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  • Perfect. Post.

    拍的真好 「發佈」

  • I’ve taken this selfie over 100 times make sure I look as hot as possible.


  • OhhNed and Ariel got engaged. Like.

    噢…尼德和愛芮訂婚了 「讚」

  • I hate this post I wish you would stop posing photos if you have a happy perfect life.

    我恨死這則動態了 一點都不想看到你們的幸福快樂人生

  • North Korea’s Internet crashes, Okay, that’s cool and all, but can someone, like, feed us or something? says North Koreans”. Tweet.

    「北韓民眾: 『網路掛了,嗯酷哦,但我們全都快餓死咧,難道沒人在乎這個嗎?』」

  • Ahhit took me over an hour to get that joke under 140 characters.

    呼…這笑話花了我一小時多才搞定(註: 推特有140字的字數限制)

  • Just partying with my bros. Send


  • In reality, I only send you the pictures when I’m partying so I look like tons of fun.

    我只有玩樂的時候才發照片 好讓大家以為我的人生超有趣

  • Drove to the Chinese bakery for snack. Hash tag food porn. Post

    開車去中國烘培店買點心~ #食物特寫 發佈

  • I only take photos and ethnic food so you know that I’m more culture than you

    哼 發異國食物照顯示我多元文化的特質

  • Not to call anyone out but I don’t have time for people who act like theyre still in high school. Post.


  • I’m definitely calling you out and you f*ing know who you are.

    就是在說你 你這渾球心裡有數

  • @Rihanna. Youre my spirit animal. Let’s be best friends. Hash tag mom. Tweet.

    「@蕾哈娜,妳是我的精神象徵,讓我們當好麻吉! #媽媽」

  • Notice me Senpai! I‘m your biggest friend.

    快注意我啊學長!!! 我可是妳的頭號粉絲

  • Lolugly face. Send.

    嘿嘿嘿 鬼臉 「傳送」

  • To be honest, I would never Instagram ugly selfie. Um..Snapchat lasts for like five seconds.

    拜託 我才不傳醜照到Instagram Snapchat就好多了 相片持續5秒就消失

  • Slay queen you look flawless. Comments.


  • I know you definitely don’t want this account you probably never read this.

    雖然留不留言都沒差 妳可能也不會看到

  • But I comment anyway.


  • Ashley Perez invited you toAshley’s Super Duper 1989 Listening Party”.


  • That sounds like could be fun so I say maybe.

    聽起來不錯餒 我「可能參加」

  • Haha…I’m definitely not going to that sh*t cause maybe means no.

    ㄏㄏ…我才不會去勒 「可能參加」就是「絕對不去」

  • My father’s doctor who survived war-torn Korea.


  • My butts on the internet. I feel sad now. Tweet.

    我卻在這邊爽爽上網 我太可惡了」

  • I totally forgot who I was second and saw in mirror thought.

    我剛剛一度忘了自己是誰 照鏡子才想起來

  • Oh sh*t. An Asian man broke into my house. Tweet.


  • Is it racist that the first thought I had when I saw my reflection was I want Chinese food?

    我看到鏡中倒影的第一個想法是: 「給我中國食物!」這樣算種族歧視嗎?

  • I’m definitely drunk.


Perfect. Post.

拍的真好 「發佈」


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