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  • X brought the Mega Man formula to 16 bits. X3 let you play as Zero for short periods

    X將Mega Man公式帶到了16位。X3讓你在短時間內扮演零號。

  • of time. X4 had an entire Zero campaign, though one couldn’t switch characters mid-game.


  • Yet folks deride the series for a lack of innovation and diversity? Awright, kids, buckle


  • down, because X5 goes wild with the changes. And it starts... by throwing out the robots

    因為X5的變化太瘋狂了。它開始... 扔掉機器人... ...

  • names as printed in the game’s own manual, replacing them instead with... a litany of

    遊戲手冊上的名字,取而代之的是... ... 一連串的... ...

  • Guns ‘N Roses references. No, seriously. This dude’s “Spike Roseredin the booklet,

    槍炮與玫瑰的參考。不,說真的這傢伙的 "穗Rosered "在小冊子。

  • but get to the game and... Axl the Red. And he’s a rose. Axl... yeah. That’s low.

    但到了比賽現場... But get to the game and...Axl the Red.And he's a rose. Axl... yeah.Axl... yeah.That's low. - Axl... Yeah.

  • That’s so low, it’s Axl Low.

    太低了,這是Axl Low。

  • First off, the sky’s coming down. Maybe not the sky, but just this colony satellite,


  • infected by the Sigma Virus and speeding toward Earth. Your recourse is... this laser cannon,

    被西格瑪病毒感染,並加速向地球移動。你的手段是... 這個激光炮。

  • deep in disrepair. And to refurbish it, you need to beat down... the members of Guns ‘N

    深度失修。而要翻新它,你需要打倒... ... "槍炮 "的成員。

  • Roses, who happen to be holding parts and materials critical to the destruction of the


  • colony. Along with these comes a deadline: Each time you enter a stage, it takes an hour


  • of the precious time remaining until impact. The difficulty and strength of bosses scale,


  • with a level indicator near their life bars, and certain upgrades to your armor can only


  • be obtained from bosses of sufficiently advanced levels. These customizable armor sets, as


  • well as whether to use X or Zero, can be configured before each stage. And then there’s clouds


  • of... computer viruses... and I’m not even sure how the heck that works, except that

    計算機病毒... 我甚至不知道這到底是怎麼一回事,除了... ...

  • absorbing too many of these Sigma-faced miasmas can cause X to malfunction and lose health,


  • while Zero instead gains temporary invulnerability. FORESHADOWING, ANYONE?


  • Honestly, these are more changes than I can remember in any other Mega Man title, but

    老實說,這些變化比我記得的任何其他Mega Man標題中的更多,但

  • as a result the whole thing feels kinda off. It’s not one particular thing - except maybe


  • the whole GnR crap - but a combination of an even more strained plot, shoehorned-in

    整個GnR的廢話 - 但結合一個更緊張的情節,鞋的組合在

  • mechanics, and unnecessary layers of convolutedness. The game underneath it all is still good - there’s


  • rarely ever been a “badMega Man game - but there’s a lot of stuff above and outside

    很少有 "壞的 "Mega Man遊戲--但有很多東西在上面和外面。

  • that core experience that ends up detracting from the whole. I appreciate the idea behind


  • a time limit, or levelling up bosses, but just because I appreciate it doesn’t mean


  • it belongs here. Some pretty-boy robot calls the base, says, “Hey, I’m going to attack


  • you! Eventually!” and then sods off, leaving you to wonder just what the hell transpired.


  • This is apparently a big deal... for all of five seconds, and then it’s back to the

    這顯然是一個大問題... ... 所有的五秒鐘,然後它回到了。

  • status quo. That’s pretty much this game in a nutshell. Just add Guns ‘n Roses.


X brought the Mega Man formula to 16 bits. X3 let you play as Zero for short periods

X將Mega Man公式帶到了16位。X3讓你在短時間內扮演零號。


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