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  • Hi guys, so today i want to talk about five  things that learning another language taught me

  • Uh the first language i actually learned was  Spanish and then i went on to learn Portuguese and Italian.

  • And if one thing learning spanish my  first language taught me is it taught me the  skills to learn other languages as well.

  • Oncehad an idea and i'd broken the ice of learning the first language.

  • It gave me confidence and the  background knowledge to then go and learn another language.

  • Definitely the second language Portuguese  and Italian was much easier, but then again perhaps this is because spanish is a similar language to  those and that's why that was easier.

  • I don't know  

  • But you let me know what your experience with this  was as well

  • Another thing that learning a language  really taught me was to see the world in another  perspective.

  • So I'm originally from the uk from  a little town called stratford-upon-avon, and  through my life I really saw the world through that, okay.

  • That was the center of my universe and  although i watched tv and i traveled a little bit.  

  • I never really understood other cultures like I do now until i learn the language of those cultures.

  • It gives you a unique perspective you're able to  speak to the people from that culture in their original language.

  • And it's going to change your  world a little bit.

  • And then another thing that  learning languages taught me was to consume the  media from those cultures as well from those languages.  

  • So when i started learning Spanish i was  suddenly able to watch series and tv programs in those languages, and that let me understand  the culture even better especially films as  well were really really useful.

  • And then i could  also watch youtube videos.

  • For example, I wanted  to learn about Italian cooking, and I ...which i used  to watch youtube videos about Italian cooking by english chefs.

  • And then I soon found out  that that wasn't the real authentic Italian  cooking, that i had to go and discover this  by watching italian chefs explaining how they cook their favorite dishes .

  • So when you learn  the language you can also learn about those local cuisines as well.

  • And as an english teacher  learning another language also taught me how to become a better teacher as well really.

  • Because I could understand the problems that my students had.

  • Because I understood their language and I could  look at my language and see where the languages were different and i could understand how to help  them with that.

  • For example, when I was teaching Spanish, I knew that they used present perfect  for everything.

  • And I didn't really have this  difference between the past simple and present  perfect as english speakers do.

  • So I understood how i could help them and that was really useful  as well.

  • Also being able to look at vocabulary,  and understand where they misunderstand vocabulary .

  • Perhaps there are false friends which they often use and i was able to look at that and help them.

  •   So that's something else learning a language...uh, i really learned from learning a language.

  • But  the main thing that i really learned from learning a language is that it's fun, something i really  enjoyed and it became a hobby.

  • Learning languages is really fulfilling especially when you can go  out and use it with real people, and you can talk to real people as well.

  • So if you're thinking  about learning a language, if you're looking to improve your english, really do it.

  • Because from  my experience there are so many benefits.

  • Enjoy. Make sure you subscribe and like this video  and i will speak to you guys in the next class.

Hi guys, so today i want to talk about five  things that learning another language taught me


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The lessons I learnt from learning a language

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