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  • Oh, Gary.

  • Good to see you.

  • Oh, Hey.

  • So, how the heck are you?

  • Uh, great. Everything's great.

  • How about you?

  • Oh, you know, hanging in there.

  • I hear that.

  • Well, I better be...

  • Things have been real tough, you know, planning the funerals.

  • Uh, Th-th-the funerals.

  • Yeah. We'll have the wakes next Tuesday.

  • Closed casket, of course.

  • I know you're usually free Tuesday nights, which is part of the reason why I scheduled them then.

  • Oh, you really, really didn't have to do that.

  • I know you'd do the same for me.

  • Right. Well, I'm sorry for your losses.

  • Thank you. Thank you.

  • Well, enough about me, how is your dad doing?

  • I know he had knee surgery a couple of weeks ago.

  • Uh, well, uh, he's great.

  • You know, he's, he's got his painkillers, so he's feeling no pain.

  • The pain is killed.

  • Well, you know me, Gary.

  • I know all about that.

  • I was hooked on painkillers for years.

  • Nearly died. Went to rehab.

  • Got clean last year.

  • I'm never touching another one ever again.

  • Of course, you wouldn't.

  • But enough about me, how's the job going?

  • Are you still working for that consulting company downtown?

  • Oh, uh, yes, I am.

  • That's, that's just incredible, Gary.

  • Are you... still doing that job that you had previously?

  • No, thank God.

  • Yeah, yeah. I remember you hated that job.

  • Well, as you know, I was unemployed and living on the street before.

  • Well, thank God you have a job now.

  • So, uh, what is it?

  • It's what I always said I wanted to do.

  • Wow.

  • Well, that is great that you get to do what you always said you wanted to do.

  • -And you inspired me to go after it. -Wow.

  • I tell everybody.

  • I tell them, "My buddy, Gary, he's the reason I'm here."

  • I am flattered.

  • I've lost about 30 grand so far, but I'll make it back.

  • You've lost money at your job?

  • That's just one of the risks of being a professional gambler, Gary.

  • But enough about me, how's your girlfriend, Cynthia doing?

  • She's great.

  • Andrew blue, 2018, Hyundai Santa Fe, still running well?

  • Running like a dream.

  • But how about that 5K you were training for?

  • Oh, I-I ran it

  • All 5Ks.

  • Just r-ran them out.

  • That's incredible, Gary.

  • Well, I really have to get running, but it was great to see you.

  • Great seeing you, too.

  • Always great.

  • I'll see you around.

  • Oh, see you next week.

  • Oh, right. At the, uh, the, the funeral.

  • The, the wakes. Plural.

  • Right. Okay. Well, bye.

  • Bye now.

  • Jeez, that guy just dominates a conversation and won't stop talking about himself.

Oh, Gary.


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