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  • well hello and welcome back to the channel  in this episode the traveling trio became the  


  • traveling duo as my dad daniel returned back to  canada after six weeks traveling together across  

    旅行的二人組,因為我的父親丹尼爾(Daniel)在 阿根廷和烏拉圭(Urguay)

  • argentina and uruguay he flew back home while  sam and i hopped on a flight south to begin the  

    一起旅行六個星期後返回加拿大, 他在山姆(Sam)和我跳下飛機後飛回了家

  • patagonia argentina leg of our journey but before  we parted ways we had time for one final meal in  

    我們分道揚鑣我們 的 旅程阿根廷巴塔哥尼亞的腿,但之前我們有時間在 阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯

  • buenos aires argentina and some reminiscing  as we walked through the city parks in bloom

    最後一個吃飯 ,回憶中的一些作為,我們通過盛開的城市公園走去

  • we try to visit this restaurant every time  we're in the city you know it by now oh perfecto


  • i'm having a filet of fish which is merlutzo  i think in english they call it lighting or  


  • something like that with the mashed potatoes  and to hydrate us that's what we're having

    類似的土豆泥,並給我們 補水,這就是 我們所能做的,

  • okay you i'm having a chicken  milanesa it's called suprema  


  • some fries how is it it's good i mean  this is like party home-cooked meals  


  • apparently the tiramisu is really good here so  we're gonna have to try that for dessert yeah  


  • for sure well people we just finished having lunch  we went to the bodegon norte to visit our friend  


  • rogelio which is the owner super person  beautiful human being he always treat us like a  


  • royalty we ate like what can i tell you but  in this place it's amazing like i mean the the  

    ,我們吃了像什麼我可以告訴你,但在這個地方像我指的是 部分 是驚人的特許

  • portions are huge and the prices are affordable  all the way i think i had that uh merlusa filet  

    權使用 費 價格巨大,價格一直都可以承受,我認為我那裡的 魚 菲爾

  • which is a filet or breaded fish and i think  that one with the mashed potatoes came to about  


  • 450 u.s four dollars and fifty cents yeah and  everything is like that around five dollars per  


  • person you have a full course meal and now  we are sitting in one of these typical uh  

    您可以享用一頓全餐,現在我們坐在 阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯

  • squares of buenos aires argentina here they call  them plaza in north america plaza is a different  

    的這些典型呃 廣場中,他們在北美稱之為廣場。廣場是另一

  • thing it's like a shopping mall but here in latin  america a plaza is a city square here where you  


  • have a park you know and these are the typical  plazas in buenos aires argentina square city block  


  • and look at the trees look at the tiles where you  the walkways everything is styled beautiful the  

    上看樹木,在瓷磚上看,在人行道上所有東西都被設計得漂亮漂亮。 Ë

  • buildings too every single building is a different  shade of color beautiful day about 25 degrees  

    建築物過於每一個建築的色彩美麗的一天約25度 的一天

  • day after tomorrow i'll be in toronto with -15  minus 17 snowing anyways tomorrow we're gonna  

    以不同的色調 後天我會在多倫多與-15零下17下雪反正明天我們要去

  • be flying these two are going to patagonia  argentina i'm going to canada and maybe next  


  • trip this trip we did the tukuman saltahui the  previous trip we did mendoza always cordoba  

    一次旅行,我們做了tukuman saltahui,上一次旅行,我們做了門多薩,總是科爾多瓦

  • buenos aires argentina of course maybe the next  trip we'll do patagonia i can go to patagonia  


  • and i can do the atlantic coast where i live  so many years in the city of necogea i've never  

    ,我可以 去 大西洋沿岸,在necogea市生活了很多年,我從來沒有

  • been back 50 years so yeah that's all we have for  now we're going to take a little walk to kind of  


  • digest you know the boa constrictors and  the alligators they go on the sun to digest  


  • but us we have to walk it yeah you know  that's a lot of food right it's a lot of food  


  • a good bottle of wine that it can never be without  when you have a meal here in argentina totally  


  • affordable beautiful city come and visit beautiful  city you know you won't be disappointed let's go


  • well here we are final moments of the  trip the last six weeks have come and gone  


  • yeah the trip is over for me yeah you saw a lot  of argentina a bit of uruguay yeah very nice trip  


  • very nice uh areas that we visited you get to see  togo your son togo is uh been six weeks without  

    非常愉快,我們去過的地區你會看到多哥,你的兒子多哥是沒有 父親的

  • his father so it's a little bit chubbierthink i saw some pictures it's a little bit uh  

    六個星期, 所以有點胖了,我想我看了一些照片,有點像個

  • a fighter because apparently with the cold weather  he's hungry and he wants to eat three times a day  


  • so if they don't feed him the last feeding feeling  at night before he goes to bed he starts crying  


  • and uh acting up so yeah he put on a little bit  of weight but uh we wanna exercise him now and see  


  • if goes back to normal you know that's it we're  waiting for the taxicab to come and pick us up  


  • yeah and take us to zesa and well we'll see  you when we film back in canada take care  


  • the drive to a cesa international airport is about  40 minutes with no traffic but we always like to  


  • give ourselves a little bit more time just in  case also i know we've mentioned this in other  

    給自己一點點還有更多的時間,以防萬一我也知道我們在其他 視頻中

  • videos but this trip was pre-pandemic hence  the crowded airport and lack of masks anywhere  

    也提到了這一點, 但是這次旅行是大流行前的,因此機場擁擠,任何地方都沒有口罩,

  • this is also where we said bye to my  dad since we were flying out of two  


  • different terminals though we forgot to film it  

    不同的 地方飛行 候機樓,雖然我們忘了

  • at the airport at the airport this is our  first time coming to essays and flying from  

    在機場的機場 拍攝, 但這是我們第一次來徵文,是從

  • the tiny little domestic wing and where are  we going have we told people where we're going  

    很小的國內機翼上 飛來的,

  • in tint hint wink wink yeah we're going  to probably one of the most famous places  


  • in patagonia barloche but guys last time wewouldn't say we got stuck in that area we really  

    以淡淡的眼色眨眨眼,是的,我們“可能要去 巴塔哥尼亞巴洛什 最著名的地方之一,

  • wanted to explore the lake district and we are  going back there for a little bit but the main  


  • goal of the second phase of our trip post your  dad going home is we are going to head to the far  

    很想探索湖區,我們要回去一點,但是 您父親回家後第二階段旅行的 主要 目標是,我們將前往

  • south of patagonia to the ends of the ends  of the earth and we're going to travel there  

    巴塔哥尼亞的最南端,到達地球的盡頭,我們將在那裡 緩慢 旅行

  • slowly and we couldn't be more excited patagonia  like i'm all in on patagonia argentina this is  


  • my favorite part of argentina like pants downcan't wait to go back reminds me a lot of british  


  • columbia the province i'm from in alberta alberta  close to british columbia that little sliver  

    哥倫比亞 省 筆者從艾伯塔省靠近我到不列顛哥倫比亞省的小條子

  • that pretends that it's kind of nearby british  all right all right let's compete but anyways  


  • i thought it would be uh appropriate to have  a patagonia beer cheers cheers to patagonia  

    我認為 讓 巴塔哥尼亞啤酒為巴塔哥尼亞喝彩加油是很合適的

  • oh that's good make good beer and yeah we just  got some chips we've got some sandwiches coming  

    哦,這很好地釀造了好啤酒,是的,我們只是得到了一些薯片 ,幾分鐘後便

  • in a few minutes and yeah couldn't be more excited  like i feel so pumped for this part of the journey  

    有了一些三明治 ,是的,就像在這段旅程中我感到非常興奮一樣 ,我們 不會感到興奮

  • and we're going to see more of you on camera  we're going to see more of me on camera i've  


  • been hiding behind the camera well you and your  dad have been doing an awesome job of hosting but  


  • yeah i'll be doing a little more talking at least  in the english videos and um what a great trip we  


  • had with your dad six weeks of a real adventuremean it was great like we saw some amazing places  


  • our health wasn't fantastic on this trip we kind  of were all dropping like flies at various points  


  • but i mean it's just part of the journey and um  yeah he's flying home to some very cold weather  


  • in canada and we are we're gonna be we're  heading into summer so it's the opposite  

    加拿大 一些非常寒冷的天氣

  • season over here in argentina so kind of feelbit bad for them i think it's like -15 in snow  

    ,我們要去夏天了,所以那是 阿根廷 的相反 季節,所以對他們來說有點難過,我認為這就像在降雪中-15

  • the flight time to bariloche was just over two  hours and it was a really nice and smooth flight  


  • then once we landed we hopped  in a taxi and got a ride to  


  • the most picturesque lakeside  cottage that we found on airbnb


  • hello welcome to home sweet home our  little cottage for the next few nights  

    你好,歡迎來到甜蜜的家,在接下來的幾個晚上, 我們的 小屋

  • we just got here and it's a beautiful place it's  so cozy you guys we're next to a lake surrounded  

    來到這裡,這是一個美麗的地方,你們是如此的舒適,我們接下來到 被森林和山脈

  • by forests and mountains yeah we're outside  the city we purposely chose a place outside  

    包圍的湖泊 ,是的,我們在城市外面,我們故意選擇了 巴里洛切

  • bariloche because when we came here for the first  time a few months ago we just fell in love with  

    之外的地方, 因為幾個月前第一次來到這裡時,我們愛上了

  • this area we're like around kilometer 18 right  now like around secuito chico which is the big  

    這個地區,就像18公里左右現在就像我周圍的secuito chico是大型

  • circuit you can drive just outside body dodger  where you get to see the mountains and the lakes  


  • so yeah it's a beautiful area we got here  a bit late so the only restaurant nearby  


  • it's kind of fancy and you have to make  reservations we called but there was no  


  • space left for tonight maybe tomorrow that wasn't  really an option and then we didn't stop and do  

    今晚可能 沒有 空,也許明天不是真正的選擇,然後我們

  • groceries tonight either so we were without food  but our airbnb host is so nice so generous she  

    今晚 也沒有停下來做 雜貨,所以我們沒有食物,但是我們的愛彼迎房東非常友善,她

  • insisted she had to feed us i'm like no no no  we're okay we can drink tea and coffee showed  


  • up at our door with like a bag full of food like  spaghetti tomato sauce such a nice gesture i'm so  

    在我們家門口,就像一袋裝滿意大利麵條,番茄醬之類的 食物, 真是個不錯的手勢,我 對早餐

  • impressed breakfast food she's been so helpful and  friendly so far she's giving us really good tips  

    感到 印象深刻,她一直都非常樂於助人和友好到目前為止,她為我們提供了很好

  • of how to get around gave us a transportation card  yeah yeah we're just piecing together a little  

    的出行 提示 ,並給了我們交通卡。是的,我們只是拼湊了一點

  • pasta meal which is this is wonderful that'll be  uh that'll be dinner we're having a workation here  


  • we're not gonna be filming as much as we normally  would but we're gonna be getting caught up in work  


  • and exactly having a great day that's all for now  but we'll see you soon with an epic argentine food  


  • tour featuring all sorts of craft beer chocolates  and local dishes with wild boar and trout  


  • plus we'll also be taking you on a day trip  to a pretty spectacular island so stay tuned


  • you

well hello and welcome back to the channel  in this episode the traveling trio became the  



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