

  • Wow...

  • I havn't drunk anything,

  • but I'm so intoxicated by you.

  • Oh my god, that is so good.

  • I'd definitely date you after that.

  • The way that you were like on me like that,

  • that was amazing.

  • You make me go crazy.

  • Normal Kabedon

  • Double Kabedon

  • French Kabedon

  • (Just pretending to speak French)

  • Tree Kabedon?

  • I was feeling a bit off today,

  • but you definitely turn me on.

  • How did you feel about this Kabe-Don?

  • I'm in Love.

  • I'm in Love.

  • Do you think that something like this could actually work in a Western world?

  • I think it could yeah, definitely.

  • Kind of felt it?

  • Definitely, I'm not really sure about the sentence but...

  • The whole action could, you know, it could work.

  • No, it didn't make me feel uncomfortable.

  • I don't know if in real situation,

  • and if I didn't know you and you would just come like that,

  • I would feel a bit like, oh wow, whats happening...?

  • But if you are like friends, or if you have being dating each other

  • and you would make this action to me,

  • I would not...

  • freak out...

  • I would love it.

  • I actually would.

  • I wouldn't say no to that.

  • I mean... yeah

  • Yeah, who would not love it.

  • Don't go nuts with "Kabedon" unless you want to get sued for sexual harassment.

  • Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more cool videos from Asian Boss:)

Hi, this is Kei from Asian Boss.


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