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  • So Keira I absolutely loved Imitation Game. I keep saying it and saying it but I genuinely

  • from the heart loved this film when I came out. -Thank you very much.

  • What was is that made you want to be a part of it because it is an amazing story?

  • It is an amazing story. I first read about Alan Turing in the Guardian about, maybe five

  • years ago. I keep saying five it might be less than that I don't know. And I remember

  • reading the article and thinking how do I not know who this person is and what he did

  • and what was done to him? And being sort of, just completely shocked by it really. So I remember

  • phoning my agent up and saying look if there is a film of this, because I sort of have

  • a feeling that there will be, you know would you keep your eye out for it because I'd really

  • love to be a part of it and then a couple years later she phoned up and said well actually,

  • do you remember that conversation? Because here it is. -Amazing.

  • I think you look at the cast - I'm not a huge part in this - and a lot of actors who normally

  • play very big roles have come in to do tiny bits and I think it's all because everybody

  • felt like it was a very important story to tell.

  • But it was so well cast, everyone was just so perfect in their role.

  • Morten was very lucky. That's what he said, I think he got all of his first choices just

  • because everybody was just like, yep definitely want to be a part of that.

  • I'm not surprised. It turned out amazingly and I want everyone to go and see it and

  • love is as much as I did.

  • Well, hopefully. -Maybe a young audience who aren't familiar with Alan Turing's story,

  • how would you sell it to them?

  • Well, I guess you can only say what it's about, which is he was the man that broke, one of

  • the men that broke, the enigma code in the second world war, which was basically the

  • reason that we beat the Nazis--who was gay and was prosecuted for being gay and then

  • chemically castrated by the British government. So I think this is a story about the tragedies

  • that can occur when you allow prejudice into policy and for that reason I think it seems

  • very relevant because I think prejudice is always a problem that we have within all of

  • our societies--very much still today and there's potential brain drain that can happen when we don't celebrate

  • differences but we allow those to build up barriers between us so it feels like a very

  • important story to tell for lots of different reasons.

  • Matthew Beard called it Avengers in cardigans so that's how I'm selling it to the kids. -Avengers.

  • Avengers, yeah here you go kids. It's Avengers in cardigans. That's amazing.

  • Good one, Matthew Beard.

  • And it has got a very strong feminism kind of topic to the whole film. Could you draw

  • on any real life experience from that to put into your character?

  • Yeah, sure you know I'm one of only two actresses in this film and normally I'm the only one.

  • I really go out of my way to sort of try and find, try and find films with more women in

  • them. It's really, really, really hard to do that and so yes, clearly--I think it's

  • something like there's one female actor's job to every 100 males or something like that.

  • In every single walk of life the under representation is absolutely huge so I think that's also

  • why this felt relevant from that point of view as that feminists today are still fighting

  • for a place at the table and equal pay and actually that's exactly what Joan Clarke was fighting

  • for in 1943.

  • I have a quick code breaker game to play with you. -Oh no.

  • It's alright, they're really easy. -Okay. -These are all your films and people at home

  • can play along as well. This one's really easy. -Okay, that's got to be The Imitation

  • Game. -There you go, see. Benedict was quite good. There was two he couldn't get for him.

  • They're all that you're in.

  • I'm in... Anna Karenina. -They're you go, see. Not doing so badly. -Oh what's that? -Thick dabble in meek.

  • Thick dabble in meek.

  • -What's that? Give me a clue!

  • One of your early films. -Early films... It's not... Oh, Bend It Like Beckham. -There you go.

  • Phobia benefits rat race. I don't know what that is. -It's one of your bigger films. -Pride

  • and Prejudice. No, because they'd have to be two Ps. Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • There you go. See, you got all of them.

  • I hate this. I was exhausted. The last time I did quite well. Radio Times interview, let

  • me tell you, I did quite well on the anagrams. This one, I've ruined it.

  • It's alright, you're a great code breaker. -Thanks, yeah good. -Alan Turing would be

  • proud. -Yeah, yeah, yeah obviously.

So Keira I absolutely loved Imitation Game. I keep saying it and saying it but I genuinely


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