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  • - Hey, I'm kind of sorta late on my rent.

  • So if the landlord asks if you've seen me, you haven't.

  • Nice to meet you too, but I'm actually not new here.

  • I've lived in this neighborhood for like five years.

  • I just don't leave the house during daylight hours, like ever.

  • I think we should all wear name tags around the apartment building.

  • It'd make things so much friendlier.

  • Don't you think?

  • I mean, I know everyone's name already anyway, but it'd be good for everyone else.

  • Oh, this is a cute place.

  • Not really how I would have furnished or decorated it whatsoever, but still cute.

  • Oh, what are you doing with the landscaping?

  • Why would you put a bush there?

  • It looks terrible.

  • You know, the guy who used to own your house, he never would've put a bush there.

  • You donut.

  • Hey neighbor, I saw you hired an electrician yesterday.

  • Next time don't throw away your money.

  • Just give me a call.

  • I can't promise I'll be happy to hear from you, but unlike them, I will actually fix the issue and only charge you a 12 pack of beer.

  • Wow, this is a really nice apartment.

  • How much money are you making to afford this view?

  • I'm sorry, was that an inappropriate question?

  • Excuse me, are you the one who keeps leaving his laundry in the dryer for hours and hours after it's done?

  • Your shirts are gonna be so wrinkled, it's going to take forever to iron them.

  • Look at your life, look at your choices.

  • You're welcome over anytime.

  • My door is always open.

  • Well, unless the door is closed, that is.

  • Then you better knock first because who knows what I'll be up to? (laughs)

  • Yeah.

  • I'll probably just be watching TV.

  • Hi, I brought you cookies.

  • Oh my gosh, but I didn't even ask if you have any food allergies.

  • What kind of a fool am I?

  • Hey there.

  • Sorry for knocking so furiously on your door.

  • I just keep seeing your dog in the yard and I really want to know his name so I can greet him properly when I walk by.

  • I was guessing his name is Roger.

  • Is that close?

  • So listen, if you don't see anyone in and out of this apartment for a few days or weeks or months, let's say hypothetically a year plus, don't assume I'm dead.

  • The last neighbor made that assumption and made for a very awkward check-in with the police.

  • Just want to let you know I'm here if you need anything.

  • Like a good neighbor this guy is there

  • (laughs) I mean, what our neighbors for?

  • And I know you'd be there for me if I ever needed anything, right?

  • Right, neighbor?

  • I'm afraid I'm not great at the whole neighborly thing.

  • Like don't come to my place asking to borrow a cup of sugar or whatever, because I probably won't have sugar in my apartment.

  • If you need life advice on the other hand, I've got lots of that.

  • But like actual useful assistance with day-to-day things, I'm not your guy.

  • I'm putting together a planning committee for the annual neighborhood charity festival.

  • I thought you'd be a great addition, so I went ahead and signed you up.

  • First meeting is Wednesday at 7:00 PM, I'll see you there.

  • I'm sorry if it was a bit noisy over at my place last night.

  • You might've heard a lot of weeping sounds, maybe some sobbing into a pillow.

  • Yeah, that was a movie I was watching.

  • A real long sad movie, on repeat, all night long.

  • Hey, thanks for watching.

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  • Till next time, stay cool and attractive.

- Hey, I'm kind of sorta late on my rent.


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16 Personalities as Neighbors(16 Personalities as Neighbors)

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