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  • got a billion to spend in only one day to spend it.


  • Here's how you could blow a billion dollars online.


  • A private island in Dubai would set you back $455 million which is already nearly half your money.


  • A modern house in the Babe I can France, complete with swimming pool, would cost an additional 45 million.


  • If that's still not flashy enough for you, you can also blow 225 Casa Encantada, a mansion in Bel Air that's the most expensive property in America.

    如果這對你來說還是不夠華麗,你還可以吹225 Casa Encantada,這棟位於Bel Air的豪宅是美國最貴的房產。

  • You could then buy a gigi out on eBay for 168 million, followed by a Gulfstream to RV for 4.9 million, then as a car for a day to day transport.


  • You could buy in 1966 Ferrari to 75 GTB, the most expensive car ever sold online at a price of three million.

    你可以在1966年買到法拉利到75 GTB,這是史上最貴的車,網上售價300萬。

  • You can also buy a 2013 Robinson R 44 raven to helicopter for 325,200.


  • And if that isn't enough air transport for you, you can buy a Boeing BBJ two for 66 million with the remaining money, you could buy a whole plethora of collectibles, including a Honus Wagner baseball card for 1.1 million, an original movie poster for 1930 one's Dracula at 1.25 million.


got a billion to spend in only one day to spend it.



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網上消費十億美金 (Spending a Billion Dollars Online)

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