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  • we were actually printing out our mayors manifesto tonight and it's a 50 page document with all the detailed things we want to do for this city and it's got all the things you would expect.

    我們實際上是打印出我們的市長宣言 今晚,它是一個50頁的文件,所有的詳細的事情 我們要為這個城市,它有所有的事情,你會期待。

  • Like I got big plans to just get the city kick started off with getting like 20 million people into London with a big celebration and I want to, I want to cut certain taxes to promote business and I've got plans for knife crime and more police on the streets and housing and transport.

    就像我有一個大計劃,只是讓城市開端 與獲得像2000萬人到倫敦 與一個大的慶祝活動,我想,我想削減某些稅收 促進業務,我已經得到了計劃 刀犯罪和更多的警察在街道上 和住房和交通。

  • But one of the things in there, martin is digital freedom of speech.


  • It's the fact that these digital network sometimes stop us from saying certain things and when you go in the real world, you find it's a different story.


  • But when you go online, it's almost like a scary movie, like one of the movies you would be in martin yet.


  • It doesn't always reflect what's really going on.


  • And I think that's when, when we start getting digitally censored, there's an issue and I think I was fighting for it last year.


  • But as mayor of London, I think I can really go head to head against some of these platform and say, you know what enough is enough.


  • There has to be a point where we can express certain views because right now those tech companies are almost more powerful than governments and again, they can kind of promote a certain line of thinking that you adopt without knowing it because especially for the kids these days, you probably know this martin their reality and their digital reality is almost the same thing.


  • Whereas when you and I grew up, we remember a time where you weren't your instagram account, a lot of these kids, you are only your instagram account or your Snapchat account.


  • And so it gets a little weird when a corporation is controlling your identity, so there's real issues here and we just need to be talking about them and have some people that will fight back.


  • And it helps to be an independent voice because I don't have a party.


  • I have to check with, I don't have tens of millions of corporate donations.


  • I don't have some backroom deal going on, you know, with some person in a parliament.


  • I gotta check with, I just give it to you straight and I get the best ideas and I put them out there.


  • So it's an interesting time to say the least.


  • I think as well, like with what you, what you were saying about the control and the freedom of speech on social media and so on.


  • It's a very different time because this is still new.


  • Um, you know, if it was 10 years ago, everything that you see on the news and reading the newspaper, you just take his gospel because there was no other voice, There is no other, there's nothing else really challenging it.


  • There's no, there's no movement and to have a voice, you have to be on that network now, you can have a good following and you can have an opinion or you can have people on.


  • So there's, there's lots of challenging views, um, which like you said, there seems to be shut down if it's not going direction they wanted to be.

    所以,有,有很多 具有挑戰性的意見,嗯, 就像你說的,有似乎被關閉 如果它不是去的方向,他們想成為。

  • So I think having someone like yourself who wants the opportunity to bring back the ability to have freedom of speech and to have options to voice opinions.


  • Um, I think it's going to be a good thing to be honest.


  • I mean, this time is to be control over this obsolete.


  • You don't want a complete lunatic to have the freedom.


  • But looking back in history, there's plenty of lunatics that have been able to put their opinions that crossed and be very successful.


  • And there's limits.


  • I mean, I tell everybody, I mean, you know, freedom of speech is okay, as long as you're not inciting violence and hatred or overthrowing the governments and that's, that's for sure.


  • But if you look at history, any time that we censored people, we burned books, we restricted information is usually when we did some dark things in our human history, it's never led to some enlightened place.


  • It's always gone the other way.


  • So, so we have to look after it for sure.


  • But you know, there's these traditional gatekeepers you're talking about.


  • I mean, 30 years ago, the BBC was the source of information in this country.


  • And whatever they said was gospel.


  • Um, we're seeing now a time where we're going to see a transfer to where that's going to go digital, we're seeing it come close now, but we still have traditional gatekeepers, like news channels tell newspapers.


  • Even political parties are kind of these, these old school gatekeepers, right?


  • They have to decide if you're in the Labour Party, you have a 50% chance of winning.


  • If you're in the Conservative party, you have a 50% chance of winning.


  • But now, because I've been on digital media for 10 years and I'm the oldest Youtuber at Youtube headquarters, by the way, you know, there are all younger than me, but at least I've got these platforms where we've been putting our messages directly to people for the last six months I've served up.


  • I kid you not like 1.4 billion impressions of my campaign videos, my policy videos, everything, so we're going straight to the people.


  • Whereas traditionally people have to wait to get a call from the BBC or the Evening Standard or the Conservative party to even have a chance.


  • And we're going to see at one point, martin we're going to see it switch to where maybe there's no parties anymore.

    我們會看到在某一時刻,馬丁... ...我們會看到它切換到也許沒有黨了。

  • Maybe you just vote digitally, Maybe there's no candidates anymore.


  • We're going to see, but we're right on the edge of that and I don't know if we're going to snap it this time, but we're very close because I can do an interview in the evening standard, it can be watched 10,000 times, we can have this conversation and it might be watched 100,000 times.


  • So, you know, who's in control?


  • It's an interesting time and we're trying to break that.


  • Yeah, I mean, it's definitely a transfer of um, of power when it comes to views on our networks and platforms and so on.

    是的,我的意思是,這絕對是一個轉移 嗯,權力的時候,它涉及到意見 我們的網絡和平臺等等。

  • And it gives you a it gives you a massive voice, having this ability to speak as well as we do, um, which is one of the reasons I might run from there next time, to be honest.

    它給了你一個它給了你一個巨大的聲音, 有這個能力說話,以及我們做的,嗯,這是一個原因 我可能會運行從那裡下一次,說實話。

  • Wait a second.


  • Okay.


we were actually printing out our mayors manifesto tonight and it's a 50 page document with all the detailed things we want to do for this city and it's got all the things you would expect.

我們實際上是打印出我們的市長宣言 今晚,它是一個50頁的文件,所有的詳細的事情 我們要為這個城市,它有所有的事情,你會期待。


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