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  • (laughing)

  • Come on in and join the fun

  • -(squawks) -♪ 'Cause our party's just begun

  • It's such a treat when best friends meet

  • We're inviting everyone

  • So jump right in, There's a lot to do

  • Minnie's Bow-Toons are waiting for you

  • Minnie: Grandma's Sweetheart Softies!

  • Quacker's Crispy Crunchers!

  • Sweetheart Softies!

  • Minnie! Daisy! What's goin' on?

  • Aunt Minnie and Daisy are going to bake chocolate chip cookies for our Spots and Dots Art Show today!

  • But they can't decide which cookie to bake!

  • My Grandma's Sweetheart Softies are chewy, and, oh, so gooey!

  • But I say we go with my Gram Quacker's recipe!

  • We need a bake-off!

  • -Millie and Melody: A bake-off? -Sure!

  • Minnie can bake her Sweetheart Softies, and Daisy can bake her Crispy Crunchers.

  • Then you two can be the judges, and choose the best-tasting one!

  • Millie and Melody: Yay!

  • I'm open to a friendly competition if you are, Daisy.

  • Bring on the baking, Minnie!

  • -(bell dings, crowd roars) -Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's time for the Great Cookie Bake-Off!

  • In this corner, whippin' up her grandma's Sweetheart Softies,

  • -Minnie! -(crowd roars)

  • And in this corner, makin' up her Gram Quacker's Crispy Crunchers,

  • -Daisy! -(crowd roars)

  • Okay, ladies, if your cookies are not the judge's table before time is up, you're out! Any questions?

  • -Uh-uh. -Nope.

  • Then shake,

  • -and let's get ready to bake! -(bell dings)

  • Millie and Melody: Round one: prep!

  • Cuckoo Loca: Minnie's starting off strong, with her signature egg juggle and spin!

  • Daisy's also on a roll.

  • An egg roll, that is!

  • This round goes to the eggs!

  • Millie and Melody: Round two: Mixing!

  • Cuckoo Loca: Minnie's got her egg-crackin' form down!

  • -And they're off to mixin', folks! -(blender whirring)

  • (grunts)

  • Oh! Daisy's gotten into a hairy situation!

  • Millie and Melody: Round three: dough time!

  • Cuckoo Loca: The girls still have to cut out their cookies, and get them baked before the time runs out!

  • (squishing)

  • Aah! Hey!

  • No flinging dough at the referee!

  • ♪♪

  • The cookies are in the oven!

  • Will they finish baking before time is up?

  • -(both whimpering) -(oven dings)

  • -Whoa! -Aah!

  • ♪♪

  • -(chimes) -Cuckoo Loca: They made it, folks!

  • Now it's up to our judges to tell us who will be the winner of the Great Cookie Bake-Off!

  • This cookie is the gooiest--

  • And crunchiest chocolate chip cookie ever!

  • -We have a winner, folks! -(crowd roaring)

  • The new Friendship Flower chocolate chip cookies!

  • -(crowd roaring) -Minnie and Daisy: Yay!

  • I love the crunch!

  • And I love the gooeyness.

  • Best of all--

  • Both: Together, they make the perfect cookie!

  • -(bell dings) -Now, the only question is, who's gonna clean up this mess?

  • I guess it's time for the Great Cookie Clean-Up!

  • And this time, I'll be the judge!

  • -(clattering) -All: Daisy!

  • (all laughing)



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