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  • Hey guys came down here, Welcome back to my channel.


  • It's been a while since I've actually sat down and done an update video.


  • So it feels a little bit weird, but I want to give you guys a big announcement.


  • So this year I have been a lot more quiet on my main Youtube channel and my social media and I haven't been uploading as much as I usually would and that's because the past couple of weeks months have been super busy and I have some big news which I'm really excited to tell you guys.


  • Long story short, I am going to be moving away from earth and I'm going to be relocating and moving to Sydney, I guess when I say that I am living in Australia, people automatically assume that I live in Sidney.


  • But no, I've never lived there, I was born and raised in Perth, which is about a five hour flight away.


  • I do fly to Sydney quite often for work, but I never actually paid for my own flight to visit Sydney to go on a holiday just because it's so expensive.


  • I can actually buy a ticket to Japan or Singapore Korea for cheaper than paying for a flight to Sydney.


  • So that's why I never actually stayed in Sydney longer than four days because I was only ever here on business trips.


  • So just did not confuse you guys.


  • I am actually currently in Sydney right now and I'm just staying in an Airbnb right now.


  • It's just my temporary accommodation for the next two weeks until I find an apartment to stay in which I would get into a bit later.


  • But I just want to tell you guys how this all happened and why I decided to move to Sydney.


  • It all happened very quickly and suddenly.


  • So I got the news that I was going to be moving to Sydney about a month ago and I was actually in Japan at the time.


  • I was very, very excited to get the news, but I was also a bit worried at the same time because if you guys were watching my vlog channel, so okay, by the way, if you guys haven't yet make sure you guys subscribe to my vlog channel, if you guys want to get updates on what I've been getting up to my life, um I do post on their very regularly, a lot more than this channel.


  • I will link that down below to make sure you subscribe to that.


  • So if you guys have been watching my vlog channel, you would have known that I was in Japan and Korea very recently, Like I said, I got the news that I was going to be moving to Sydney when I was in Japan.


  • So I was really stressed out when I was in south Korea because I knew that when I get back to Australia I had like only 10 days to pack up my whole life to move and shipped over to Sydney.


  • I mean I've lived overseas by myself before and you know I've moved my life back and forth, so I wasn't too stressed about the actual move, I guess I was more stressed about the time limit I had so this time around the move is not going to be like any other move I've done before because I'm actually moving to Sydney with eric, we figured that whilst we are both young it's probably better for us to move to a bigger city because it will help us both tremendously with our Korea's Perf is a very quiet, small and isolated city but it's a very beautiful place and it's perfect to settle down in.

    我的意思是,我以前也曾獨自在海外生活過,你知道我的生活也曾來回移動過,所以我對實際的搬家並沒有太大的壓力,我想我對我的時間限制更有壓力,所以這次的搬家不會像我以前做過的任何其他搬家,因為我實際上是和Eric一起搬到雪梨。我們認為,雖然我們都很年輕,但對我們來說,搬到一個更大的城市可能更好,因為這對我們兩個人的韓國生活都有很大的幫助。 瑞士是一個非常安靜、小而孤立的城市,但它是一個非常美麗的地方,非常適合定居。

  • So I definitely want to go back there in a few years time as life is extremely easy and Children.


  • However right now eric and I are both very Korea driven.


  • So being in a bigger city makes everything so much more easier for us.


  • I've always felt held back living in Perth.


  • I mean I love Perth but there just isn't that much out there, which is why I always fly off to Japan and Korea and Sydney on business trips all the time.


  • If I get work in Australia, it's always in Sydney.


  • So I do fly back and forth between Perth and Sydney very often and I guess it sounds very glamorous when I say that I fly around the world a lot, but in reality that really isn't the case, it gets really tiring and you actually just spend most of your time stuck in airports or in an airplane.


  • It's to the point where I go to Japan for two weeks, I come back to Australia for a week and then I have to fly off to Sydney, then I fly back to perform a bit, then I fly back to Japan for like a couple of weeks and I fly to Korea, then back to perfect and then I have to fly back to Sydney so it just gets really tiring because you just don't get a break.


  • So if I moved to Sydney then I don't have to fly around that much.


  • And it makes sense for me to move to Sydney because I have an agency max connectors.


  • They are located in Sydney and I get invited to a lot of events and I couldn't really go to a lot of them because I was based in Perth.


  • But now that I'm in Sydney, I finally can go to all these events.


  • To tell the truth, I was actually thinking about moving back to Tokyo at the start of this year.


  • So ERic and I have been discussing for quite awhile actually because we've been thinking that we needed to move out of Per for about a year now, but then we both realized that I was actually getting more opportunities in Sydney compared to Tokyo if we moved to Sydney, it kind of makes more sense for ERic as well.


  • Also, I've already lived in Tokyo and I gotta be honest, I think Tokyo is a great place to travel to visit, but living there, I didn't really enjoy it that much, I guess it wasn't really my style and I think I much prefer the Australian lifestyle.


  • So both ERic and I agreed that Sydney would work out a lot better than Tokyo for both of us.


  • It's still in Australia.


  • And if you wanted to fly back home to Perth, it's easier to fly back to Perth from Sydney than Tokyo.


  • And plus if I wanted to fly anywhere around the world it's a lot easier to fly from Sydney because there are direct flights now for those of you who have been following me for a while would have known that I bought an apartment in Perth a couple of years ago.


  • I guess a few of you guys may be curious as to what we are going to be doing with that apartment.


  • So I'm gonna tell you guys now um at the moment we are just leaving the apartment as it is.


  • We have shipped a lot of our belongings over to Sydney, but we are keeping our major furniture pieces in that apartment.


  • We have no plans to rent that apartment out yet.


  • And that's because I am going to be flying back and forth from Sydney and Perth often this year because okay, number one, I still have my wedding to plan and I honestly haven't done anything yet.


  • So it kind of makes sense because I am going to be flying back and forth quite often.


  • So I would like to stay in my apartment when I'm in Perth and also for eric when he comes back to perform our wedding um he would also prefer to stay in our apartment as well.


  • Another reason why we are renting out the apartment yet is because we don't know if we are going to love Sydney or not.


  • I mean the plan is to stay here for a few years, but let's just say for example, if we hate it that much and we want to go back within six months, we'll still have a place to stay.


  • So I think by six months we would have a good idea if we would stay in Sydney or go back to Perf.


  • Um So I thought after the wedding, if we want to stay in Sydney, then we will read at the apartment and move all the furniture to our new place in Sydney.


  • I guess that comes to the next topic, which is the wedding.


  • So, okay, I have already got the date for the wedding.


  • I've booked the venue, I booked the photographers and that is all I've done.


  • I am going back to Perth in two weeks.


  • So when I do, I'm going to try my best to get some planning going to decorations.


  • We need to get a celebrate still.


  • Uh Yeah, so lots of bits and pieces that I have to work on when I get back.


  • Okay, so I just want to tell you guys, I guess the plan on what's actually happening because it's gonna get really messy from here.


  • So actually eric is moving over permanently to Sydney first.


  • I'm only in Sydney for about two weeks because we are trying to find an apartment to stay in and by the way guys of topic.


  • But seriously, the housing prices in Sydney is ridiculously expensive.


  • Like I don't know why people say Tokyo is really expensive to live in because compared to Sydney, it really isn't.


  • Tokyo is so cheap to live in compared to Australia.


  • I pay for rent in a month in Japan is one week in Australia, it's ridiculous.


  • But anyway, so eric and I plan to rent a place for the first year because we can't afford to buy a place in Sydney and also we don't know if we're going to stay in Sydney, there's no point buying a place.


  • But yes, I am here for two weeks first.


  • Then I'm going to fly back to Perth for what it was originally going to be for two weeks because I have a business trip to go to south Korea for I think only four days and that was planned before I knew I was going to be moving to Sydney.


  • So they've already booked the flights and I have to leave from Perth.


  • But then I just got the news that I might have to be back in Sydney at the start of May for another work thing.


  • So I think I'm going to be going back to purple one week this time instead of to fly back to Sydney for a few days, then fly back to Perth for a few days and fly south Korea.


  • So it's gonna be crazy and I really hope that I can keep my cool during that time so I can survive.


  • But then after that Korea business trip I'm going to go back to Perth and I think I might stay for about 1 to 2 weeks together, the rest of my belongings to prepare my move and then book a one way ticket to Sydney.


  • Like I said I'm really excited to move to Sydney because this is something completely new to me if I moved back to Tokyo I think honestly I might get a bit bored in a way just because I've already lived it.


  • I traveled there so much but Sydney is a place I don't go too often and whenever I do I only go for work.


  • So I fly to Sydney rest up, go to work and then I literally go back to the airport and fly back to Perth straight away.


  • So I haven't really explored Sydney at all.


  • I'm really excited to explore the city, find out new things, eat good foods.


  • If you guys have any recommendations on what you think I should do then please let me know in the comment box down below that would be so helpful.


  • I have been in Sydney for about four days so far, so eric and I have been running around like crazy trying to find a place to stay.


  • We have found a place that we both really love is perfect for us.


  • We put in an application just this morning so fingers crossed it will get approved.


  • Um once it gets approved then I guess we move in next week.


  • I have two suitcases full of stuff and we also shit I think 20 boxes of stuff over which should arrive in about 2 to 3 weeks from now.


  • So if you guys are curious to see how I packed everything I did vlog it.


  • So I'll post on my blog channel when I get around to editing that video.


  • Lots of new changes.


  • It's going to be very busy for the next couple of weeks.


  • So hopefully you guys understand why I haven't really been able to upload that much.


  • Just before I left, I did film a few yes style videos.


  • So I'll try and get that up for you.


  • And I also have some really big videos I have planned.


  • Um that's been put on hold for a bit because just the editing has been way too much for me and with everything that has been going on, it's just been a bit too stressful.


  • So I had to put that aside once I get all that done and I'm all settled.


  • Um yeah, I'm just going to start my new life in Sydney.


  • I'm very lucky that I have a lot of friends already in Sydney, so I'm not lonely, I've spent the past couple of days catching up with old friends again.


  • And also I'm really excited to make some new friends because, well, first of all I'm in Sydney and my agency max connectors is here so I can finally go to all the events, the girls and max connectors.

    還有,我真的很高興能交到一些新朋友,因為,首先,我在雪梨,我的機構max connectors在這裡,所以我終於可以去參加所有的活動,女孩和max connectors。

  • They are amazing.


  • So I'm just so happy that you know, I've got all these opportunities coming up, I think that's all for my update.


  • It feels a bit weird talking to the camera like this because it's been so long since I've done any updates at all.


  • I don't really talk about my life that much on Youtube I guess.


  • But yeah, I'm just eternally grateful for all of you guys for all your support the past couple of years because if you guys work there for me, I would not have been able to do what I'm able to do now.


  • So I owe everything to you guys.


  • Seriously, Thank you.


  • Thank you so much.


  • Hopefully you guys keep supporting me and I would do my best to bring you guys the best content this year.


  • I've got some really good ideas that I would try my best to film and edit very soon.


  • So I just want to say thank you.


  • Thank you.


  • Thank you for all your support the past couple of years.


  • It just means so much to me.


  • I don't know how I can thank you guys.


  • If you guys haven't yet, make sure you guys follow my blog channel.


  • It's all linked down below and also my social media, especially my instagram.


  • I will do my best update my stories on there and I see you guys the next video.


  • Bye guys.


  • Mhm.


  • Mhm.


  • Mhm.


  • Yeah.


  • Mhm.


Hey guys came down here, Welcome back to my channel.



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