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  • Have you ever liked someone so much that it terrified you?


  • So you end up spending all of your energy trying to hide it.


  • I wonder what he's getting out of the fridge.


  • You are so quick to assume they're dating someone and act so happy about it.


  • I didn't know you and Andrew are dating. I'm so happy for you! That's so great!

    我不知道妳和 Andrew 在一起耶。真為妳感到開心!真是太棒了!

  • - We're not. You know that. - Really?

    - 我們沒有啊,妳明明就知道。 - 噢!真的嗎?

  • Yeah. Don't you like Andrew?

    是啊。妳不是喜歡 Andrew 嗎?

  • And to throw everyone off, you make up fake crushes.


  • You know who I actually like? Um... Dan from IT. Never even met that guy.

    妳知道我真正喜歡的是誰嗎?嗯... 資訊部的 Dan。你根本沒見過那男的。

  • You try to subtly highlight how compatible you both are.


  • I liked "Apollo 13." But you're right, no one else liked it, except...

    我喜歡《阿波羅 13 號》,但你說得沒錯,沒有其他人喜歡,除了...

  • Well, I think Andrew liked it, right?

    嗯,我記得 Andrew 也喜歡,對吧?

  • Oh, yeah... I guess you and Andrew were the only two that liked it.

    對耶... 我猜妳跟 Andrew 是唯二喜歡那部電影的人。

  • Yeah!


  • Hmm... neat.

    嗯... 真不錯。

  • Argh, just say we're destined!


  • - I'm gonna get another cookie. - The cookies were so good.

    - 我要再去拿一塊餅乾。 - 那些餅乾真的超好吃。

  • Oh! And you have to always forget them on a guestlist.


  • - Eigue, Quinta, Justin... that's everyone, right? - What about Andrew?

    - Eigue、Quinta、Justin... 就這些人了吧? - 那 Andrew 呢?

  • Oh! Uh... he's like, kind of creepy though, right?

    噢!呃... 他有點詭異耶,不是嗎?

  • - What? No! We have to invite him. - Yeah, total... I mean...

    - 什麼?才不是!我們一定要邀請他。 - 對啦,當然,我是說⋯⋯

  • Then you freak out and say hi to everyone else but them.


  • Alisha, good to see you!


  • - So, what's going on tonight? - Hi, Ashley.

    - 那大家今晚怎麼樣啊? - 嗨,Ashley。

  • Oh! Hi Andrew, I didn't see you there.


  • It's just that you're so scared that they'll find out you like them.


  • So even though you want to talk to them, you just come off rude.


  • - Hey, Ash. - I think now it's my chance while I'm still young to grow it longer.

    - 嗨,Ash。 - 我覺得趁我還年輕,這是把頭髮留長一點的好機會。

  • - It looks fine. - Don't... It doesn't look fine. Your hair is... stupid.

    - 看起來還不錯! - 別... 才沒有不錯。你頭髮看來... 很呆。

  • Not like stu... Oh! Kill me.

    也不是很... 噢!讓我死了吧!

  • Do you think she likes me?


  • Yes! Yeah...


  • Girl... girls are weird.

    女生... 女生是很奇怪的。

  • - Girls are weird... Yeah.- Girls are weird, yeah.

    - 女生真奇怪,沒錯。 - 是的,女生都很奇怪。

Have you ever liked someone so much that it terrified you?


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女孩們,喜歡他時,妳會有這些奇怪的表現嗎? Weird Ways You Hide Your Crush

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