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  • [What is Clubhouse?]

    [什麼是 Clubhouse?]

  • In this video, we're going to go over the APP clubhouse.

    在這支影片中,我們會介紹 Clubhouse 這個 app。

  • We'll explain how to join and how the APP works.

    下面我們就來介紹一下如何加入以及這個 app 的使用方法。

  • Use the clickable sections to skip to each part.


  • [How to join?]


  • Clubhouse is invite-only, meaning that anyone who wants to join has to be brought in by someone who already has an account.

    Clubhouse 只能被邀請,也就是說,任何想加入的人都必須由已經有帳號的人加進來。

  • If you don't have an invitation, you can still download the app and put your name on a waiting list.

    如果你沒有邀請函,仍可以下載此 app,並將你的名字放在等待名單上。

  • But there's no guarantee you'll be given access.


  • It's currently only available on iOS.

    目前,只開放 iOS 系統使用。

  • [How Clubhouse works]

    [Clubhouse 如何運作]

  • Clubhouse is a social media platform where people can meet up to host, listen to and join live audio conversations called rooms.

    Clubhouse 是一個社交媒體平臺,可在此遇見主持人、收聽和加入被稱為房間的直播談話中。

  • Unlike other platforms, Clubhouse is audio-only, so you won't find any videos, text or photos here.

    與其他平臺不同的是,Clubhouse 只能用聽的,所以你在 Clubhouse 上找不到任何影片、文字和照片。

  • On Clubhouse, you create a handle and profile, which people can follow.

    在 Clubhouse,你可以創建檔案讓別人追蹤。

  • You can choose to follow as many other accounts as you like to stay updated on what rooms they're hosting.


  • On the home page, you'll find the hallway, which is your main page made up of live dropping audio rooms that you can join and leave for free at any time.


  • Join a room by tapping on it, and you'll immediately start listening live.


  • You can also host your own public or private room by setting one up here.


  • There are always dozens of conversations happening at the same time in Clubhouse, which allows you to jump between subjects and speakers based on your interests whenever you want.

    在 Clubhouse 裡會有幾十個談話同時發生,這讓你可以隨時根據自己的興趣在主題和主持人之間選擇。

  • Want to learn more about how to use clubhouse?

    想了解更多關於 Clubhouse 的使用方法嗎?

  • Check out our other video in the description below.


[What is Clubhouse?]

[什麼是 Clubhouse?]

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什麼是會所? (What Is Clubhouse?)

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