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  • A new restriction on the upcoming Tokyo Summer Olympicsthat's where we start the week here on CNN 10.

    我們本週 CNN 10 的開場是,即將到來的東京夏季奧運會有了新的限制。

  • I'm Carl Azuz, thank you for watching.

    我是 Carl Azuz,謝謝你的觀看。

  • The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of problems for these Games.


  • They're still called the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but while they were originally scheduled to start on July 24th of last year, they've been postponed until July 23rd of this summer, with the Paralympics scheduled to begin on August 24th.

    雖然仍叫 2020 年東京奧運,但本應於去年 7 月 24 日開始舉行的賽事已經延後到今年夏天的 7 月 23 日,而殘障奧運則計劃於 8月 24 日開始。

  • The Olympic Organizing Committee just announced over the weekend that spectators from other countries will not be allowed.


  • People who already bought tickets will get their money back, and it's not clear yet how many people from Japan will be able to attend the Games.


  • The reason for the new restriction, according to the International Olympic and Paralympic Committees, is that the international COVID situation is still very challenging and that international travel is still severely restricted.


  • Organizers say the decision will help keep the Games safe and secure, but it could hurt Japan economically without the visits and spending by international tourists that usually benefit Olympic hosts.


  • The decision to delay the Games has already taken a toll on some athletes, though others are grateful for the extra training time.


  • Olympic fencer Ryo Miyake took up a new job last year, delivering food for Uber Eats to make extra cash and stay in shape during the pandemic.

    奧運擊劍手三宅諒去年接了一份為 uber eats 送餐的新工作以賺取外快,並在疫情期間保持身材。

  • His training stopped for several months after Tokyo announced the postponement of the Olympics.


  • He's since resumed practice, but the physical and mental challenges remain.


  • [Japanese] It's like running a full marathon for four years.

    [日文] 這就像跑了四年的全程馬拉松。

  • [Japanese] Adding another year is like, we have to keep on running before reaching the goal.

    [日文] 再加一年,就像我們要繼續跑馬拉松才能達到目標。

  • With the Olympic Games just months away, it's still unclear how Japan plans to hold the Games safely.


  • While the Japanese government has vowed the Games will go ahead, a poll in January by public broadcaster NHK found that 77% of people in Japan think the Games should be canceled or further postponed.

    雖然日本政府信誓旦旦地表示比賽將繼續進行,但公共廣播公司 NHK 在 1 月份進行的一項民意調查顯示,日本有 77% 的人認為比賽應該取消或進一步延後。

  • [Japanese] I think it's quite risky to hold the Olympics in Japan at this stage, but I think all athletes understand that safety is the first priority and I don't think there are any athletes who want to compete in the Olympics no matter what.

    [日文] 我認為現階段在日本舉辦奧運是相當冒險的,但我想所有的運動員都明白安全是第一要務,我想沒有任何一個運動員認為無論如何都要參加奧運,

  • At stake are tens of billions of dollars and Japan's national pride.


  • But for athletes, a lifetime of dedication hangs in balance, as does their mental well-being.


  • And we've started to see more and more Olympic athletes and aspiring Olympic athletes coming through our support system, and having to put yourself through not only the level of training that these athletes are working at 6, 7 days a week but also to stay as mentally hungry and driven.

    而且我們已經開始看到越來越多的奧運運動員和有志於奧運的運動員在我們支持下熬過來,不僅要讓自己達到每週 6 到 7 天的訓練水準,而且還要在精神上保持一樣的飢餓感和動力,

  • And trying to reach a goal that isn't yet actually finalized and fixed at a set date and time is really, really tough.


  • And eventually, that will take its toll on the mental health of these... of these Olympians.


  • But sport climber Akiyo Noguchi was happy to have an extra year of practice.


  • She was planning to retire after the Tokyo 2020 Games when sport climbing was supposed to make its Olympic debut.

    她計劃在 2020 年東京奧運後退役,當時運動攀登應該是首次亮相的奧運。

  • She's pushed back her retirement by one year in order to make the Olympics the last competition of her career.


  • 10-second trivia: Which of these nations is estimated to have the highest literacy rate?

    10 秒問答,這些國家中,哪個國家的識字率最高?

  • China, Slovenia, Malta, or South Africa?


  • The US Central Intelligence Agency estimates that Slovenia has the highest literacy rate on this list, at 99.7%.

    據美國中央情報局估計,斯洛維尼亞是以上識字率最高的國家,高達 99.7%。

  • When COVID hit, so many charities and non-profit organizations found themselves in the same boat.


  • How do they continue helping people when in-person interactions are limited?


  • Like a lot of schools out there, a group called Eye to Eye went virtual.

    就像很多學校一樣,一個叫 Eye to Eye 的團體變成線上化。

  • That way, it could keep connecting students who have learning disabilities or students who learn differently with mentors who share their struggles.


  • The organization's founder, David Flink, is a CNN hero.

    該組織的創始人是 CNN 的英雄, David Flink。

  • When people think about me, it's like, that, I can't talk right or, like, I'm dumb.


  • No, I'm just unique in my own ways.


  • Everybody is unique in their own ways, if you think about it.


  • I remember, fondly, really loving school, and that feeling ended probably first or second grade.


  • I didn't know that I have dyslexia.


  • I didn't know, but I had ADHD.

    我不知道,但我有 ADHD (注意力不足及過動症)。

  • And I could either be the dumb kid or I could be the bad kid.


  • Instead of sitting there and feeling dumb, I just started acting out.


  • And they would say, "Dave, we think it would be best for youand all of usif you went to the hallway to finish that assignment."


  • At one point, literally, my desk was moved to the hallway.


  • Had this message sent to me that I didn't belong in the classroom.


  • But there was a guy in the school [who] cleaned the floors, and the timing of me being outside the classroom and him, like, cleaning the hallway


  • There was a lot of time together, when Jim the janitor just stopped to talk to me.

    我們有很多時間會在一起,因為清潔工 Jim 會停下手邊的工作和我說話。

  • It was probably the most human experience I can remember at that point in my life.


  • It was just a kind person that saved me.


  • I felt like people had invested in me.


  • Despite challenges, I made it.


  • And I went on to Colombia to get a graduate degree in education because I wanted to help make school better for kids.


  • I struggle a ton with spelling.


  • - Do you have any of that or is that not... - Yeah, I don't like the spelling.

    - 你有這些嗎,還是...? - 對,我不喜歡拼寫。

  • Fifty percent of students in high school, if you have a learning disability, end up in the juvenile justice system.

    如果你有學習障礙,高中生中有 50% 的人會進入青少年司法系統。

  • Where do we want our students to end up: in prison or contributing members of society?


  • I had a responsibility to go give back.


  • Today's project is the utility belt, so we're gonna be thinking of things that help us in the classroom and out of the classroom.


  • Check out some art supplies.


  • Eye to Eye is a national program that matches college and high school students who have all types of learning disabilities with young people of all types of learning disabilities.

    Eye to Eye 是一個全國性的項目,它將有各種學習障礙的大學生和高中生與有各種學習障礙的年輕人進行配對。

  • We have 150 chapters in 23 states now.

    我們目前在 23 個州有 150 個分會。

  • - Drawing, tell me about drawing. - Basically, it builds up my confidence.

    - 畫畫,說說你對畫畫的看法。- 基本上,它可以讓我有自信。

  • You just know that about yourself. That's great.


  • Eye to Eye provides a safe space that's constructed around what's right with kids so they can talk about their experiences.

    Eye to Eye 提供了一個安全的空間,這個空間是圍繞著孩子們的權利構建的,所以他們可以談論他們的經驗。

  • So you get distracted easily? What else, like, gets in your way or is tough for you to overcome?


  • We use art as a way to help facilitate that conversation.


  • Middle school is really where kids, they have the maturity to say, "Hey, this is how my brain works, and I can ask for that thing."


  • Okay, so our goal is to get to the moon.


  • What's, like, a goal you have in real life?


  • I definitely click more with the girls in the room that are a little bit reserved and shy.


  • - You could do it like this and have the thing like this. - I like that idea.

    - 你可以這樣做,然後有這個東西。- 我喜歡這個主意。

  • Learning differences manifest in different ways.


  • But for me, I was definitely, really, like, ashamed of it.


  • And that kind of led to just me being super self-conscious and shy.


  • I, like, see that in those girls a little bit.


  • They're not the ones to volunteer to present first, ever; towards the end, they're dragging me up to the front of the room to present with them.


  • So, it's nice to see that.


  • I love it when I hear that there are kids who are struggling academically and now their grades are going up.


  • But when I hear that because they were in Eye to Eye, they now understand somebody else's experience betteris different than them.

    但當我聽到,因為他們是 Eye to Eye 的一份子,他們現在更明白別人的經歷與他們不同。

  • And this is what we need in America.


  • You have to love each other across our difference.


  • What about social studies do you like?


  • - I know all the presidents. - You know all the presidents?

    - 我知道所有的總統。- 你知道所有的總統?

  • That's like a superpower.


  • Something is going very right in the school.


  • My moment that I am wishing for is when the problem of stigmatizing kids because they learn differently goes away.


  • I want them to know that their brains are beautiful.


  • I want them to leave feeling like they know how to ask for what they need and that they can do it, and that's what we give them.


  • Danny Griffiths is a surfer who lost his favorite surfboard in 2017.

    Danny Griffiths 是一名衝浪手,他在 2017 年失去了他最喜歡的衝浪板。

  • At the time, he was on a monstrous wave near the Australian island of Tasmania.


  • He had to jump off as the wave closed down, and despite looking for hours, his group never found the board.


  • A year and a half later, two fishermen picked up the surfboard in Australian waters about 1,700 miles away from where Griffiths lost it.

    一年半後,漁民在澳洲海域撿到了衝浪板,距離 Griffiths 丟失的地方相距大約 1700 英里。

  • They held on to it, and they recently returned it to Griffiths after word finally reached him that his long-lost board was rescued at sea.

    他們一直收存著,直到最近傳出他丟失已久的衝浪板在海上被找回後,他們把它還給了 Griffiths。

  • Well, that's our wrap on current events.


  • It's amazing how they're shaped by time and tide, as we drift around the globe trying to keep you on the crest of everything we've got on deck from nose to tail.


  • Hopefully, you didn't find anything too "boarding" because surf's back up tomorrow and we hope you'll hang CNN 10 with us again then.

    希望你沒有覺得太「無聊」,因為明天要記得上網,希望你明天會在 CNN 10 與我們相見。

  • West Caldwell High School is in Lenoir, North Carolina.


  • It gets today's shout-out because folks there subscribed and commented on our YouTube channel.

    它是今天的致敬對象,因為那裡的學生訂閱並在我們的 YouTube 頻道留言。

  • I'm Carl Azuz.

    我是 Carl Azuz。

A new restriction on the upcoming Tokyo Summer Olympicsthat's where we start the week here on CNN 10.

我們本週 CNN 10 的開場是,即將到來的東京夏季奧運會有了新的限制。

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