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  • Benedict.

  • Hi.

  • I honestly, from the heart, loved this film.

  • - Oh, terrific. Thank you. - And I love that I can come in and say that.

  • - Me too. Thank you very much. - And genuinely mean it, so much.

  • And I want everyone to love it as much as I did and I want everyone to see it.

  • Oh good. Well, get out there and tell them.

  • Well, this is where I need your help.

  • Okay, come on.

  • What would you say to a young audience who aren't as familiar with the story to make

  • them go and see it?

  • I mean, it's funny. It's really thrilling, it's war thriller. It's also about an extraordinary

  • human being who is really important to our modern lives. If you have an iPhone, if you

  • use social media, if you understand what it is to connect through technology, if you feel

  • like you've ever been an outsider or you've been bullied or people see you as being something

  • other than the conservative of idea of the norm, normal - whatever that means - then

  • this is a hero for you. This is a man that you should understand and know the story of

  • because his work and his life was a full expression of that and he's so important to us, you know,

  • from this to the fact that we managed to crack a code in the war that stopped the Nazis from

  • taking over and having fascists rule in this country. And look at what's going on at the

  • moment, so it's not a history lesson; it's something that's, sadly, incredibly relatable

  • to today. Very relevant, very current.

  • You do learn a lot from it as well.

  • You do, but I think it's very easy on the kind of, 'And now we're doing the science bit.' It's

  • not like that, it's a really fast-paced, thrilling, intelligent but smart and funny kind of film

  • to introduce bigger ideas to and we know that we're telling this to an audience that we

  • want to have a wider understanding of this matter. Of course, for experts there are better

  • jumping off points to go to after the film, through Andrew Hodges amazing biography and

  • amazing amounts, reams are written about cryptography and everything that Alan Turing did,

  • both with that but also he was involved in biology; if you have any interest in science as a kid,

  • this is fascinating but even if you don't it's just alarmingly brilliant how diverse this

  • man's talents were.

  • There is a great quote in here which I found really touching which was, 'Sometimes it's

  • the people no-one imagines anything of that do the things that no-one can imagine.'

  • Yeah, you may think that you've got nothing to offer the world but actually you really

  • do just because you are who you are and that's a hugely important message in the film.

  • Are there any other quotes like that in the film that inspired you?

  • That's a big one. God, many. I mean yeah, there's one I try to hold on to a little bit,

  • and I'm being lazy because I've said this before but my brain is- I've got very odd

  • quotes from Richard III swilling round my mind which are not good things to hold on

  • to, but amazing. I would say there's one by Desuso which my fans know, so forgive me those

  • of you who are watching, but it's 'Dance like no-one's watching. Sing as though no-one can

  • hear you' No, yeah, sing as in no-on can hear you, erm, 'Love as though you've never been

  • hurt. And live life as though heaven is on Earth.' I think that's quite a good motto

  • to hold on to.

  • Yeah, it is.

  • It's just about being free and being yourself really and not being inhibited by the idea

  • of being judged.

  • I loved this film and I genuinely came out touched. My friend who went with me was in

  • tears and it was a wonderful film.

  • -Great. Thank you so much. -Thank you so much.

  • That's wonderful to hear. Thank you.

  • It's lovely to meet you.

  • Thank you.



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