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  • Where did Halloween come from? Turns out, it's been with us a long time.


  • It started as an ancient pre-Christian Celtic festival of the dead.


  • See, for the Celts back then, November 1st was their New Year's—that was the day that they switched from fall to winter.

    是這樣的,11 月 1 日是當時凱爾特人的新年,也是從秋天入冬的日子。

  • It's also the time of the year that they believed the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead was at its thinnest.


  • That meant that the dead could hang out with the livingthat's not comfortable for anybody.


  • They had a festival called "Samhain".


  • It was the most significant holiday of their entire year.


  • They believed it was on Samhain the souls of all the people that had died that year finally travel to the other world.

    他們相信就是在 Samhain 當天,當年的亡魂才會終於前往靈界。

  • To help them get there, the living people lit bonfires to honor the dead to help them along their journey and also to keep them away from the living.


  • In the early centuries of the first millennium, Christian missionary showed upthey wanted to change the religious practices of the Celts.


  • But rather than just obliterate the existing pagan holidays such as Samhain, they tried to transform it.

    但與其殲滅像 Samhain 這類的異教節日 ,他們試圖進行改造。

  • So what the missionaries did was basically say, "Hey, all those supernatural DD's that you worship, they're evil, they're demonic, they're spirits, they're scary.


  • Then they slapped the new Christian holiday on November 1stAll Saints Day.

    接著他們用新的基督教節日「諸聖日」取代 11 月 1 日原本的節慶。

  • So now everyone was supposed to worship the Saints on November 1st instead of the dead during the festival of Samhain.

    所以現在每個人都應該要在 11 月 1 日敬奉聖人,而非在 Samhain 節供奉亡魂。

  • It didn't workAll Saints Day became known as All Hallows.


  • But it was the night before All Hallowsthe eve of All Hallowsthat people continued to celebrate in the spirit of Samhain as a time of the wandering dead.

    但人們卻是在萬聖節前一天晚上,也就是萬聖節前夕,繼續慶祝 Samhain 的精神,將其視為亡魂出沒的時期。

  • Eventually, All Hallows Eve became Hallow Evening, which eventually became Halloween.

    最終,萬聖節從 All Hallows Eve 變成 Hallow Evening,最後演變為今日的 Halloween(萬聖夜)。

  • Basically, an ancient Celtic, pre-Christian New Year celebration that, over the last couple thousand years, lost its pagan context and transformed into one of the largest secular holidays of modern times.


Where did Halloween come from? Turns out, it's been with us a long time.


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Happy Halloween!! 萬聖節的由來竟然是!? (Where did Halloween Come From?)

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