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  • Have you ever sent out a tweet and immediately regretted it?


  • Well, Twitter is exploring and quote, "undo send function" that would allow tweets to quickly be withdrawn before others are able to see it.

    Twitter 正在研發「收回功能」,可以讓推文在別人看到之前迅速收回。

  • But you'll have to pay for it.


  • A Twitter spokeswoman on Friday confirmed to Reuters that the popular Social Media platform is testing out a quick tweet recall function, but only as it explores ways to launch and differentiate a paid subscription version.

    Twitter 的一位女發言人於週五向路透社證實,這個受歡迎的社交媒體平臺正在測試快速將推文收回的功能,但僅限於它研發了發布和區分付費訂閱版本的方式。

  • The spokeswoman also went on to say that Twitter will be testing out and putting in place other features for a paid version over time.

    這位女發言人還表示,Twitter 將隨著時間的推移,測試並推出付費版的其他功能。

  • Testing for the possible new feature was first revealed by an APP researcher who discovers unannounced social media features by looking at the sights codes.

    第一個揭露這個功能的是一位 App 研究人員,她在查看景點代碼時發現了這尚未宣布的社交媒體功能。

  • She then tweeted an animation showing a tweet with a spelling error where and quote, "undo button" was available before a short-timer ran out.


  • Twitter is looking for ways to make money beyond its reliance on just ad revenues.

    Twitter 正在尋找不只純依靠廣告收入的賺錢方式。

  • The idea of a paid subscription model is something Twitter has said it is working on, including a quote, "super follow feature" that would allow users to charge followers for access to exclusive content.

    付費訂閱模式的想法是 Twitter 表示正在研究的,包括「超級關注功能」,允許用戶向訂閱者收取費用以獲取獨家內容。

  • That feature is expected to launch later this year.


  • One thing, however, that's not likely to change the inability to actually edit tweets after they are sent out.


  • Even though users have long clamored for an edit button, CEO Jack Dorsey has stood firm that that will never happen.

    儘管用戶長期以來一直嚷嚷著要有一個編輯鍵,但首席執行長 Jack Dorsey 堅決認為這永遠不會發生。

Have you ever sent out a tweet and immediately regretted it?


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手殘救星!Twitter 正在研發收回功能! (Twitter explores 'undo send' feature)

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