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  • Do girls fall behind in science and engineering because our society tells them they should


  • be "pretty" rather than "pretty brilliant?"

    她們必須是"漂亮的" 而不是"活得漂亮"?

  • Well that's the message of a new Verizon campaign,

    嗯 這是Verizon 新宣傳活動的訊息

  • and the ad has gone viral.


  • Now a lot of journalists found the ad enthralling. Both NBC and ABC deemed it "powerful." A Slate writer said it was "a blast of refreshing cool air." It

    許多新聞媒體覺得它十分吸引人 NBC 和ABC 讚其"強而有力"Slate 雜誌一名作家表示其為"令人耳目一新的清流"

  • brought tears to the eyes of a reporter at Adweek. But so far, not one of these excited

    它更使Adweek一名記者熱淚盈眶 但迄今 在這些振奮的記者中 沒有任何一位

  • reporters thought to check the facts. Here are just a few examples of dubious information

    想過廣告的真實性 這是一些正確度令人可疑

  • that concern the Factual Feminist. For example: "Confidence drops from 72% to 55% between

    關於 Factual Feminist(真女性主義)的資訊 例如 "在國中與高中間,自信心從 72%落至55%"

  • middle school and high school." What's the source? Verizon provides a list of references

    其資料來源為何?Verizon 提供了參考資料的清單

  • via a link called "DIVE DEEPER INTO EACH OF OUR STATS." But the source, cited for the confidence

    於"Dive deeper into each of our stats"的連結 但關於自信下降的資料來源

  • drop, is an internet info-graphic posted by someone associated with a website about online

    是來自於一個圖表資料網站 其貼文者來自於一個

  • engineering degree programs. And what does this confidence gap really mean? Does it refer

    線上機械工程課程網站 那麼所謂的"自信斷層"究竟代表甚麼呢

  • to confidence in math and science or overall self esteem? That is never explained and no

    它意旨在數理方面的自信感 或是個人整體的自信心?這個疑問從來沒有被回答過

  • source is offered. Why is Verizon relying on some random, poorly sourced Internet graphic

    並且沒有參考來源 為甚麼Verizon 引用一些隨便 難以考證的網路圖表

  • for its research? Let's continue: According to the ad: "66% of 4th grade girls reported

    佐證他的研究?讓我們繼續:根據這則廣告 66%的四年級女生表示

  • that they like science and math1. But by college, only 18% of all engineering majors are female."

    他們喜歡數理 但到了大學 只有18%的機械科目主修生是女性

  • ABC deemed this finding "startling." Startling yes, but it's also deeply misleading. Engineering

    ABC視其結果"驚人的" 的確驚人,但同時也"誤人"

  • is an outlier. Today girls earn 44% of college math degrees, 48 percent of chemistry degrees

    機械不能代表全部 今日,44%的大學數學學位 48%化學學位 及

  • and 61 percent of biology degrees. But why allow some inconvenient facts to get in the

    61%的生物學位皆為女性 但為何只讓特定的負面事實 營造"有力的"

  • way of a "powerful" shortchanged girl narrative? Suppose you said, "66 percent of 4th grade

    女性受迫故事? 假設66%的四年級女生

  • girls like science and math, but by college, only 61 percent of all biology majors are

    喜歡數理 但到了大學 只有61%的生物主修生是女性

  • female" that doesn't quite do the trick. And what's the source for the 66 percent statistic?

    這可不會成功營造效果 那麼66%的數據是從哪來的呢

  • I don't doubt its truthbut Verizon cites a post from the feminist blog JEZEBEL. The

    不是我在故意懷疑 但Verizon 引用一個女性主義部落格JEZEBEL的貼文

  • facts behind the "Inspire Her Mind" campaign are a complete mess. And the deeper you dive,

    "Inspire Her Mind"的廣告背後的事實一團混亂 而探究越深入

  • the worse it gets. You might think, well even if the statistics are muddled, maybe there

    就發現它越糟 你可能想 就算數據是混亂的

  • is truth in the spirit of the video. But that would be wrong. In one pivotal scene, Samantha's

    但影片背後的精神才是意義所在 但這可能是錯的 在其中重要的一幕 

  • curiosity in marine biology is squelched by her father. From this scene, you would never

    Samantha對海洋生物的好奇被他父親壓抑 從這一幕 你完全不會聯想到

  • guess that today girls earn 64 percent of college degrees in marine biology. In another

    在今天 女生占了64 %的海洋生物學學士學位 在另一個橋段

  • segment, we see a slightly older Samantha appearing to study a poster announcing a science

    我們看到長大一點的Samantha 似乎是在閱讀一張科學海報

  • fairhowever she is using the display case glass as a mirror to put on her lip gloss.

    然而 其實她是在藉著公告欄玻璃的映象 當成鏡子上唇膏

  • The message is clear: we are crushing our daughters by insisting they be pretty and

    訊息十分清楚:我們壓迫我們的女兒 要求她們維持漂亮的外表 像個女生

  • lady like. Well, again there is a problem: girls are thriving at science fairs. In many

    再次地問題出現了 其實女生們在科學領域十分活躍

  • states, including Massachusetts and Connecticut, they now outnumber boys at these fairs. They

    在許多州 包括麻州和康乃狄克州 女性在科學領域活躍的數目已超越男性

  • are approaching parity with boys at the prestigious Intel Fair. And look what happened when Google

    女性在英特爾國際科技展上已逐漸與男性勢均力敵 你們也可以看看 Google第一次辦的科學展覽的盛況!

  • launched its first-ever science fair. The Factual Feminist applauds Verizon for encouraging

    The Factual Feminist(真女性主義部落格)稱讚 Verizon 鼓勵

  • more girls to pursue careers in math and science, I want that too. But this ad is a lost opportunity.

    更多女性追求在數理科學領域的職涯發展 我也想這麼說 但廣告與這句評論擦身而過

  • Not only is it filled with phony data and misleading images--it also conveys the message

    不只是因為假數據和誤導意象 它也傳遞了訊息:

  • that science is masculine. Throughout the video, and in website materials conventional

    科學是男性的 整則影片裡 和其網站資訊裡 

  • girl culture (princesses, doll houses, make-up, pretty clothes) is shown as obstacles to girls'

    傳統的女性文化(公主 玩具屋 化妝 漂亮衣服)被當成女孩們在科學事業上的阻礙

  • science careers. That's a terrible message. Girls can be girly as well as smart, ambitious

    而這不是正確的訊息 女孩可以同時女性化 也是個聰明 積極 

  • and formidable scientists. My advice to parents: expose your daughter to a wide range of activities

    又傑出的科學家 我給家長們的建議:讓女兒廣泛接觸各個面向的活動

  • and career paths. Allow her to pursue fields that truly interest her. And, let her know

    及職涯道路 讓她追求她有興趣的 並讓她知道

  • she can be both pretty and pretty brilliant. Well what do you think of the Verizon ad?

    她可以同時漂亮而且在她的領域做得漂亮 那你對Verizon 的廣告感覺如何呢

  • Should we be worried that more than 3 million people have watched it, or that journalists

    我們應該擔心 超過3百萬的人看過它?或是擔心新聞記者

  • failed to notice that it was manipulative propaganda? Please leave comments below. This


  • is the last video for this season. We will begin again in September! If you subscribe

    這是這季的影片 我們在九月會再次開工!如果你訂閱這個系列

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  • remember: Check your facts, not your privilege!

    記得 隨時接收新訊息 而不是你的存款利息!(Check your privilege指檢視自身背景帶來的既得利益)

Do girls fall behind in science and engineering because our society tells them they should



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Verizon的Inspire Her Mind廣告和他們沒有告訴你的事實。 (Verizon's Inspire Her Mind ad and the facts they didn't tell you)

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