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  • A day has passed since a TransAsia Airways plane crash-landed into a river in Taipei.

  • Recovery efforts are underway. At least 31 are confirmed dead but the death

  • toll is expected to climb as a dozen people are still unaccounted for.

  • Connie Kim has the latest. SOV "Mayday, mayday, engine flameout."

  • Those are the final words... from the pilot in the cockpit before a TransAsia Airways

  • plane crashed Wednesday morning into a river in Taipei, killing at least 31 people.

  • Dramatic video footage captured by a car dashboard camera shows the ATR-72 clipping a bridge

  • shortly after takeoff... and crashing into the Keelung River.

  • There were 58 people on board. After the Kinmen Islands-bound fight plunged

  • into the river, 15 people were pulled out of the wreckage.

  • Rescue workers are searching the recovered fuselage and the surrounding waters for the

  • remaining 12 passengers. Most of the passengers on board were Chinese,…

  • and China is communicating with Taiwanese officials to provide the latest information

  • to the victimsfamilies. The city of Xianmen, just off the coast of

  • the Kinmen Islands, where the plane was headed, is also gearing up to support the passengers

  • relatives.

  • "As soon as the entry permit is issued, we will fly the family members there. We are

  • hoping to take them over by tomorrow morning,"

  • Aviation officials said the flight lost contact just minutes after take off from Taipei′s

  • Songshan Airport... and they are still searching for clues as to what caused the crash.

  • With both of the aircraft′s black box flight data recorders retrieved, officials are hoping

  • for more information as to what happened. The crash was the airline′s second fatal

  • accident in seven months, raising questions about the company′s safety protocols.

  • Connie Kim, Arirang News.

A day has passed since a TransAsia Airways plane crash-landed into a river in Taipei.


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泛亞空難至少31人死亡 대만 여객기 이륙직후 하천 추락....최 31명 사러러 (TransAsia plane crash kills at least 31 대만 여객기 이륙직후 하천 추락... 최소 31명 사망)

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